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Refraction is an AI-powered code generation tool that significantly enhances software development by automating various coding tasks. It's designed to assist developers by generating code, refactoring existing code, creating unit tests, and more, across over 50 programming languages including popular ones like Python, HTML, JavaScript, and C++. The tool simplifies the development process by allowing developers to input their code and select the desired automation task before generating the AI-assisted output. This not only saves time but also improves code quality and consistency.

Use cases

Refraction, as an AI-powered code generation tool, caters to a wide array of use cases in the realm of software development and beyond, enhancing productivity, accuracy, and creativity in coding tasks. Here are some of its primary applications:

  1. Automated Code Refactoring: Helps developers optimize existing codebases for improved performance and maintainability by suggesting modern coding practices and patterns.

  2. Documentation Generation: Automatically generates comprehensive documentation for codebases, making it easier for teams to understand and maintain their software projects.

  3. Unit Test Creation: Generates unit tests for various programming languages, aiding in the development of robust and error-free software by ensuring code changes do not break existing functionalities.

  4. Learning New Programming Concepts: Offers explanations and insights into programming concepts, helping developers and students to learn new languages or understand complex coding principles.

  5. Debugging and Bug Fixes: Identifies potential bugs in the code and suggests fixes, reducing the time developers spend on debugging and allowing them to focus on feature development.

  6. Code Conversion Across Languages: Translates code from one programming language to another, facilitating the migration of projects to different tech stacks or the integration of systems written in various languages.

  7. Custom Function Writing: Generates custom functions based on user input, streamlining the development process by automating the creation of routine or complex code segments.

  8. Style and Standards Compliance: Analyzes code for adherence to coding standards and styles, ensuring consistency across a project and among team members.

  9. Cross-framework CSS Conversion: Converts CSS styles from one framework to another, aiding in the redesign or migration of web projects without the need to manually rewrite stylesheets.


Refraction is an AI tool that automates software development tasks such as code generation, refactoring, creating documentation, and generating unit tests across over 50 programming languages.

It's designed for developers of all levels, from hobbyists just starting to explore coding to professional developers and engineering teams looking to streamline their workflow.

Refraction supports over 50 programming languages, including popular ones like Python, HTML, JavaScript, and C++, among others.

Key features include bug detection, code conversion across languages, function creation, generating documentation, CSS style conversion, adding debug statements, generating diagrams, and more.

Refraction improves software development by automating repetitive tasks, enhancing code quality through refactoring and bug detection, and speeding up the development process.

You can start using Refraction by signing up for a free trial on their website, which allows you to explore its features and decide which subscription plan best suits your needs.

Pricing & Discounts

Refraction offers a range of subscription plans tailored to different needs, from individual hobbyists to large enterprises:

  • Hobby:

    • Price: Free
    • Includes: One user, 10 code generations
  • Pro:

    • Price: $80 per year
    • Includes: One user, unlimited code generations, unlimited history, editor extensions
  • Team (Most Popular):

    • Price: $140 per user, per year
    • Includes: Everything in Pro, plus multiple team members, unified billing, shared code history, and team management features
  • Enterprise:

    • Price: Contact for pricing
    • Includes: Everything in Team, plus custom billing, dedicated support, advanced permissions, SCIM, advanced reporting, single sign-on (SSO), and audit logs



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