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Voice Swap: Elevate your tracks with versatile AI vocals. License artist voices or find your perfect match.
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Voice Swap is an AI-powered tool that allows users to change their singing voice to match the style of various artists. It was developed by DJ Fresh and Nico Pellerin with the aim of aiding musicians, producers, and writers. This tool is particularly useful for those who want to create demos or experiment with their music without using their own voice, as it facilitates the transformation of vocals using AI.

Some key features of Voice Swap include the ability to experiment with different voices for remote collaborations, giving a new perspective to musical ideas, and creating realistic demos without needing extensive studio sessions. Users have the option to purchase licenses for the use of AI-generated vocals in their tracks, ensuring that the rights of the original artists are respected.

Use cases

Voice Swap's use cases include:

  1. Social Media Sharing: Users can share their voice-swapped audio on social media platforms, enhancing their online presence with unique vocal content.

  2. Music Production: Producers and artists can utilize the AI voices of session singers to add distinct vocals to their tracks for commercial use, with the option to acquire a license for featured artist voices.

  3. Songwriting: Songwriters who wish to hear their compositions in a voice similar to the artist they're writing for can use Voice Swap to create more authentic-sounding demos.

  4. Vocal Experimentation: Musicians looking to experiment with different vocal styles, including gender voice changes, can use Voice Swap for creative exploration.

  5. Collaboration: Voice Swap allows for remote collaborations by connecting users with artists for re-sings or other partnership opportunities.

  6. Vocal Replacement: The 'Stem-Swap' feature enables users to replace existing vocals on a track with an AI-generated voice, offering the flexibility to test different vocal styles.

  7. Demo Creation: For individuals whose vocal capabilities may not match their vision for a song, Voice Swap provides an alternative to create high-quality vocal demos.


Voice Swap is an AI tool that allows you to change the vocals in your music tracks to different AI-generated voices.

Yes, you can share voice-swapped audio on social platforms, but ensure you have the rights for any licensed voices.

You can buy a license for featured artist voices to use them commercially by clicking 'Buy License' on the platform.

Voice Swap can match vocals to a particular style, ideal for songwriters creating demos for specific artists.

Yes, you can connect with artists for potential re-sings or collaborations through the 'Request Consultation' feature.

Yes, the AI models output traceable audio, and it's the legal property of the singers.

Uploading a track without the necessary permissions may lead to copyright violations. Always obtain proper licenses for your audio.

Pricing & Discounts

Voice Swap offers three main pricing tiers:

  1. Beginner Plan: Priced at £6.99 per month, which includes 10 minutes of audio credits and the ability to save audio to your profile. This plan gives access to all listed voice models.

  2. Pro Plan: Costs £9.99 per month and offers 30 minutes of audio credits, along with the same features as the Beginner plan.

  3. Ultimate Plan: At £39.99 per month, you get 4 hours of audio credits and the added benefit of GPU-powered models for faster processing. This plan also includes the ability to save audio and access all listed voice models.

Additionally, there's a top-up option available at £11.99 for 15 minutes of audio credits without requiring a subscription.


The Voice Swap team is led by individuals with extensive experience in music, tech, and AI. Co-founder DJ Fresh brings a blend of music production and AI engineering skills. Nico Pellerin, with his tech and music background, serves as the Chief Architect. Chairman Chris Gilbert contributes vast experience in raising funds and leading tech and music ventures. Creative Director Benn Jordan is known for pioneering ethical music business practices. Declan McGlynn, the Director of Communications, brings in his expertise as a music technology journalist. Ausrine Skarnulyte, the Corporate Finance Director, has a strong background in corporate finance and IPOs. The team is supported by an advisory board with experts in music software development, music industry strategy, intellectual property law, and AI technology.


Dan Stein aka DJ Fresh

CEO, Founder


Nico Pellerin

Founder, Chief Architect


Chris Gilbert




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