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Automates trading across major crypto exchanges, enhances strategies with AI, manages risk with advanced tools.
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TradeSanta is an  automated trading platform that simplifies crypto investing . Accessible to both beginners and seasoned traders, it integrates seamlessly with top exchanges like Binance through secure API. Users can customize bots to trade 24/7, using strategies like Dollar-Cost Averaging without manual effort. The platform's intuitive design, coupled with features like copy-trading and technical indicators, empowers users to optimize their trading strategies efficiently. Affordable plans enhance its accessibility, making TradeSanta an excellent tool for anyone looking to dive into crypto trading with ease and confidence.

Use cases

TradeSanta, as an  AI Finance  tool, offers several practical use cases for automated cryptocurrency trading, making it accessible and efficient for various trading strategies:

  • Automated trading across multiple exchanges: TradeSanta users can connect their bot to major exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex using API keys, allowing the bot to manage trades across different platforms seamlessly;

  • 24/7 trading: the platform’s bots operate round the clock, taking advantage of market opportunities even when the user is not actively online. This continuous operation helps in maximizing potential profits by trading based on algorithms that respond to market changes instantly;

  • Risk management: TradeSanta includes features such as Stop Loss and trailing stop loss, which help in managing risks by automatically stopping trades based on specific conditions set by the user. This is crucial for minimizing potential losses during downtrends​;

  • Strategy testing with demo accounts: users can experiment with different trading strategies using a demo account before applying them in live markets. This feature allows safe testing without the risk of losing capital​;

  • Mobile trading: with TradeSanta’s mobile app, users can monitor and adjust their trading bots remotely, making it convenient to manage trades on the go. The app provides full functionality, mirroring the desktop experience​.


TradeSanta offers plans from $18/month to $45/month, with a basic plan starting at $25 monthly without a yearly commitment.

Yes, TradeSanta provides a free trial that lets you test its features without requiring a credit card.

To start, sign up, set up an access point, configure your bot, choose a trading pair, set your strategy, and begin trading.

Yes, TradeSanta includes features like Stop Loss to help manage risks effectively during trading.

TradeSanta supports major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, and others.

Polina Demchuk is the founder and CEO of TradeSanta, leading its development in automated crypto trading.

TradeSanta uses bots that automatically execute trades based on preset strategies and signals from technical indicators, operating 24/7 on connected exchanges.

Pricing & Discounts

TradeSanta provides three subscription plans—Basic, Advanced, and Maximum—to suit different trading needs. Each plan includes different features designed to match how complex or large-scale your trading strategies are. This way, you can pick the plan that best fits your trading style. Here’s a comparison of what each plan includes along with their pricing:

PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceNumber of BotsAll StrategiesTrading TerminalTrailing Take ProfitTradingView Screener SignalsCustom TradingView SignalsFutures Bots
Basic$25$18/monthUp to 49✔️✔️
Advanced$45$32/monthUp to 99✔️✔️✔️✔️

TradeSanta's pricing structure starts with a free trial, offering flexibility and comprehensive access to various trading tools across all plans, with more advanced features available in higher-tier subscriptions. This allows traders to select a plan that best fits their trading volume and strategy complexity.

UX/UI review

When you log into TradeSanta, the Dashboard instantly presents a comprehensive view of your financial landscape. Here, you can quickly check your current balance, track the latest prices of popular cryptocurrencies, and spot the most lucrative trading pairs of the last 24 hours.


Just a scroll away, you have the tools to either kick-start a new Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) bot or manage an existing Grid bot, tailored to automate and optimize your trading strategies. The dashboard also keeps you informed with the latest news in the crypto world, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast-moving market. This centralized hub simplifies navigation and boosts your trading efficiency, making it a pivotal starting point for both novice and experienced traders.

DCA bot. Grid bot


The TradeSanta team is led by Polina Demchuk, the entrepreneur who founded and currently serves as the CEO. With her background strongly rooted in software as a service (SaaS), B2C marketing, business management, and analytical skills, Polina has strategically positioned TradeSanta as a key player in the automated trading and blockchain arenas. Since its inception in November 2018, she has guided TradeSanta to focus on providing algorithmic trading robots across top crypto exchanges such as Binance, FTX, Coinbase, and others.

Additionally, Polina is actively involved in the broader crypto community, sharing insights and updates about market trends and significant blockchain developments. Her leadership extends beyond TradeSanta, as she is also a co-founder and CPO at Pledger.Capital and a fellow in the Startup Leadership Program, where she enhances her interpersonal and team leadership skills. These roles underscore her comprehensive expertise and influence in the tech and crypto sectors.

Polina Demchuk

Founder and CEO



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