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Snappy AI transforms gifting with AI-driven, personalized options for corporate and personal occasions, ensuring every gift is cherished.
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Snappy AI is a cutting-edge platform designed to redefine the experience of selecting and sending gifts. It leverages artificial intelligence to offer users a personalized gifting journey, making it easier and more intuitive to find the perfect gift for any occasion or recipient. Here's an overview of how Snappy AI works and what sets it apart as a tool for both personal and corporate gifting.

Personalized Gifting Experience

Snappy AI streamlines the gifting process by utilizing AI to recommend gifts based on the recipient's preferences, the occasion, and the user's budget. Users can browse a wide array of gift options, from tech and beauty products to outdoor and sustainable gifts, and send a collection of choices to the recipient, who then selects their preferred gift. This approach not only ensures a personalized experience but also removes the guesswork often associated with finding the perfect gift.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Gift Recommendations: The platform uses AI to tailor gift suggestions according to specific criteria, including budget, occasion, and recipient likes.
  • Recipient Selection: Allows the gift receiver to choose their preferred gift from a curated selection, ensuring satisfaction.
  • Diverse Gift Categories: Offers a broad range of gift options across various categories, catering to different interests and occasions.
  • User-Friendly: Snappy's interface is designed to be intuitive, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their tech proficiency.

Revolutionizing Gifting with AI

Snappy AI BETA represents a significant advancement in the realm of digital gifting. By analyzing vast amounts of data, the AI can swiftly recommend the ideal gift, taking into account the user's specifications regarding the occasion and budget. This not only saves time but also enhances the gifting experience by ensuring that the gifts are tailored to the recipient's preferences. Snappy's ability to cater to different budgets and offer an ever-growing catalog of gift options ensures that users have access to a wide variety of gifts that are both unique and thoughtful.

Use cases

Snappy AI, with its innovative approach to gifting, showcases a variety of use cases that span both personal and professional domains. Here's an overview of how Snappy AI can be utilized across different scenarios to streamline the gifting process, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience for recipients.

Personal Gifting

  • Birthday Celebrations: Snappy AI can help users find the perfect birthday gifts by recommending options based on the recipient's interests and preferences.
  • Anniversaries and Special Occasions: For anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or other special moments, the platform offers curated gift selections that cater to the significance of the occasion.
  • Holiday Seasons: During Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any holiday season, users can rely on Snappy AI to suggest gifts that match the festive spirit and personal tastes of their loved ones.
  • Last-minute Gifting: For those who need to find a gift in a pinch, Snappy AI provides same-day gift options, eliminating the stress of last-minute shopping.

Corporate Gifting

  • Employee Appreciation: Businesses can use Snappy AI to send personalized gifts to employees, recognizing their hard work and contributions on milestones, achievements, or during the holiday season.
  • Client and Partner Relations: Strengthening relationships with clients and partners is crucial for any business. Snappy AI allows companies to send thoughtful, customized gifts that reflect the professional bond and appreciation.
  • Event and Conference Giveaways: For events, conferences, or webinars, organizers can utilize Snappy AI to select and send gifts to attendees, speakers, or sponsors, enhancing the overall experience and fostering positive associations with the brand.

Specialized Gifting

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gifts: For those who prioritize environmental sustainability, Snappy AI offers a selection of eco-friendly gifts, aligning with the values of the giver and the recipient.
  • Global Gifting: With its global reach, Snappy AI facilitates the sending of gifts across borders, making it an excellent tool for maintaining personal and professional relationships across distances.


Snappy AI is an innovative platform that simplifies the gifting process by utilizing technology to provide a personalized and engaging experience for both the gift sender and recipient. It offers a range of gift options tailored to various preferences and occasions, allowing recipients to choose their preferred gift from a curated selection​​.

Snappy AI was co-founded by Hani Goldstein and Dvir Cohen. The platform has significantly grown since its inception, emphasizing personalized and hassle-free gifting solutions for both personal and corporate use​​.

Snappy AI operates by allowing users to send a collection of curated gift options to recipients, who can then select their preferred gift. This method ensures that recipients receive gifts that truly resonate with their tastes and preferences, enhancing the overall gifting experience​​.

Snappy AI provides a wide variety of gift categories, including technology, beauty, cooking, outdoor, luxury items, sustainable gifts, and more. The platform caters to a diverse range of interests and occasions, ensuring there is something for everyone​​.

Yes, Snappy AI is an excellent tool for corporate gifting, offering businesses a platform to send thoughtful and personalized gifts to clients, employees, or partners. It simplifies the process of expressing appreciation and strengthening professional relationships through meaningful gifts​​.

Snappy AI stands out due to its AI-driven recommendations, diverse gift categories, convenience in delivery, and user-friendly interface. Its approach to letting recipients choose their gifts not only personalizes the experience but also reduces the chances of unwanted or unused gifts, making gifting more efficient and environmentally friendly​​.

Snappy AI completed a $70 million Series C funding round in May 2021, bringing its total funding to over $100 million. This investment, led by GGV Capital and supported by other notable investors, signifies the platform's strong growth potential and commitment to expanding its offerings and market reach​​​​.

Yes, Snappy AI incorporates social responsibility into its core operations, offering gifts from minority-owned businesses and including charitable giving as a key component of its platform. It partners with organizations like GlobalGiving and GoFundMe to enable recipients to donate to their preferred charities, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Snappy AI offers a range of subscription plans tailored to different organizational needs, from small teams to large enterprises. Here's a breakdown of their pricing and what each plan includes:

Essential Plan

  • Price: $0/year
  • Key Features:  - Pay only for gifts claimed.  - Let recipients pick their gift from curated collections at any budget.  - Send gifts to 38 countries, shipping included.  - Send branded swag instantly, with no inventory commitment.  - Personalized digital experience with your logo and greeting.  - Automate gifting for birthdays, anniversaries, and new hires.  - Unlimited users and teams.  - Automate gifting through +5,000 apps via Zapier.
  • Best for: Teams and small businesses looking to send gifts with ease.

Elevated Plan

  • Price: $999/year
  • Key Features:  - All features in the Essential plan.  - Work with an expert to send high-quality swag from a broader catalog.  - Send physical and digital gifts to over 200 countries.  - Integrate with 30+ HR systems.  - Branded digital unwrapping experience.
  • Best for: Larger organizations, departments, or multiple teams that require more customization and integration options.

Enterprise Plan

  • Price: Custom quote
  • Key Features:  - All features in the Elevated plan.  - Work with an expert in swag to customize premium kits and send branded gifts in bulk.  - Integrate Snappy with Salesforce for client gifting, and more.  - Grow your gifting program with a dedicated onboarding team.  - Bring your brand to life with custom animations from our creative studio.  - API access for custom workflows and automation.  - Single Sign-on (SSO) Support.
  • Best for: Large enterprises and comprehensive gifting programs that require advanced controls, support, and customization.


Snappy AI was co-founded by Hani Goldstein and Dvir Cohen. Hani Goldstein serves as the CEO of the company. Under their leadership, Snappy AI has emerged as an innovative platform revolutionizing the gifting process by leveraging technology to provide a personalized and enjoyable experience for both senders and recipients. The company has seen significant growth, marked by an 800% year-over-year revenue increase and has become a trusted partner for over 1,000 enterprise customers, including notable names like Microsoft, Adobe, Comcast, and Uber​​​​.


Hani Goldstein

Co-Founder & CEO


Dvir Cohen



Snappy AI, a New York-based tech platform focused on revolutionizing the gifting experience, has successfully completed a $70 million Series C funding round as of May 26, 2021. This significant financial milestone brought the company's total funding to over $100 million. The Series C round was led by GGV Capital, with additional contributions from existing investors such as 83North, Saban Ventures, and Hearst Ventures. The funds from this round are earmarked for further investment in world-class talent and innovation, expansion into new segments and markets, exploration of acquisitions, and continued redefinition of the gifting category.



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