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Revolutionize sales and marketing with AI-generated content. Streamline prospecting, enhance engagement, and boost productivity.
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Overview is a comprehensive sales enablement tool that significantly streamlines sales campaign processes. It's primarily designed to assist sales teams in creating impactful, multi-touch sales campaigns more efficiently. One of the key features of is its ability to drastically reduce the time spent on content creation. It transforms hours of work into mere minutes, empowering users to generate customized sales campaigns quickly.

The platform offers a diverse range of features, including personalized messaging, lead generation, and performance tracking. This allows businesses to effectively gauge their sales engagement strategies against competitors.'s capabilities extend to various sales scenarios, such as outbound prospecting, inbound lead response, mid-cycle follow-up, customer success, event engagement, and trigger-based campaigns. This versatility enables sales representatives and teams to focus more on building meaningful relationships while spending less time on manual tasks.

For outbound prospecting, assists sales teams in identifying and targeting potential customers with personalized messaging. It uses targeted templates and cadences known for their effectiveness in persuading prospects to respond. In terms of inbound lead response, the platform streamlines the process of following up with interested prospects through automated messaging sequences. This helps in efficiently scheduling meetings.

Use cases offers a diverse array of use cases, primarily focusing on enhancing sales, marketing, and customer support efficiency. Here's an overview of some key applications:

  1. Dynamic Task Execution: This feature allows sales teams to increase or decrease their engagement frequency with leads based on their buying signals. The most engaged buyers are prioritized for sales reps to focus on.

  2. Cold Outbound Prospecting: helps identify and engage potential customers who haven't interacted with your business before. It facilitates contact through emails, calls, and social media.

  3. LinkedIn Engagement: The tool is adept at creating LinkedIn connection requests and InMail messages targeting specific buyers.

  4. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Multi-threading: It discovers new prospects within key accounts, aiding in more comprehensive engagement strategies.

  5. Inbound Lead Response: automates the follow-up process with leads who have shown interest, ensuring timely engagement and qualification.

  6. Customer Expansion: This includes identifying opportunities for cross-selling and upselling to existing customers.

  7. Sales Nurture: The tool creates personalized nurturing campaigns for contacts in the database who aren't yet ready to engage with a sales representative.

  8. Content Creation for Marketing: is used to generate compelling landing page copy, optimize ad copy, amplify social media campaigns, and create SEO-friendly website content.

  9. Automated Content Generation: It enables quick content creation for various channels like blogs, social media, and email campaigns.

FAQ is a platform that uses AI to create sales and marketing content, automating prospecting and content generation processes.

It utilizes AI, particularly OpenAI's GPT-3, to generate personalized sales and marketing content, including emails, social media posts, and more. is suitable for sales teams, marketing professionals, and businesses looking to streamline their content creation and prospecting processes.

Key features include AI-driven content generation, integration with sales platforms, analytics and insights, and content personalization. offers several plans, including Free, Pro, Small Business, and Enterprise, each with different features and capabilities.

Yes, integrates with various sales engagement platforms, CRMs, and email providers.

Yes, offers a Free plan with basic features and limited credits.

Yes, can create LinkedIn connection and InMail messages for targeted prospecting. employs human curation and vetting, along with training systems on inclusive language to maintain content quality. was founded in 2020 by Matt Millen and Srinath Sridhar.

Pricing & Discounts offers several pricing plans, each designed to cater to different business sizes and requirements. Here's a comparison of their available subscription plans:

  1. Free Plan ($0):

    • 100 credits (1 credit = 10 words or 1 prospect lookup)
    • Access to the AI Toolkit
    • 1 outbound campaign type
    • This plan is free forever, without requiring a credit card
  2. Pro Plan ($59 per month, billed monthly):

    • Includes everything in the Free Plan
    • Unlimited credits
    • Unlimited number of campaign types
    • Access to sequence touch patterns
    • A/B Testing
  3. Small Business Plan ($89 per user, per month, billed annually):

    • Includes everything in the Pro Plan
    • Suitable for 1 to 20 team members
    • 1 shared team workspace
    • Team-wide content management system
    • SEP integrations with platforms like Outreach, Salesloft, Hubspot, Apollo, FrontSpin, and Amplemarket
    • Access to self-guided onboarding material and support chat
  4. Enterprise Plan:

    • Customized for larger organizations with advanced security and flexible controls
    • 20+ team members
    • Features like Rapid Writer, SEP integrations, CRM integration with Salesforce, and an Enterprise Content Management System
    • Provides campaign and document performance insights
    • Includes a Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Quarterly Business Report, Single Sign-On (SSO), and more
    • The pricing for the Enterprise plan is not listed and requires contacting sales for more details


The team at is composed of experienced professionals from various backgrounds, including revenue generation, technology, and leadership. Key team members include Srinath Sridhar as the CEO & Co-Founder, and Matt Millen as the Co-Founder & President. Other notable members are LeeRon Yahalomi, the Head of Customer Success; Nina Butler, the Head of Marketing; Rocco Savage, Head of Growth; and Lee Hacohen, Head of Sales. The team also includes specialists like Tom Tobin, the Head of Product, and Jennifer Rice, the Client Education Manager, among others. Their advisors include experts from various industries, contributing to's growth and development. This diverse and skilled team reflects the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in AI-driven sales and marketing solutions.


Matt Millen

Co-Founder & President


Srinath Sridhar

CEO & Co-Founder

Funding, a startup leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-3 system for creating sales and marketing content, secured $10 million in Series A funding. This round was led by Scale Venture Partners and saw participation from Foundation Capital, South Park Commons, Day One Ventures, and notable angel investors. The investment underscores the growing interest in AI-powered copy-generating technology in the advertising and marketing sector. was founded in 2020 and has since been developing its platform to help companies communicate across various channels like email, social media, and more. The company has raised a total of $14.8 million to date.



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