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Unbounce is a powerful platform designed to help businesses enhance their online marketing and conversion strategies through optimized landing pages. Here's a straightforward overview of Unbounce, with a focus on keeping the explanation simple and free of AI jargon.

What is Unbounce? Unbounce is a tool that allows users to create and optimize landing pages for their marketing campaigns. It's designed to improve conversion rates, which means it helps turn website visitors into customers or leads more effectively.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered Landing Page Builder: Unbounce employs artificial intelligence to assist users in building high-converting landing pages. This feature suggests design and content elements that are likely to perform well, based on data from thousands of campaigns.
  • Smart Builder and Classic Builder: Unbounce offers two modes for creating landing pages. The Smart Builder uses AI to guide the design process, while the Classic Builder provides a more traditional, hands-on approach.
  • Optimization Tools: Beyond just creating pages, Unbounce provides tools to test and optimize them. This includes A/B testing, which allows users to compare different versions of a page to see which one performs better.
  • Templates and Customization: There are numerous templates available, which can be customized to fit the specific needs and branding of any business. This makes it easy to create professional-looking landing pages without needing design skills.

Benefits of Using Unbounce:

  • Increased Conversion Rates: By optimizing landing pages, businesses can increase the likelihood of website visitors taking the desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.
  • Efficiency: The AI-powered features save time in the design and optimization processes, making it quicker and easier to launch new campaigns.
  • No Need for Technical Expertise: Unbounce is user-friendly, meaning you don't need to be a web developer or designer to create effective landing pages.

Who Can Benefit from Unbounce? Unbounce is versatile and can be beneficial for a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, SaaS (Software as a Service), agencies, small businesses, and B2B companies. Essentially, any organization that uses online marketing to reach potential customers can benefit from the features Unbounce offers.

In summary, Unbounce simplifies the process of creating and optimizing landing pages, leveraging AI to help businesses improve their online conversions. Its user-friendly interface and powerful tools make it accessible to marketers of all skill levels, aiming to maximize the effectiveness of their online campaigns.

Use cases

Unbounce, as a versatile AI tool, facilitates a wide range of use cases across different business scales and sectors. Here are some practical ways businesses can leverage Unbounce to enhance their online marketing efforts:

  1. Product-Market Fit for Startups: Startups can use Unbounce to quickly create, publish, and A/B test different versions of their landing pages. This is crucial for startups aiming to test their product-market fit, allowing them to efficiently gauge customer response and adapt their offerings accordingly.

  2. PPC Campaigns for Medium-Sized Businesses: For medium-sized businesses, Unbounce's robust templates serve as a foundation for creating PPC (Pay-Per-Click) specific landing pages. These pages are optimized for advertising campaigns, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of paid search efforts.

  3. SEM Campaigns for Digital Marketing Agencies: Agencies can exploit Unbounce's Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) features to improve their clients' Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. DTR ensures that PPC ads are closely aligned with landing page content, improving Quality Scores and campaign performance.

  4. E-commerce Promotions: E-commerce sites can utilize Unbounce's popups and sticky bars to highlight special deals, offers, and promotions, thereby boosting sales and conversion rates. These features are especially useful for capturing the attention of site visitors and encouraging them to take immediate action.

  5. Large Corporates: Enterprises with larger budgets can benefit from Unbounce's extensive landing page and customization options available in the Enterprise plan. This allows for a greater scale of deployment and tailored experiences to match complex marketing strategies.

  6. AI Copywriting and Content Generation: Unbounce's Smart Copy feature can generate ad copy from scratch, create catchy taglines for social media ads, assist with email copywriting, provide limitless copy variations for customizable landing pages, and help with writing product descriptions, ad copy, and taglines for online stores. This is a boon for businesses looking to save time and resources on content creation while ensuring their marketing messages are compelling and targeted.

These use cases demonstrate Unbounce's flexibility and capability in supporting a wide range of online marketing and conversion optimization efforts. Whether it's for startups testing the market, medium-sized businesses focusing on PPC, digital marketing agencies managing SEM campaigns, e-commerce platforms promoting products, or large corporations needing extensive landing page solutions, Unbounce provides a powerful toolkit for enhancing online conversions and marketing effectiveness.


Begin by learning the basics of publishing your first page, which Unbounce's documentation breaks down into manageable steps. They also offer video tutorials for both their Smart Builder and Classic Builder if you prefer visual learning aids.

Yes, Unbounce supports in-app and compatible integrations with a wide array of tools. This allows you to connect Unbounce to your favorite marketing, analytics, and CRM tools, enhancing your landing pages' effectiveness and streamlining workflows.

If you encounter integration errors or seek best practices, Unbounce provides a dedicated section for integration FAQs and troubleshooting tips. This includes clarifications on the roles of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Global Site Tag, as well as the importance of script order on your landing pages​​.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive data protection law in the EU that affects businesses collecting or processing the personal data of EU residents. If your business handles EU customers' data, GDPR likely applies to you​​.

Unbounce has taken steps to help users collect information in a GDPR-compliant manner. However, full compliance depends on how you use Unbounce and any third-party integrations. It's recommended to consult with legal counsel to ensure full compliance with GDPR requirements​​.

Unbounce is committed to GDPR compliance, evidenced by measures such as updating security processes, storing EU customer lead data within the EU, and offering Data Processing Addenda to customers. Nonetheless, it's important to stay informed about ongoing privacy law changes and consult with legal experts to ensure all aspects of GDPR compliance are covered​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Unbounce offers four main subscription plans tailored to different business needs, each with its own set of features and pricing. Below is a comparison table summarizing what each plan offers along with their monthly and annual pricing.

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price (Save 25%)FeaturesVisitor LimitDomains
Build$74 USD$99 (Billed annually)- Unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars - Form builder - Free page hosting - Built-in AI copywriting - Custom scripts - 1,000+ integrations and apps - Unlimited conversions - Customer support - 1 domainUp to 20,000 unique1
Experiment$112 USD$149 (Billed annually)- Everything in Build - Unlimited A/B tests - Test unlimited page variants - Advanced reporting - Industry benchmark insights - Customer support - 2 domainsUp to 30,000 unique2
Optimize$187 USD$249 (Billed annually)- Everything in Experiment - AI traffic optimization - Visitor behavior insights - Dynamic text replacement - Advanced targeting - Custom scheduling - Customer support - 3 domainsUp to 50,000 unique3
ConciergeStarting at $649 USDCustom pricing- Everything in Optimize - Dedicated customer success manager - Access to implementation services - Client and user management - Unlimited client instances - Audit logs - Flexible add-on plans - Customer supportStarting at 100,000 uniqueStarting at 5

Key Features Across Plans:

  • Landing Page Builder: Allows for the creation of high-converting landing pages.
  • Unlimited Conversions: There's no cap on the number of conversions you can achieve.
  • A/B Testing: Available from the Experiment plan upwards, enabling you to test different page variants.
  • AI Traffic Optimization: Offered in the Optimize plan, this uses AI to direct traffic to the most relevant landing page variant.
  • Dedicated Support: The Concierge plan provides a dedicated customer success manager for personalized support.


Unbounce's team has evolved significantly since its inception in 2009, growing from a small group of founders to a diverse and skilled workforce. The company was co-founded by Rick Perreault along with Carter Gilchrist, Oli Gardner, Carl Schmidt, Justin Stacey, and Jason Murphy. They started the company to solve a common problem for marketers: the need to create landing pages without relying on developers. This team bootstrapped Unbounce out of a small office in Vancouver, enduring the startup phase with a tight budget and big ambitions.

The current executive team at Unbounce includes Felicia Bochicchio as the Chief Executive Officer. Other key executives are Gregory Dos Santos, Chief Financial Officer; Darby Sieben, Chief Product Officer; Peter Housley, Chief Marketing Officer; Leslie Collin, Vice President of People and Culture; Megan Sakakibara, Vice President, Marketing; Rick Perreault, Co-Founder and Board Chair; and Carter Gilchrist, Strategic Advisor and Co-Founder. This leadership team is responsible for guiding Unbounce through its next stages of growth and innovation.


Rick Perreault



Carter Gilchrist



Megan Sakakibara

Vice President, Marketing


Unbounce, a company specializing in conversion optimization tools and technology for marketers, has seen significant financial support to fuel its growth and innovation. Here’s a summary of Unbounce's funding details:

  • Total Funding Amount: Unbounce has raised a total of $39.1 million.
  • Last Funding Type: The most recent funding was a Series A round.
  • Funding Date: The latest funding round was closed on June 17, 2020.
  • Investors: Unbounce has attracted 14 investors, including notable names such as Crest Rock Partners and Espresso Capital.

This financial backing has enabled Unbounce to expand its product offerings, including the introduction of new AI features, and to cement its position in the market. The company has been recognized among the 'TOP 100 Fast-Growing AI Startups of 2023,' a testament to its growth and innovation. Such acknowledgments, alongside mentions as a key player in various market reports, highlight Unbounce's significant presence and competitive stance in its market segments, including the Email List Building Tools Market and the Landing Page Builder Software Market.

The headquarters of Unbounce is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and since its founding on August 15, 2009, by Carl Schmidt, Carter Gilchrist, Jason Murphy, Justin Stacey, Oli Gardner, and Rick Perreault, it has grown to employ between 101 and 250 people. The company is actively operating and continues to be a for-profit entity under the legal name Unbounce Marketing Solutions Inc.



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