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Spline AI

Spline AI

Bring ideas to life with AI-driven 3d design

Transform creative visions into 3D reality for design, animation, and collaboration with Spline AI's intuitive platform.
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview
Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


Spline AI is an innovative tool designed to revolutionize the process of 3D design and animation, making it accessible and efficient for a broad range of users, from artists and designers to enthusiasts with a creative flair. It offers a unique approach to 3D design by allowing users to generate and edit 3D objects, scenes, and textures using simple text prompts. This AI-powered functionality significantly speeds up the creative process and enhances the potential for creativity in digital design.

Key Features and Benefits of Spline clude:

  1. AI-Powered Creation: Users can effortlessly generate 3D objects and scenes using AI prompts, transforming ideas into visual reality.
  2. Advanced Editing Capabilities: Spline AI provides tools for modifying objects, applying materials, adjusting lighting, and adding effects, offering users complete control over the customization of their designs.
  3. Real-Time Collaboration: The platform supports real-time collaboration, enabling users to work together with teammates, which fosters a creative and efficient working environment.
  4. AI-Driven Textures: Users can create detailed and realistic textures for their 3D objects using AI-generated prompts, adding depth and realism to their designs.

The platform is particularly beneficial for various applications like game development, architectural visualization, product design, and animation for films.

To start using Spline AI, individuals need to join a waitlist to gain early access. This process allows users to be among the first to explore and utilize the innovative features of Spline AI. Once access is granted, users can start creating 3D designs by simply describing their vision in prompts, which the AI then translates into detailed 3D models and scenes.

For those new to Spline AI or looking to enhance their skills, the platform offers tutorial videos and a range of prompts to inspire creations. These resources are invaluable for learning how to effectively utilize the tool's capabilities.

Overall, Spline AI stands out as a user-friendly, versatile, and powerful tool in the realm of 3D design and animation, offering a unique blend of AI-driven creativity and collaboration tools. Whether for professional projects or personal exploration, Spline AI empowers users to bring their imaginative visions to life in the 3D digital space.

Use cases

Spline AI, as a cutting-edge 3D design tool, presents a range of use cases that cater to various creative and professional needs. Here's an overview of some key applications:

  1. Architectural and Engineering Design: Architects and engineers can leverage Spline AI for quickly creating detailed and complex 3D models of their projects. This includes architectural visualizations and engineering plans.

  2. Graphic Design and Visualization: Graphic designers can utilize Spline AI for creating visualizations and artistic renderings. The tool's ability to generate and customize 3D models with a variety of textures and colors makes it ideal for this purpose.

  3. Efficient 3D Object and Scene Creation: Designers seeking a streamlined method for creating 3D objects and scenes can find Spline AI particularly useful. The AI prompts enable rapid generation of these elements, significantly reducing design time.

  4. Incorporation of Creative Workflows: Creative professionals looking to integrate to their 3D design process can use Spline AI's features like AI textures and style transfer to enhance their creative output.

  5. Real-Time Collaboration: Teams working on 3D design projects can benefit from Spline AI’s real-time collaboration features. This allows for efficient teamwork and iteration of designs.

  6. Innovative Texturing Techniques: The tool is also helpful for designers who want to explore new ways of generating textures for their 3D designs, with the AI providing seamless and creative textures based on text prompts.

  7. Animation and Interactive Design: Spline AI supports the creation of animations and interactive 3D models. This is beneficial for artists and developers looking to create dynamic scenes and engaging experiences.

  8. Educational Purposes: For beginners or those new to 3D design, Spline AI's intuitive interface and step-by-step tutorials make it a suitable tool for learning and experimentation in 3D modeling and design.

These use cases demonstrate Spline AI’s versatility in various domains, from professional design and engineering to creative art and education. Its AI-driven features, combined with user-friendly interfaces, make it a valuable tool for a wide range of users looking to explore and innovate in the 3D design space.


Spline allows you to export various types of content including 3D files (GLTF, GLB, STL, USDZ), images (PNG, JPG), and videos (WebM, Mp4, GIF). Additionally, you can export content as Public URLs hosted on Spline servers, or as code snippets in different formats suitable for web integration.

Spline supports the import of various file formats including PNG, JPG, OBJ, FBX, STL, GLTF, GLB, SVG (partial support), MP4, MP3, and WAV.

Spline can be integrated with other platforms like Notion, WordPress, and Webflow using Public URLs, Viewer, or Code Export options. It also supports native Webflow integration.

To run Spline effectively, it's recommended to use the latest version of your operating system. For Macbook Pro users with discrete GPU cards, enabling high-performance settings is suggested. M1 Macbooks don't require this setting.

Spline offers a Basic (Free) plan, as well as Super and Super Team subscription plans. The Basic plan includes basic features, while the Super and Super Team plans offer advanced capabilities such as AI-generated textures, AI Style Transfer, video materials, and more. Subscriptions are available on a monthly or yearly basis.

Pricing & Discounts

Spline AI offers three pricing plans:

1. Basic Plan (Free):

  • Unlimited personal files
  • Up to 2 team files and editors per file
  • 1 team project
  • Access to the Spline Library
  • Generate Public URLs with the Spline logo on exports

2. Super Plan ($9/month, billed annually):

  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • Unlimited editors on personal files
  • Advanced features like AI texture generation, AI style transfer, video import, and material libraries
  • Removes Spline logo from public URLs and code exports

3. Super Team Plan ($12 per team editor/month, billed annually):

  • Includes everything in the Super plan
  • Unlimited team files, folders, and projects
  • All editors get Super benefits

These plans are designed to cater to different user needs, from basic personal use to advanced team collaboration. The Super and Super Team plans offer more advanced features and greater flexibility for collaborative work.


At Spline, Alejandro León serves as the Founder and CEO, guiding the company's vision and operations. The team also benefits from the insights and experience of two key figures: Jeff Morris Jr., who is a Board Member since November 2020, and Sara Du, an Advisor. Their involvement brings additional expertise and strategic guidance to Spline, complementing the diverse skill set of the team.


Alejandro León



Jeff Morris Jr.

Board Member


Spline AI, known for its no-code design platform for creating 3D assets, successfully raised $15 million in seed funding. This funding round was spearheaded by Gradient Ventures and saw contributions from a range of investors including First Round Capital, NXTP, Chapter One, Guillermo Rauch (Vercel CEO), Vlad Magdalin (Webflow CEO), Y Combinator, and Backend Capital. This capital injection brings the total funding for Spline to $16 million.

The funds are earmarked for research and development, as well as for expanding Spline's team, which consisted of around 20 members at the time of the funding. Spline's growth and development have been noteworthy since its inception. The company, which launched its beta version in March 2023, was part of Y Combinator's 2021 batch. Spline's platform allows users to create and edit 3D objects, add interactivity and animations, and export these assets in various formats, all through a web browser.

This successful funding round reflects the increasing interest and potential in the field of 3D design, particularly in platforms that simplify and democratize the design process. With over a million creators having joined Spline, it's clear that the platform is resonating with a wide audience, offering a promising future in the realm of 3D design and AI-enhanced creativity.

Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

Published by: Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

12 September 2023, 12:00AM



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