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Overview is a comprehensive  legal  research and analytics platform tailored for state trial courts. It leverages  AI for lawyers  to provide in-depth insights into judicial rulings, opposing counsel, and court documents, making it easier for legal professionals to access and search through state trial court data efficiently. This  law assistant  is especially useful for legal teams aiming to gain a strategic edge by analyzing patterns in judicial decisions and litigation history.

The key features of Trellis include its ability to offer real-time alerts on judge rulings and the capability to 'Google' search court records. It provides users with actionable insights by analyzing extensive data on how judges are likely to rule based on past decisions. This feature supports legal professionals in making more informed strategic decisions in their cases.

Use cases

  • Understanding Judges: It helps lawyers get a read on judges by showing past rulings and trends, almost like giving a sneak peek into a judge's thought process before you step into the courtroom.
  • Knowing Your Opponent: The tool offers detailed profiles on opposing counsel, helping lawyers anticipate their moves and plan more effective counter-strategies.
  • Navigating Past Rulings: With, digging through old case motions and rulings is much easier, providing crucial insights that could sway your case.
  • Keeping Up with Your Case: It keeps all your case docket details organized and accessible, saving you the headache of missing out on important updates.
  • Streamlined Case Prep: The platform turns hours of document search into minutes, making case preparation less of a chore and more of a strategic advantage.

FAQ is a legal research and analytics platform that provides insights on judges, court cases, and legal trends primarily for state trial courts.

It offers analytics on judges and opposing counsel, insights on past motions and rulings, and access to a wide array of legal documents and dockets.

While it can't predict outcomes, it analyzes historical data to show trends and patterns in how judges have ruled in the past.

The platform typically requires a subscription, though specific pricing details might vary based on usage and access level. specializes in state trial court data, offering detailed analytics that help legal professionals make more informed decisions based on past court activities.

Pricing & Discounts

Trellis is available free of charge, making it an accessible tool for anyone looking to leverage its capabilities without a financial commitment. This pricing model is particularly appealing for small businesses and individuals who need powerful data insights but may not have the budget for expensive software solutions. Enjoy the benefits of its features without worrying about costs.



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