Text to image by Photoleap

Text to image by Photoleap

Bring Your Words to Visual Life with AI Magic

From amateur snaps to pro visuals, Photoleap's AI turns text into stunning images, enhancing creativity across all skill levels.
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Photoleap's Text to Image feature is an innovative tool that allows users to generate unique images from textual descriptions. It's part of the Photoleap app, a powerful photo editing application developed by Lightricks. This feature stands out for its ease of use and accessibility, making it possible for anyone, regardless of their editing skills, to create visually appealing images.

The process of using Text to Image is straightforward. Users can type in a description of the scene or object they want to visualize, and the tool uses advanced AI technology to generate an image based on this description. The technology behind this feature scours the web for relevant images and combines them to create a unique visual representation of the user's prompt. This process is informed by a vast database of publicly available pictures, enabling the creation of a wide range of unique images.

Text to Image by Photoleap is versatile, offering a range of customizable options. Users can choose different styles for their AI-generated images, such as 'Comic', 'Realistic', 'Anime', 'Cartoon', and 'Cinema'. These options allow users to match specific concepts or explore different aesthetics. In addition to generating images from text, the tool allows for editing and enhancing these images with various tools like quick cutouts, background removal, layering of images, and applying filters and effects.

Use cases

Text to Image by Photoleap offers a wide range of use cases suitable for various users, from amateurs to professionals in photography and creative fields. Here are some notable applications:

  1. Professional Photographers: They can leverage Photoleap for tasks such as removing backgrounds, creating stunning cutouts, and applying captivating one-tap effects to their images. This functionality enables them to differentiate their work in a highly competitive market.

  2. Amateur Photographers and Enthusiasts: For those who enjoy photography as a hobby or are just starting, Photoleap provides tools to add a personal touch to images. Users can employ a wide range of assets like stickers, filters, and fonts, along with AI-generated imagery, to enhance their photos.

  3. Artists and Creative Individuals: The app is particularly useful for artists, as it can generate prompts for sketching or drawing. This feature allows artists to fill in any gaps in their work and add their own artistic flair to photos.

  4. Social Media Content Creators: Photoleap is an excellent tool for those who create content for social media platforms. It aids in animating photos, creating engaging GIFs, and enhancing visuals, making posts more appealing and engaging to followers.

  5. Advanced and Professional Editing: The app also caters to users seeking advanced editing capabilities. It offers features like merge, double exposure, and layering, enabling the creation of complex and stunning compositions.

  6. Dynamic Visual Creations: Users can transform their static images into more dynamic visuals by adding movement. This is particularly useful for making GIFs and videos that can be shared on various platforms.


It's a feature within the Photoleap app that allows users to create images from text descriptions using AI technology.

Users type in a description, and the AI tool generates an image based on that description.

Photoleap offers a 7-day free trial. Details about pricing after the trial are available on the Photoleap website.

Yes, Photoleap provides editing tools like cutouts, background removal, filters, and effects for further customization.

Photoleap is primarily designed for iOS devices, with capabilities for both iPhone and iPad.

Users can create a wide range of images, from landscapes to portraits, in various styles like realistic, cartoon, or artistic.

No, the tool is user-friendly and designed for users of all skill levels.

Yes, it's suitable for both personal and professional use, offering features that can enhance professional photography and creative projects.

Pricing & Discounts

Photoleap subscription plans and what's included:

  1. Photoleap Free Version

    • Access to "Text to Image" feature.
    • Unlimited AI-generated image downloads.
    • Basic editing and animation tools.
  2. Photoleap Pro Membership (Monthly Plan)

    • Price: $9.99 per month.
    • Includes all features of the free version.
    • Up to 100 "higher quality" file downloads per month.
  3. Photoleap Pro Membership (Yearly Plan)

    • Price: $4.99 per month (billed annually).
    • Same features as the monthly plan.
    • More cost-effective on an annual basis.



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