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UXSquid is a comprehensive UX research software platform designed to streamline the user research process. It offers a suite of tools for conducting user interviews, analyzing feedback, and making improvements to websites or products. The platform simplifies setting up interviews with targeted audiences, automates the collection and transcription of feedback, and utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze user experiences and interactions. This AI-driven analysis provides meaningful insights, metrics, and recommendations for product enhancements. UXSquid supports the creation of new user experience interview projects quickly and efficiently, making it easier for businesses to understand their users and improve their products accordingly.

UXSquid operates on a simple, user-friendly interface that includes a library of user research interview questions, an easy-to-follow UX research plan, and a template or cheat sheet to guide users through the research process. The tool is designed for efficiency and effectiveness, offering automated UX research methods and AI-powered analysis to extract profound insights into user experiences. This enables businesses of all sizes to optimize their product design by gaining a deeper understanding of user needs and behaviors.

The platform offers various pricing plans, starting with a free option that allows conducting interviews with up to five users and includes one user research project with a summary of the UX research analysis. Paid plans offer more extensive features, including unlimited user research projects, the ability to interview more users, and full reports with recommendations. These plans are tiered to cater to small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises, with custom pricing available for unique requirements or white label solutions.  ​​

Use cases

UXSquid serves as a versatile tool for various stakeholders involved in the design and optimization of digital products. Its use cases span across different phases of the UX research process, providing valuable insights and facilitating improvements based on user feedback. Here are some key use cases for UXSquid:

  1. Improving Websites or Products: By conducting user interviews and analyzing the feedback, businesses can identify areas of improvement for their websites or products. This involves understanding user thoughts, preferences, and how they interact with the product, using the insights to make targeted enhancements​  ​​  ​.

  2. Gathering User Feedback: UXSquid streamlines the process of gathering user feedback by automating the setup of interviews with target audiences. This helps in collecting crucial information about user experiences, preferences, and pain points without the need for manual intervention​  ​​  ​.

  3. Analyzing User Experience: The tool uses AI technology to analyze the data collected from user interviews, providing metrics and recommendations for product enhancements. This analysis helps in understanding the effectiveness of the product and identifying opportunities for improvement​  ​​  ​.

  4. Conducting Efficient User Research Interviews: With its library of user research questions and automated processes, UXSquid makes it easier to conduct user research interviews. This helps in gathering deep insights into user experiences, enabling businesses to understand their users better and tailor their products to meet user needs​  ​​  ​.

  5. User Experience Analysis and Report Generation: After collecting and analyzing user feedback, UXSquid generates comprehensive UX research reports. These reports include detailed data, outcomes, and recommendations, providing a solid foundation for decision-making and product improvement strategies​  ​.

  6. Streamlining UX Research for Businesses of All Sizes: From small startups to large enterprises, UXSquid offers scalable solutions for conducting UX research. Its pricing plans are designed to accommodate the varying needs of different businesses, making it accessible for companies to leverage advanced UX research methods without significant overhead​  ​​  ​.

  7. Custom Tailored UX Research: For businesses with unique needs or those requiring a white label solution, UXSquid offers custom pricing plans. This flexibility ensures that companies can tailor the UX research process to fit their specific requirements, maximizing the impact of their research efforts​  ​.

These use cases highlight UXSquid's role in enhancing the user experience research process, making it an invaluable tool for businesses focused on improving their digital products through user-centered design and feedback.


UXsquid is a comprehensive software platform designed to facilitate the UX research process. It offers tools for conducting user interviews, analyzing feedback, and providing actionable recommendations to improve websites or products.

UXsquid automates the process of setting up user interviews, collecting and transcribing feedback, and using artificial intelligence to analyze the data. It provides insights, metrics, and suggestions for product enhancements.

UXsquid is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to understand their users better and improve their digital products. It caters to UX researchers, product managers, and design teams seeking efficient and effective user research tools.

Key features include automated user research methods, AI-powered analysis, a library of user research questions, and the generation of comprehensive UX research reports.

Yes, UXsquid offers a free plan that allows for conducting interviews with up to five users, including one user research project and a summary of the UX research analysis.

UXsquid provides various pricing plans, from a free option to tiered paid plans for small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. Each plan offers different features and limits on the number of users and projects.

Yes, UXsquid offers custom pricing plans and white label solutions for businesses with unique requirements, ensuring flexibility and scalability in conducting UX research.

Pricing & Discounts

UXSquid offers a range of subscription plans designed to cater to various needs, from individual UX researchers to large enterprises conducting extensive user research. Here's a comparison of all subscription plans, including price and what's included:

PlanPrice per MonthNumber of User InterviewsNumber of User Research ProjectsUX Research Analysis
Free$0Up to 51UX research analysis summary
Pro$49Up to 15UnlimitedFull report & recommendations
Business$149Up to 50UnlimitedFull report & recommendations
Enterprise$299Up to 100UnlimitedFull report & recommendations

Free Plan: Ideal for individuals or small teams just starting with UX research. It offers the basic features needed to conduct small-scale research, including interviewing up to five users and generating a summary of the UX research analysis.

Pro Plan: Tailored for small businesses requiring more in-depth UX research capabilities. It significantly increases the number of user interviews and provides unlimited user research projects, along with full reports and recommendations.

Business Plan: Designed for mid-sized businesses looking to automate and scale their UX research process. It allows for interviewing up to 50 users and includes unlimited projects with comprehensive analysis and recommendations.

Enterprise Plan: Suited for large businesses or enterprises conducting extensive UX research across multiple products or services. This plan supports the highest number of user interviews, offering detailed insights and recommendations to guide product improvement on a large scale.

Custom Pricing: UXSquid also mentions the availability of custom pricing plans, which can be tailored to meet specific business needs or for those seeking a white label solution. This option is suitable for businesses with unique requirements that do not fit within the standard plans.

Each plan is designed to provide flexibility and scalability, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can find a suitable option for their UX research needs. The inclusion of unlimited user research projects in the paid plans encourages continuous and comprehensive research efforts, while the tiered approach to user interviews accommodates varying research scopes and budgets​  ​.

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