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Overview is an innovative AI-powered writing tool designed primarily to enhance academic writing. It assists users in creating high-quality content by facilitating the essay-writing process with a blend of tools and features aimed at research and text generation. This tool is particularly useful for students, educators, and researchers, offering AI-driven solutions to overcome writer's block, generate new ideas, and refine writing quality.

Key features of include:

  • Intelligent Outlining Module: Utilizes advanced algorithms to ensure the generated texts have a coherent structure with a logical flow, which is crucial for academic writing.
  • Essay Generation: Capable of generating unique content such as essay ideas, outlines, and summaries, thereby helping in the initial stages of writing.
  • In-depth Source Analysis: Assists in locating reliable sources and formatting papers, which is essential for academic credibility and integrity.
  • Summarization Capabilities: Offers state-of-the-art PDF summarization, making it a valuable tool for dealing with heavy research literature, lengthy analyses, and reporting.
  • Plagiarism-Free Content: Generates original content tailored to the user's needs, ensuring the work is unique and adheres to academic standards. is recognized for its user-friendly interface and the efficiency it brings to the academic writing process. By leveraging cutting-edge natural language processing technology, it understands writing prompts and topics, accesses a vast knowledge base to generate relevant ideas and information, and produces content that is optimized for the user's specific requirements. This makes a powerful assistant for anyone involved in academic writing, helping to save time, boost creativity, and increase overall productivity.

Use cases offers a wide array of use cases across different fields and purposes, making it a versatile tool for academic, professional, and creative writing. Here's an overview of how various groups can utilize

  1. Academic Writing and Research:

    • Students and researchers can generate unique, plagiarism-free essays, research papers, and essay structures efficiently.
    • serves as a reliable academic assistant, aiding in idea generation, research assistance, text editing, and summarizing academic papers.
    • Its database of over 214 million sources is invaluable for finding relevant literature and generating credible references.
  2. Professional Applications:

    • Professionals can draft compelling cover letters, enhancing job applications and streamlining the job search process.
    • Its capabilities extend to generating professional presentations, offering a quick and efficient way to prepare for meetings or academic conferences.
  3. Creative Writing and Content Creation:

    • Writers use to spark creativity, overcome writer's block, and find fresh ideas for their projects.
    • Content creators leverage to brainstorm ideas and craft engaging articles, blogs, and social media content, enhancing their productivity and content quality.
  4. Education and Learning:

    • As an education assistant, supports learning and teaching by providing tools for essay generation, summarization, and outlining, making it easier for educators to prepare materials and for students to grasp complex topics.
  5. Coding and Technical Writing:

    • also finds application in coding assignments, providing AI-driven suggestions to improve, explain, or generate new code, making it a handy tool for students and professionals in the tech industry.
  6. Personal Use:

    • Individuals can use for self-improvement, learning new subjects, or enhancing their writing skills across various formats, including blogs, reports, and personal projects.

FAQ is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist with academic writing. It provides a range of features such as essay generation, text summarization, outline generation, and an AI research assistant to help users create content that adheres to the style of academic writing, ensuring it's unique and complies with academic standards​​. was founded by Nykyta Yasynskyi in 2023. The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and operates with a team size of 2-10 employees​​. works by generating content for your academic writing needs, including essays and research papers. It can also format essays in MLA or APA style, summarize texts, and help break through writer's block by generating new ideas. Users simply input their topic or subject, and generates relevant content and sources​​.

Key features include an Essay Generator, Text Summarizer, Outline Generator, and AI Research Assistant. These tools help in brainstorming, generating, and summarizing content, making academic writing more efficient​​. offers a free tier that includes 3000 words per month, basic essay quality, an essay outline generator, and an AI research assistant. There is also an Unlimited plan available for $16.99, which includes unlimited words, pro text quality, text summarizing features, and code explanations and editing​​. generates new ideas and content in seconds, making it an invaluable tool for students and academics struggling with writer's block. Whether you're working on an argumentative essay or a research paper, can provide the inspiration needed to get started​​.

Yes, one of the standout features of is its ability to automatically format essays in MLA or APA style, saving users time and ensuring that formatting adheres to academic standards​​. generates unique content tailored to the user's input and requirements. It's designed to comply with academic writing standards, ensuring that the output is both original and high-quality​​.

While primarily designed for academic writing,'s tools for generating content, summarizing texts, and brainstorming ideas can also be beneficial for various types of writing projects outside the academic realm​​.

Pricing & Discounts offers three main subscription plans tailored to different user needs and preferences. Below is a comparison of these plans, including pricing and features included in each:

Subscription PlanPriceFeatures
Free$0 / forever- 550 AI words per day - 2 sources per document - 10 Ask AI questions per day - Generate 275-word drafts - Only 3 documents at a time - Only 6 sources in a library
Unlimited$19.99 / month Local taxes may apply- Unlimited AI words - Unlimited sources per document - Unlimited Ask AI questions - Generate 2000-word drafts with Unlimited custom sources
Pro$16.99 / month Local taxes may apply- 2750 AI words per day - 10 sources per document - 20 Ask AI questions per day - Generate 1000-word drafts with up to 7 custom sources - Unlimited documents and library


Nykyta Yasynskyi is identified as the founder of, a platform that assists in creating content suitable for academic writing. This tool aids users in gathering information, finding references, and generating high-quality content efficiently, ensuring that the content is unique and complies with academic writing standards. offers a range of features, including an Essay Generator, Text Summarizer, Outline Generator, and AI Research Assistant, designed to help users brainstorm ideas and start writing essays or other texts more easily. The company, founded in 2023, is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and has a company size of 2-10 employees.


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