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Discover the top AI songwriting tools: revolutionize your music creation process

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Alina  Chernomorets

Published by: Alina Chernomorets

27 March 2024, 02:21PM

In Brief

AI songwriting tools, such as Amper Music and AIVA, leverage complex algorithms to inspire creativity by generating unique melodies and lyrics.

These tools enhance efficiency with instant generation and revision of musical ideas, as seen in OpenAI's MuseNet and Humtap.

The benefits include democratizing music production, fostering genre crossover, and making the creative process accessible to all skill levels.

Top tools like Amper Music offer customizable, royalty-free compositions, while Jukin Composer transforms keywords and videos into personalized soundtracks.

Users can dive into AI-powered music creation by familiarizing themselves with the tools, setting preferences, letting the AI compose, fine-tuning, and sharing their creations.

Discover the top AI songwriting tools: revolutionize your music creation process

Discover the Top AI Songwriting Tools: Revolutionize Your Music Creation Process

Can you imagine the melody of a song that's been woven together by Artificial Intelligence? You are about to embark on a fascinating journey where creativity meets technology. This is not just a fleeting trend: AI songwriting tools are transforming the music industry as we know it, giving artists, musicians, and even beginners the power to compose music with ease and efficiency. Let's take a look at the top tools in the market right now that are making it possible. 

"Artificial Intelligence is the pen and paper of our time." - Luke Vigeant, Cofounder of InstruMagic, an AI-powered music App

In this guide, we'll explore some extraordinary tools that utilize Artificial Intelligence to craft beautiful melodies and lyrics, creating a perfect symphony of rhythm and harmony. Regardless of whether you’re a professional songwriter searching for inspiration or a music enthusiast testing the waters, these tools will help you unlock your creative potential. 

  • Amper Music
  • Humtap
  • Jukin Media
  • OpenAI's MuseNet
  • AIVA

Ready to explore this AI-powered symphony? Let’s dive into this exciting world of machine-authored music.

How AI songwriting tools work?

Imagine having a virtual assistant that helps you produce fantastic songs that could top the charts. That's exactly what AI songwriting tools bring to the table! These impressive platforms harness the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you create masterpieces. Let's dive into how they work. 

AI songwriting tools are built on algorithms that can analyze a vast repertoire of musical data. They study patterns and styles across genres, artists, and eras. This comprehensive analysis is used to generate original melodies, progressions, and even lyrics that resonate with your specified style. 

When you feed in a topic, a mood, or a style into an AI songwriting tool, it springs into action, creating chords and lyrics that align with your inputs. These tools can provide a foundation for your songwriting process, helping to kickstart the creative process when inspiration seems elusive. 

Some tools are even advanced enough to perform tasks such as track partitioning - creating separate tracks for instruments like drums, piano, bass, and so on. AI can also be programmed to follow certain writing rules or break them, depending on the style or genre you're after. 

In essence, AI songwriting tools work as an extension of your creativity. They don't take over your musical genius, but rather supplement it by providing innovative ideas and solutions that you might not have thought of. 

These tools might sound like a futuristic concept, but many artists and music producers are already using them to churn out hit songs. So, why not give it a shot? You never know, you might create the next big hit with the help of AI!

Benefits of using AI songwriting tools: 

In the constantly evolving world of music, AI songwriting tools present numerous advantages that can revolutionize your songwriting journey. Struggling to find the right words or draw up a melody? AI tools are ready to save the day! 

One of the crucial benefits is that AI songwriting tools can foster creativity. You might be asking, "How does that work?" AI platforms such as Amper Music and AIVA use complex algorithms to generate unique melodies, chord progressions, and lyrics. You can use these outputs as inspiration, spurring novel ideas and breaking free from any creative blocks. 

Accuracy and efficiency are also substantial perks to note. Traditional songwriting can often be a time-consuming process, filled with trial and error. But now, with tools like OpenAI's MuseNet and Humtap, you can benefit from instant generation and revision of musical ideas. This means less time spent on daunting tasks and more time honing your craft. 

Crossover between genres is another plus. Perhaps you're a country musician trying to experiment with classical influences, or a rock artist looking to add some jazz vibes? With AI songwriting tools, you can effortlessly weave together varying genres, expanding your musical horizons. 

Beyond the practical benefits, AI songwriting tools can also help democratize music production. You don't need to be a veteran musician or a talented lyricist to create great music today. Regardless of skill levels or access to resources, anyone can leverage AI songwriting tools to create beautiful and meaningful music. 

In conclusion, the advantages offered by AI songwriting tools are transformative - from fostering creativity and ensuring efficiency to helping musicians breach boundaries of genres and democratizing the music scene. Buckle up, and embrace the AI-powered future of songwriting!

Best AI songwriting tools: 

1. Amper Music: 

This cloud-based AI music composer is famous for its ability to automatically generate unique, royalty-free music for users. You can customize your composition completely, from choosing the mood to the length of your song. Though the interface can seem a little complex initially, once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are endless. Pricing depends on the usage − it offers a rate card that starts at $0.07 per second. 

2. OpenAI MuseNet: 

MuseNet is a free AI tool that can generate 4-minute-long compositions using 10 different instruments and multiple styles. With 13 notes of context, it can predict the future note producing a coherent music piece. Currently, MuseNet is only accessible for use via a Python notebook, hence, coding knowledge is required. 

3. AIVA: 

Known as the Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, AIVA is capable of creating emotional soundtracks for films, commercials, and games. It’s been remarkably accepted by the video game industry due its capability to generate layers of music on demand. AIVA offers Integration plans starting at $49 per month. 

4. Jukin Composer: 

This AI tool transforms your keywords and video into a music video. You can even customize the instruments, genre, mood, and pace to create your unique soundtrack. Jukin Composer offers a free trial for new users and its pricing for the paid versions starts at $199/month. 

5. Humtap: 

Humtap allows users to generate and share music by just humming a melody and tapping a rhythm. It converts these inputs into a well-formed musical piece within seconds. Although this tool is free, premium services such as removing watermarks and getting the license to the songs come with a price.

How to use AI songwriting tools:

Are you excited about using AI songwriting tools and eager to get started? Great! Let's ease you into the versatile world of AI-enhanced music creation. But rather than overwhelming you with complex instructions, we'll provide you with a basic guideline that you can tweak according to whichever AI tool you're exploring. 

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself

The first step is getting comfortable with the tool. While each AI songwriting tool has its unique features, they share common characteristics too. Spend some time exploring the interface, understanding what each function does and learning the basics of how to navigate the platform. If there's a tutorial available, make sure to watch it! 

Step 2: Select Your Preferences 

Once you're accustomed to the tool, it's time to start writing! Most AI songwriting tools, like AIVA and Amper Music, allow users to set musical preferences. This can include the choice of musical style, genre, length of the track, and even the mood you'd like to evoke. The more detailed you are in your preferences, the better your result will be. 

Step 3: Let the AI Compose 

This is the part where AI steps in. After you've input your preferences, click the compose (or similarly labeled) button, and the tool will then generate a unique composition based on your settings. The process might take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the complexity of your input and the tool you are using. 

Step 4: Fine-tune and Edit 

Even the best AI songwriting tools may not nail it on the first try, and that's where your creativity comes into play. Once the AI submits its take on your masterpiece, you can adjust, rearrange and edit it as you see fit. Some tools such as OpenAI MuseNet also provide the capability for you to add personal touches to the arranged score. 

Step 5: Save and Share

Finally, after you're satisfied with the composition, it's time to save your masterwork. You can typically choose to export your work in a variety of formats such as MP3 or MIDI. And guess what, it's ready to be shared with the world! Post it on your social channels, or pitch it to your favorite music artists - the possibilities are endless! 

Remember, no two AI songwriting tools are the same, so it's important to have flexibility and patience in learning to harness the full power of these tools. Now, go ahead and create some beautiful music. We can't wait to hear it! 

To wrap it up, the world of AI songwriting is a fascinating space that's pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Manipulating melodies, harmonies, and rhythms has never been easier, thanks to these intelligent tools. Start exploring these tools today and embrace the symphony of future music creation. Whether you're an established songwriter seeking inspiration or a novice eager to compose your first masterpiece, AI songwriting tools have a lot to offer. They're set to fundamentally reinvent our musical landscapes. So, get ready to hit all the right notes in your musical endeavors. Let's bring those harmonies to life!

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