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AI Fitness Tools Just for You: Personalized Fitness Routine

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Elizabeth Conrad

Published by: Elizabeth Conrad

20 May 2024, 01:05PM

In Brief

Fitness AI creates personalized workout plans with real-time adjustments.

AI analyzes posture, offers exercise feedback, and ensures safe workouts.

AI apps track progress and adapt routines based on performance metrics.

Human trainers provide motivation, accountability, and expert guidance.

Combining AI tools and trainers offers a balanced, effective fitness approach.

AI Fitness Tools Just for You: Personalized Fitness Routine

Over the years, the integration of artificial intelligence gym applications has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of fitness routines. AI integration in many fitness apps allows for a better and more engaging experience during workouts.

What is Fitness AI?

Imagine having a personal trainer who knows your strengths, understands your goals, and adjusts your workout routines in real-time, all while fitting neatly into your pocket. Welcome to the world of  AI for Fitness , where cutting-edge technology meets your personalized fitness programs and regimes. This digital trainer leverages various AI technologies to create customized workout plans, enhancing every aspect of your exercise and wellness journey.

How AI Revolutionizes Fitness

Perfect Posture: One of the standout features of AI in fitness is its ability to analyze and correct posture. Using advanced algorithms, AI can map out your skeletal system by identifying key joints and limbs. This mapping allows the system to assess your form during exercises, offering real-time suggestions to optimize your angles and movements. The result? A more effective and safer workout experience.

Customized Workout and Training Plans: Gone are the days of generic fitness routines. AI in fitness applications designs personalized workout routines and plans that are as unique as you are. By taking into account your fitness level, goals, and the equipment you have available, AI crafts a regimen that maximizes your potential. Whether you're a beginner looking to build foundational strength or an athlete seeking to enhance performance, your AI trainer adjusts the plan to fit your needs perfectly.

Progress Tracking: Tracking progress is crucial for staying motivated and achieving long-term fitness goals. AI-powered fitness apps excel in this area by meticulously monitoring various user statistics. From heart rate and calories burned to the number of reps and sets completed, these apps provide a comprehensive overview of your performance. This detailed tracking helps you understand your progress and highlights areas for improvement.

Adaptability: Fitness is a dynamic journey, and your workout plan should reflect that. AI brings adaptability to the table, adjusting your workout routine even as you progress. If you smash through your goals ahead of time, the AI increases the workout intensity, ensuring you are continually challenged. This adaptability keeps your fitness journey exciting and progressive.

Real-Time Feedback and Coaching: One of the most exciting advancements in  fitness AI  is real-time feedback and coaching. Equipped with sensors and advanced processing capabilities, AI fitness apps can monitor your form and technique as you exercise. They provide instant feedback, helping you correct mistakes and improve your performance on the fly. This feature is like having a personal trainer by your side, offering guidance and motivation whenever you need it.

Incorporating AI into your fitness routine can transform how you approach exercise. With features like perfect posture analysis, the exercise selection, customized workout plans, progress tracking, adaptability, and real-time feedback, Fitness AI is poised to revolutionize personal training. So, why not let this digital trainer help you unlock your full potential? Embrace the future of fitness and take your workouts to the next level with AI.

Finding Your Perfect Fit with Fitness AI Apps

In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness technology, several AI fitness apps stand out, offering you personalized workouts and intelligent solutions to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are some of the top applications you can use to kickstart your fitness journey:

Fitness AI

 Fitness AI  analyzes over 5.9 million workout sessions and optimizes that data to create personalized plans suited to your goal.

Fitness AI was launched in 2019. The AI powered fitness app was created by Jake Mor and is currently only available on iOS.

Benefits of Fitness AI:

  • User-friendly: The app provides specific exercises, repetitions, and sets tailored to your goals, eliminating guesswork.
  • Planning: The app organizes and optimizes your gym sessions for health, strength, and fitness. You can get stronger, whether at home or in the gym, with observed rest periods and difficulty
  • Access to Expert Advice: With Fitness AI, you can skip personal trainers and directly message real experts anytime within the app for advice.


Fitness AI offers a variety of pricing structures, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs:

  • Weekly subscriptions are $1.73.
  • Monthly subscriptions range from $9.99 to $19.99.
  • Quarterly subscriptions are $24.99.
  • Annual Memberships are $89.99

It offers a 7-day free trial before you subscribe to any plan. Purchasing through the app provides a 40% discount.

Evolve AI

 EvolveAI  is an AI fitness app that helps to design personally tailored exercise plans based on your goals in fitness, experience level, and preferences.

It uses machine learning algorithms and AI to analyze data related to your fitness, workout history, and goals for issuing personalized workout plans. Real-time adjustments in the loads or volume of your workouts are also done by this application.

The EvolveAI app provides nutrition and macro advice based on user input. It offers affordable expert coaching by combining advanced AI, industry-leading coaches and world-class athletes, making sure everyone can achieve their training goals.

Benefits of Using Evolve AI:

  • Cost-Effective: Working with a one-on-one coach can be expensive. With Evolve AI, you receive customized workouts tailored specifically to you without the high cost.
  • Customization: It creates a customized workout plan based on your current fitness level and gradually increases the difficulty level as you progress.
  • Consistency: The app provides you with daily workouts and check-ins, helping you consistently meet your competition goals.
  • Appropriate Training: The app learns from your workouts and adjusts your routines accordingly. It analyzes every workout to adapt training and ensures you are performing the right combination of exercises with specific videos and coaching cues for proper form and technique.


Enjoy the full features of the app with any of the following membership plans:

  • Monthly: $14.99
  • Every 6 Months: $77.99
  • Annual: $131.99

Before purchasing any membership, you get a 2-week free trial to test the app's functionality.


 MikeAI  is an artificial intelligence fitness app coach that offers a suited/balanced nutrition and workout plans while also tracking your progress.

The application is a user-friendly platform where you receive a custom meal plan that matches your goals(diet-wise), including options for vegans. The platform also includes FitnessGPT, an AI chatbot that provides fitness advice and support, including guidance on injuries.

Core Features of MikeAI:

  • Get customized meal plans based on what you want to achieve and dietary requirements.
  • Get specialized workout plans in line with your goals and body type.
  • Generate recipe suggestions for every meal.
  • Get detailed fitness assessments that will help you keep track of your progress overtime
  • Use FitnessGPT to get answers to your fitness-related questions.


MikeAI offers two different plans:

  • Fitness Premium:$4.99 per month.

With Fitness Premium, you will get:

  1. 10 Meal Plans
  2. 10 Workout Plans
  3. Unlimited Recipes
  4. FitnessGPT - (100 questions)
  • Fitness Coach Assistant: $29.99 per month.

With Fitness Coach Assistant, you will get:

  1. Unlimited Meal Plans
  2. Unlimited Workout Plans
  3. Unlimited Recipes
  4. AI Client Data Analysis

Fitness applications is an excellent tool to get you in shape but there are some things to consider before installing any  AI fitness  application:

Cost: Some AI fitness apps require subscription fees, while others are free with in-app purchases.

Data Privacy: The privacy policy of the AI fitness application that you are using should be read before using it. Make sure you are comfortable with data collection and use.

Balancing AI Fitness Apps with Human Personal Trainers

While AI in fitness is undeniably a powerful tool, the value of a human personal trainer remains irreplaceable. Combining the strengths of both can create a robust approach to achieving your fitness goals.

The Unique Value of Human Personal Trainers

Motivation and Accountability: Human personal trainers excel at providing the motivation and accountability that many individuals need. They can inspire you to push through tough workouts and celebrate your successes, big or small. This personal interaction is something AI, no matter how advanced, cannot replicate.

Personal Interaction and Adaptability: A personal trainer can adapt their coaching style to fit your personality and needs in real time. They offer empathy, understanding, and encouragement, tailoring their approach based on how you’re feeling on any given day. This nuanced interaction is a key component of effective personal training programs that AI lacks.

Expert Guidance: Trainers bring years of experience and knowledge to the table. They can spot mistakes in your form, suggest adjustments, and provide expert advice that goes beyond the capabilities of an algorithm workout app. Their expertise in handling injuries, creating balanced routines, and adjusting exercises on the fly is invaluable.

Leveraging AI Fitness Apps

Detailed Workout Routines and Progress Monitoring: AI fitness apps are exceptional at creating detailed workout plans and tracking your progress meticulously. They offer insights and data that can help you understand your personal fitness and journey better. From monitoring heart rate to calculating calories burned, AI provides a level of precision that can enhance your workouts.

Personalized Plans: AI tailors workouts to your specific fitness level, goals, and available equipment. This personalization ensures that every exercise is relevant and effective for you. As you progress, the AI adapts your plan to keep you challenged, which can be particularly beneficial for those who thrive on structure and data-driven insights.

24/7 Accessibility: One of the significant advantages of AI fitness apps is their availability. You can access your workout plans, track your progress, and get feedback at any time, which is perfect for busy schedules. This constant accessibility means you can stay on track no matter where you are.

Finding the Right Balance

For many, the optimal approach strength training might be a combination of both AI fitness apps and human personal trainers. Here's how to balance the two:

Use AI for Routine and Data: Let the AI handle the routine aspects of your fitness journey. Use it to track your progress, generate workout plans, and provide data-driven insights into your performance. This can free up your trainer to focus on the more nuanced aspects of your personalized training programs.

Rely on Trainers for Personal Interaction and Expertise: Utilize your personal trainer for the motivation, accountability, and expert guidance that only a human can provide. Their ability to adapt, encourage, and connect with you on a personal level will enhance your overall fitness experience.

AI fitness apps and human personal trainers each bring unique strengths to your fitness journey. While AI offers detailed, data-driven insights and 24/7 accessibility, personal trainers provide motivation, accountability, and expert guidance. By combining the two, you can create a balanced and effective approach to achieving your fitness goals. Use AI as a powerful tool to optimize your results, but don't underestimate the irreplaceable value of personal interaction with a human trainer. Together, they can help you reach new heights in your fitness journey.

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