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Overview is an advanced platform designed to enhance the research process by providing deep insights and analytics across the global research landscape. It employs artificial intelligence, including machine learning algorithms, to offer comprehensive data analysis and insights. This tool is particularly useful for individuals, institutions, publishers, governments, and organizations involved in research activities, helping them navigate through the vast amount of data generated in recent years.

The platform allows users to explore the research ecosystem extensively, containing billions of data points and publications, citations, researchers, funding information, journals, institutions, and concepts. It aims to support the research community by tracking trends, identifying emerging research areas, and spotlighting leading researchers and institutions. is designed to facilitate decision-making and strategic planning in research, offering tailored insights to drive research initiatives forward.

This tool is not only beneficial for researchers but also for publishers seeking to identify promising research and understand their publication portfolio's impact. It simplifies collaboration and annotation for research projects, although it requires some level of expertise to manage effectively. stands as a pivotal resource in the research domain, leveraging AI to empower users with actionable insights for enhancing their research activities and decisions. Its capacity to analyze and interpret complex data sets makes it a valuable ally in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

Use cases serves as a versatile AI tool with several use cases tailored to enhance research strategies and improve operational efficiencies across various sectors. Here are some notable applications:

  1. Optimizing Research Strategies: Researchers, institutions, and industries leverage to analyze emerging trends, identify potential collaborators, and evaluate grant prospects. This strategic planning aids in maximizing the impact and relevance of research projects.

  2. Automating Customer Support: Businesses use to automate their customer support processes. By improving response times and enhancing customer satisfaction, organizations can focus more on core activities while ensuring their customers are well taken care of.

  3. Data Analysis and Insights: The tool offers powerful data analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights from their data. This facilitates informed decision-making by uncovering patterns and trends that might not be immediately apparent.

  4. Improving Customer Experience: Through intelligent automation, helps businesses enhance their customer experience. This is achieved by automating mundane tasks and leveraging predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and personalize interactions.

  5. Research Management: For academics, researchers, and students, serves as a comprehensive research management software. It assists in searching, adding, and managing publications, facilitating a more organized and efficient approach to research.

These use cases demonstrate's capacity to support a wide range of activities, from research and development to customer service and operational efficiency. By integrating AI-powered insights and automation into their processes, users can achieve greater outcomes with enhanced precision and efficiency.

FAQ is a comprehensive research management software that offers deep insights and analytics across the global research landscape. It is designed to assist researchers, academics, and students in navigating through vast data, identifying trends, and managing their research efficiently.

Yes, is presented as a free-to-use platform, making it accessible for users without any subscription fees. This approach supports the academic and research community by providing valuable tools without financial constraints. provides a range of features, including the ability to search, add, and manage publications; analyze research trends; identify collaboration opportunities; and manage bibliographic references. It leverages AI to offer insights into topics, institutes, countries, journals, and funding bodies.

The platform is beneficial for researchers, institutions, publishers, governments, and organizations involved in research activities. It aids in strategic planning, trend analysis, and research project management. uses artificial intelligence, including machine learning algorithms, to analyze data and provide comprehensive insights. This enables users to make informed decisions based on the analysis of research trends, collaborations, and funding opportunities.

Users can start by visiting the website and signing up for an account. From there, they can explore the platform's features and begin managing their research projects. was founded by a team from the University of Oxford, including Tahir, Sadia, Rifaqat, David, Atikah, and Asif. This diverse team includes data scientists, programmers, analysts, and other professionals committed to enhancing the research process.

Pricing & Discounts is a free-to-use platform, emphasizing its accessibility to users without the need for subscription fees. This approach enables researchers, academics, and students to leverage its comprehensive research management and analytics capabilities without financial barriers. The platform is designed to support a wide range of users in their quest for research insights and management, providing valuable tools for trend identification, collaboration, and publication management at no cost. primarily markets itself as a freely accessible tool, focusing on inclusivity and support for the academic and research communities. This strategy suggests that the platform aims to democratize access to research intelligence and management tools, ensuring that users can benefit from its features without financial constraints.

In the absence of additional subscription plans or pricing tiers, the emphasis remains on the platform's commitment to providing a valuable resource to the research community for free. This approach underscores's dedication to fostering research and academic pursuits by making powerful tools accessible to all, regardless of financial capability.

Team boasts a diverse and skilled team, with its roots tracing back to extensive research and development efforts. This team comprises data scientists, programmers, analysts, designers, quality engineers, product managers, and process managers, showcasing a broad spectrum of expertise. The initiative was originally established by a group of founders, including Tahir, Sadia, Rifaqat, David, Atikah, and Asif, with the goal of launching a startup from the University of Oxford. This foundation highlights the team's strong academic background and commitment to leveraging technology for research advancements.

The board members and executive management team play a pivotal role in guiding's strategic direction and technological development. Among the notable figures are Paul Tuten, serving as the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Taylor & Francis Group, part of Informa, and Peter Melbye, who holds the position of VP of Engineering and Architecture at Taylor & Francis Group, Informa. These individuals bring a wealth of experience in technology and product development, contributing to the platform's innovative capabilities.

Rifaqat Shah, one of the founders, is the Chief Technology Officer, driving the technological vision and implementation of Additionally, Atikah Mansoori holds the position of VP Operations & Strategic Projects, focusing on operational excellence and strategic initiatives to ensure the platform's success.

This collective expertise and leadership are instrumental in propelling forward, enabling the platform to offer cutting-edge research tools and insights. The team's dedication to creating a valuable resource for the research community is evident in their efforts to provide a comprehensive and accessible platform for users worldwide.


Paul Tuten

Chief Product & Technology Officer Taylor & Francis Group, Informa


Peter Melbye

VP of Engineering and Architecture at Taylor & Francis Group, Informa

Rifaqat Shah

Chief Technology Officer

Atikah Mansoori

VP Operations & Strategic Projects

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