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Smart Workouts Tailored Just for You

Provides personalized workouts with real-time feedback and form correction to enhance your fitness journey efficiently and safely.
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview
Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview

Overview is an advanced AI-powered home gym that offers personalized workouts and real-time feedback. It uses 3D body scanning to assess your fitness and adapt workouts to your needs. With Tempo,  personal trainer software , users get custom workout plans that evolve based on their progress, preferences, and goals. This  AI for Fitness  tracks movements and provides form corrections, ensuring safe and effective exercise. Tempo integrates with fitness trackers to offer comprehensive health data, making it a versatile tool for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. This seamless blend of technology and fitness transforms home workouts into a highly personalized training experience​​.

Use cases

  • Personalized Training Plans: tailors workout plans based on your goals and progress. It adapts dynamically to your performance, ensuring you’re always challenged and progressing​.
  • Form Correction and Feedback: Using motion sensors, provides real-time feedback on your form, helping prevent injuries and improve exercise effectiveness. This is especially beneficial for beginners who need guidance on proper technique​.
  • Wide Range of Workouts: offers a variety of workouts, including strength training, HIIT, yoga, and mobility exercises. This variety caters to different fitness levels and preferences, making it suitable for everyone from novices to advanced athletes​​.
  • Integrated Health Metrics: The tool integrates with major fitness trackers to provide comprehensive health data, including body fat percentage and muscle mass distribution. This helps users track their fitness journey in detail​​.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: With a compact design and easy setup, is ideal for home use. The equipment and guided workouts make it convenient to maintain a consistent fitness routine without needing to go to a gym​.

FAQ is a smart home gym that uses advanced technology to provide personalized workouts and real-time feedback. It offers a variety of classes, including strength training, yoga, and HIIT. uses 3D motion sensing technology to analyze your movements and adjust workouts based on your performance and goals, ensuring continuous progression and challenge​. offers a range of workouts such as weight training, HIIT, yoga, boxing, and mobility exercises, catering to different fitness levels and preferences.

Yes, provides real-time form correction using motion sensors, helping users maintain proper technique and reduce the risk of injury​.

Yes, is great for beginners as it offers guided classes and personalized feedback, helping users learn proper exercise techniques and progress safely​ . integrates with major fitness trackers and apps, allowing users to sync health data like body fat percentage and heart rate for a comprehensive fitness overview. includes weights, a barbell, and other accessories. The system's design makes it easy to store and use in various home spaces​.

Yes, requires a subscription to access its classes and personalized training features. The membership includes live and on-demand classes. uses motion sensors and integrates with fitness trackers to monitor your performance, offering detailed insights into your progress and suggesting adjustments to your workouts.

Yes, has a compact design that fits in small spaces, requiring about 6 feet of clear space in front for workouts.

The main benefits include personalized workouts, real-time form correction, a variety of classes, and comprehensive health data integration, making it a versatile and effective home gym solution.

Pricing & Discounts offers various training bundles designed to fit different needs and budgets.

Tempo Move Trainer Bundles: most popular training experience that connects to your TV, ideal for those planning to workout in a living room or bedroom.

Tempo Studio Trainer Bundles: an advanced training experience with a 42” built-in touchscreen, ideal for those with a dedicated room for working out.

Tempo Core Trainer Bundles: most basic system, ideal for smaller spaces or those who need flexibility to move from room to room.

PlanWeights IncludedPriceMonthly Payment
Tempo Move Lite Trainer50 lbs$597 (save 38%)$49.75 for 12 months
Tempo Move Trainer90 lbs$717 (save 36%)$59.75 for 12 months
Tempo Move Pro Trainer165 lbs$897 (save 38%)$74.75 for 12 months
Tempo Studio Lite Trainer90 lbs$1,677 (save 43%)$139.75 for 12 months
Tempo Studio Trainer165 lbs$2,037 (save 45%)$169.75 for 12 months
Tempo Studio Pro Trainer255 lbs$2,397 (save 46%)$199.75 for 12 months
Tempo Core Lite Trainer50 lbs$429 (save 39%)$35.75 for 12 months
Tempo Core Trainer90 lbs$537 (save 39%)$44.75 for 12 months
Tempo Core Pro Trainer165 lbs$717 (save 40%)$59.75 for 12 months

Membership Options for Existing Users:

  • Prepaid 12 Month Membership: $420 (save 10%)
  • Prepaid 24 Month Membership: $720 (save 23%) provides various bundles to suit different workout environments, from living rooms to dedicated home gyms. Each plan includes weights and unlimited training sessions, offering flexibility to match your fitness goals and space requirements.

Team was co-founded by Josh Augustin and Moawia Eldeeb. Josh Augustin has a background in software development, bringing technical expertise to the creation of’s innovative fitness technology. Moawia Eldeeb, on the other hand, has a strong foundation in fitness and training, ensuring the platform meets the needs of fitness enthusiasts. Together, their combined skills in tech and fitness have shaped into a leading smart home gym solution that offers personalized workouts and real-time feedback. Their partnership emphasizes the importance of blending technology with fitness to create an effective and user-friendly workout experience.

Funding has secured a total funding of $298.8 million over multiple rounds. Here’s a breakdown of their funding journey:

  • Series C: On April 13, 2021, raised $220 million. The round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund and included six investors.
  • Series B: On July 29, 2020, they secured $60 million with General Catalyst and Norwest Venture Partners leading the round. There were seven investors involved.
  • Series A: On July 18, 2019, raised $17 million with seven investors.
  • Seed Round: On June 30, 2015, they received $1.8 million from Khosla Ventures and SignalFire, among three investors.

These funds have helped develop and expand its innovative fitness technology.

Alina  Chernomorets

Published by: Alina Chernomorets

11 June 2024, 07:57PM

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