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Revolutionize recruitment with Yodayo—enhance job listings, promote diversity, and streamline hiring with AI.
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Yodayo is a transformative AI tool designed to revolutionize job listing creation and management. By harnessing artificial intelligence, it enhances job descriptions, making them more engaging and likely to attract suitable candidates. Key features include job description enhancement, promoting inclusivity and unbiased language, providing tailored recommendations and real-time feedback, and streamlining the hiring process. This makes Yodayo invaluable for HR professionals, recruiters, and businesses striving to attract top talent in competitive job markets. Its AI-driven approach optimizes the efficiency of the hiring process, ensuring job listings effectively reach and engage the right audience.

Use cases

  • Homework Helper: Imagine having a buddy who's really good at studying right by your side. That's Yodayo for students. It breaks down those brain-busting math problems and makes history essays seem like storytelling, turning homework time into a breeze.

  • Writing Assistant: Yodayo is the go-to for writers who find themselves pausing and pondering over every word. It's like having a wise mentor who gently guides you, helping find just the right way to express your thoughts, making your writing truly sparkle.

  • Creative Muse: Ever feel stuck creatively? Yodayo steps in as your personal source of inspiration. Whether you're wondering what to sketch next or searching for a story idea, it throws in exciting and original suggestions to get those creative juices flowing.

  • Language Learner: Diving into a new language can feel like climbing a mountain, but Yodayo makes it feel more like a leisurely hike. It's there, encouraging you with conversation practice and new vocabulary at a pace that feels just right for you.

  • Daily Planner: Organizing your day can sometimes feel overwhelming. Yodayo comes to the rescue with helpful schedule ideas, timely reminders about what's next, and that little nudge of motivation you need to keep everything on track.


Yodayo is an advanced tool designed to help individuals and businesses create and manage job listings more effectively. It uses technology to optimize job descriptions, making them more appealing and effective in attracting the right talent.

Yodayo analyzes job descriptions and improves them to be clearer, more engaging, and attractive. It ensures the language is inclusive and free from bias, offering tailored recommendations to improve the listing's content and structure.

Enhanced Job Descriptions: Makes job listings more appealing.

Diversity and Inclusion: Promotes a bias-free and diverse hiring process.

Efficiency in Recruitment: Offers tailored recommendations to attract suitable candidates.

Real-time Feedback: Provides immediate suggestions for improvements.

Saves Time and Resources: Streamlines the hiring process, saving time and effort.

Improves Hiring Competitiveness: Helps businesses stand out in a competitive job market.

Customized Recommendations: Tailors job listings to specific roles and industries.

Consistent Branding: Maintains consistency in job listings across the organization.

Enhances Employer Reputation: Builds a positive image in the job market.

By creating more effective job listings, Yodayo helps businesses attract the right candidates more efficiently, reducing the time and resources spent on the recruitment process.

Yes, Yodayo is designed for HR professionals, recruiters, and businesses of all sizes. Its AI-driven approach is versatile, making it suitable for various industries and roles.

Yodayo offers several pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets:

Free: Basic features at no cost.

Tavern Enjoyer: $5.99 per month.

Pro Yodachi: $9.99 per month.

Super Yodachi: $19.99 per month.

Ultimate Yodachi: $39.99 per month.

Who are the investors in Yodayo?

Yodayo has attracted investment from a total of 3 investors, including institutional ones like Newman Capital, demonstrating confidence in its potential and growth.

Yodayo was founded in 2022, positioning itself as a modern solution to the challenges of the current job market.

By ensuring job listings are free from biased language and promoting inclusivity, Yodayo helps organizations attract a diverse pool of candidates, fostering equal opportunities in hiring.

Yes, by optimizing job descriptions, Yodayo attracts candidates who are better suited for the position, leading to improved candidate quality and a more efficient selection process.

Pricing & Discounts

Plan NamePrice per MonthFeatures
Free$0Basic Features
Tavern Enjoyer$5.99-
Pro Yodachi$9.99-
Super Yodachi$19.99-
Ultimate Yodachi$39.99Highest level of access and features


Yodayo is a company that has developed an artificial intelligence art platform specifically designed for anime fans. It was founded in 2021 and, as of the latest available information, has a team consisting of 7 employees. The platform is tailored to help vTubers and anime enthusiasts create custom anime art for avatars, social media, and other projects by using AI to generate high-quality anime art in various styles based on user inputs such as character description, pose, and background​.


Yodayo has a total of 3 investors, including 3 institutional investors like Newman Capital. The company was founded in 2022.



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