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SpeechGen is a cutting-edge tool designed to convert text into realistic speech, making it easier to create voiceovers and audio content. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to produce voices that closely mimic human speech. This tool allows for the conversion of text into natural-sounding speech which can be downloaded in various formats like MP3, WAV, or OGG.

With SpeechGen, users have access to a wide range of voices, enabling the creation of diverse and engaging audio content suitable for various applications, from e-learning materials to entertainment. The platform offers features that allow customization of voice settings, including speed, pitch, and intonation, to tailor the output to specific needs and preferences.

The service is designed to be user-friendly, with a straightforward process for generating speech: users simply input their text, choose their desired voice settings, and then download the audio file in their preferred format. This makes SpeechGen an ideal solution for content creators, educators, and businesses looking to produce high-quality audio content efficiently.

SpeechGen stands out for its ability to generate high-quality speech that sounds natural and lifelike, a testament to the advancements in AI and speech synthesis technology. It offers a practical and efficient way to convert written content into spoken word, expanding the accessibility and reach of information in an audio format.

Use cases

SpeechGen serves as a versatile tool with a variety of applications across different sectors. Here's an overview of its primary use cases:

  1. Content Creation: Content creators can utilize SpeechGen to generate voiceovers for videos, podcasts, and other media. This tool provides a straightforward way to produce high-quality, lifelike voices that enhance the auditory experience of viewers and listeners.

  2. e-Learning Development: Educators and e-learning developers can use SpeechGen to create engaging audio content for online courses and presentations. By converting text materials into speech, they can make learning more accessible and varied, catering to different learning preferences.

  3. Marketing and Advertising: Marketers can leverage SpeechGen to produce audio ads and promotional materials. The ability to customize voices allows for the creation of targeted and compelling marketing messages that can speak directly to an audience.

  4. Accessibility Solutions: SpeechGen offers a valuable service for creating audio alternatives for visually impaired users, making content more accessible to people with different needs. By providing spoken versions of text, it ensures that information is available in a more inclusive format.

  5. Digital Marketing: Companies can employ SpeechGen to generate engaging voiceovers for promotional videos or product demonstrations, enhancing the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts.

These use cases highlight SpeechGen's flexibility and its potential to support various projects and initiatives. By enabling the conversion of text to realistic speech, SpeechGen aids in broadening the reach and impact of digital content.


Yes, SpeechGen allows you to convert text into male or female voices, suitable for personal and commercial uses, including as background voices for YouTube videos.

To insert a pause, you can either use the pause button or specify the exact length of the pause with a tag, where the pause length is in milliseconds (ms), with 1000 ms equaling 1 second.

You can save voiced texts by clicking on the favorites icon, where all your favorite files will be stored in your profile.

Yes, after converting text to speech, you can download the audio files in either mp3 or wav format.

SpeechGen allows the use of AI-generated voices for commercial purposes, enabling broad applications from marketing to education.

SpeechGen offers the ability to test the service with 1000 characters for free upon registration, providing an additional 1000 characters to test the voices.

SpeechGen supports a wide range of languages, ensuring versatility for global users across various applications, from video creation to e-learning materials.

Pricing & Discounts

SpeechGen offers a variety of one-time payment packages, each tailored to fit different needs without monthly subscriptions. Here's a breakdown of their pricing and what each plan includes, ensuring users can choose what best fits their project requirements.

Limits PackPriceSale PriceCharacter LimitsIncluded Features
25k Limits Pack$4.99-25,000 characters (Pro voices) or 50,000 characters (Standard voices)- 1000+ voices - 150+ languages - Unlimited downloads - Commercial use - One-time payment - Single conversion for large texts - Multi-Voice Editor - File History - Cloud Save - Support for SSML and Intonation - Breakdown into files by labels - API Access - Email Support
65k Limits Pack$13$9.99 (23% Sale)65,000 characters (Pro voices) or 130,000 characters (Standard voices)Same as above
200k Limits Pack$40$24.99 (38% Sale)200,000 characters (Pro voices) or 400,000 characters (Standard voices)Same as above
500k Limits Pack$100$49.99 (50% Sale)500,000 characters (Pro voices) or 1,000,000 characters (Standard voices)Same as above

Each package is designed to accommodate different volumes of content creation, from smaller projects needing fewer characters to larger endeavors requiring extensive text conversion. The comprehensive feature list available with each plan underscores SpeechGen's commitment to offering value, with tools like the Multi-Voice Editor, Cloud Save, and API Access enhancing productivity and creativity in voice-over projects. The one-time payment model, combined with no monthly fees, makes SpeechGen an attractive option for both individual content creators and businesses seeking cost-effective voice synthesis solutions.



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