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Streamlines trading with real-time market trends, AI analytics, and educational resources for all investor levels.
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Tickeron is a cutting-edge  AI platform   for finance  that simplifies stock trading for both beginners and experts. It features real-time market trends, predictive analytics, and advanced pattern recognition, making it easier for users to make informed decisions. The AI-powered screener helps identify promising investments quickly, while the Time Machine allows for strategy testing with historical data. Tickeron also supports continuous learning through its educational resources and community forum, enhancing users' trading skills in a dynamic financial environment​

Use cases

Tickeron's  AI investing bot  is designed to help a variety of traders and investors, offering features tailored to different needs:

  • Real-time market analysis – Tickeron AI is ideal for those who need to make quick decisions such as day traders or swing traders as the AI watches over the market and updates you on current trends and where the market is headed
  • Pattern recognition – perfect for investors looking for a new opportunity as Tickeron’s AI can discover patterns within the market data and trends
  • Portfolio management – this offers a simplified way to manage your investments as the Tickeron provides AI tools to refine your strategies as you can use AI to predict the outcome of any strategy based on the historical market data
  • Learning resources suitable for anyone new to the investment world or an investor looking to grow their expertise.


Tickeron is an AI-powered platform that provides market predictions and analysis to help both novice and experienced investors make informed trading decisions.

Tickeron was founded by Sergey Sevastiouk, who serves as the CEO.

Tickeron has raised $8 million in a Venture - Series Unknown round on August 1, 2014.

Tickeron offers four plans: Beginner (free), Intermediate One ($50-$100/month), Intermediate Two ($120-$210/month), and Expert ($250/month).

Tickeron features include real-time market analysis, pattern recognition, portfolio management, educational resources, and AI-driven investment tools.

Pricing & Discounts

Tickeron offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to different levels of investor expertise and needs. Here's a simple breakdown of what each plan includes and their respective costs:

PlanMonthly Cost (when billed annually)Features Included
BeginnerFreeBasic functions, suitable for beginners
Intermediate One$50 - $100Access to one AI Robot, AI Pattern Search Engine, AI Prediction Engine, AI trade ideas, full suite of portfolio management tools
Intermediate Two$120 - $210Access to all AI Robots, AI Pattern Search Engine, AI Prediction Engine, AI screener, designed for more active traders
Expert$250Includes all features from other plans, comprehensive access to AI Bots, signals, backtesting, time machine, real-time data

UX/UI review

Tickeron's platform brings a refreshing approach to automated trading with its three standout tools. First, the trading robots adeptly handle trades, operating with a level of precision that mimics a seasoned trader’s instincts.

AI robots

AI robots

These robots not only execute trades but also manage them actively, providing users with both entry and exit strategies. Secondly, the buy/sell signals offer timely and actionable insights, guiding users on when to enter or exit trades based on robust analytical predictions.


AI trading signals

Lastly, the pattern search engine is particularly impressive, scanning thousands of stock charts to identify profitable trading patterns. This engine assists traders by highlighting potential opportunities through clear visual cues on the charts, making it easier to spot trends and make informed decisions.

Search engine

AI pattern search engine

These tools collectively make trading more accessible and potentially more profitable, even for those new to the financial markets.


Sergey Sevastiouk is the CEO and founder of Tickeron, an AI-driven platform that assists both novice and experienced investors with market predictions and analysis. Under Sergey’s leadership, Tickeron aims to make sophisticated trading tools accessible to a broader audience, democratizing the process of investing by using advanced technologies to simplify market data interpretation and trading strategy development.


Sergey Sevastiouk

CEO and founder


Tickeron has successfully raised $8 million in funding through a single round. This funding round, classified as a Venture - Series Unknown, took place on August 1, 2014. This financial backing supports Tickeron's mission to enhance investment strategies through AI-driven tools and analytics, contributing to the development and expansion of their services.



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