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Overview is an AI-powered tool designed primarily for YouTube creators. Its main function is to help users extract short clips from longer videos, turning them into engaging and compact shorts. This feature is particularly useful for maximizing the reach of content and growing a subscriber base on platforms like YouTube.

Key features of 2short.clude:

  1. AI-Driven Analysis: The tool uses AI to automatically identify and extract the most compelling moments from long-form videos. This creates shorter content that is more likely to engage viewers.

  2. Time-Saving: It streamlines the video editing process, significantly reducing the time and effort required to produce content. This allows creators to focus more on creating and less on editing.

  3. Sharing Platform Compatibility: The tool aids in maximizing reach and growing subscriber bases by allowing the sharing of shorter videos on platforms like YouTube. operates on a freemium model, meaning there are both free and premium features available. The tool is categorized under video editing and social media assistance.

In summary, is a valuable tool for content creators looking to optimize their videos for platforms like YouTube, where shorter, more engaging content can significantly enhance viewer engagement and channel growth.

Use cases offers a range of use cases particularly beneficial for various types of content creators. Here's an overview of how this tool can be utilized:

  1. Content Creators: Ideal for those creating different genres of content, helps repurpose long-form videos into engaging short clips. This feature is particularly useful for transforming vlogs, podcasts, and other video formats into shorter, more captivating versions that are likely to attract new viewers and subscribers.

  2. Educational Institutions: Educational content can be enhanced using The tool can transform lengthy lectures or tutorials into concise, engaging shorts. This could be especially beneficial for online learning, making educational materials more accessible and retaining student attention more effectively.

  3. Corporate Training: In a corporate training environment, can be used to create impactful training videos. Short, engaging clips can be more effective at conveying key messages and maintaining the attention of employees.

  4. Podcasts and Educational Videos: For podcasters and educators, the tool is useful for creating short, engaging clips from long episodes or videos. This can be a way to summarize key takeaways or highlight interesting moments.

  5. Product Reviews and Motivational Speeches: Extracting impactful moments from product review videos or motivational speeches is another application. This can help emphasize the most compelling parts of the content.

  6. Commentary Videos: Commentary videos can benefit from highlighting the most engaging parts, making the content more digestible and appealing to a wider audience.

The versatility of lies in its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of video types and languages, supporting content creators in maximizing their reach and efficiency. The AI-driven analysis and other features like center-stage facial tracking and one-click animated subtitles enhance viewer engagement, while various export options and aspect ratios make the tool adaptable for different platforms. Additionally, its pricing plans cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to professional creators and agencies.

Overall, appears to be a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to enhance their video content and expand their reach on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


Starting with is straightforward. You simply need to copy the link of a YouTube video and paste it into the app. The AI then quickly begins transforming the video into short, engaging clips that capture the essence of your content. works best with videos that contain spoken words. This makes it suitable for various video types, including podcasts, educational videos, commentary videos, product reviews, and motivational speeches. It is important to note that the videos need to have captions for the AI to process them effectively.

The platform currently supports a wide range of languages, such as Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, and Russian. They are continuously working to expand this list. helps YouTube creators enhance their content by transforming long-form videos into engaging shorts. This can drive views and subscribers, save time and effort in the video editing process, and expand the audience reach.

The AI-driven analysis feature automatically extracts the best moments from long-form videos to create shorter, engaging content.

This feature ensures that active speakers are always at the center of the screen, using facial tracking technology. offers the functionality to add subtitles to videos, enhancing viewer engagement.

The tool allows for high-quality exports without watermarks, ensuring the content stands out. supports various aspect ratios to suit different platforms, including vertical, square, and horizontal formats.

The tool provides options to add brand logos and overlays to videos for a consistent brand presence.

While is primarily designed for YouTube content, its functionalities can be beneficial in various video content creation contexts.

Pricing & Discounts offers four different pricing plans to cater to the varying needs of content creators:

  1. Starter Plan: This plan is free and provides a great opportunity for those new to to explore its capabilities. It includes 15 minutes of AI video analysis per month. Users can view and export already generated short clips and have full access to all the tool's features.

  2. Lite Plan: Priced at $9.90 per month, the Lite plan is a step up for those more serious about content creation. It offers 5 hours of AI video analysis and 15 minutes of fast server-side exports each month. This plan is also ad-free, ensuring a smoother user experience.

  3. Pro Plan: At $19.90 per month, the Pro plan is tailored for professional creators aiming for growth. It includes everything in the Lite plan, plus 25 hours of AI video analysis and 75 minutes of fast server-side exports per month. Subscribers to this plan also receive priority support and access to the newest beta features.

  4. Premium Plan: Designed for the most demanding content creators and agencies, the Premium plan costs $49.90 per month. It encompasses everything in the Pro plan, with a substantial increase in AI video analysis hours (100 hours per month) and fast server-side exports (300 minutes per month).

Each plan allows full access to all features offered by, with the main difference being the amount of AI video analysis hours and fast server-side exports available per month. This flexibility enables content creators to choose a plan that best suits their specific needs and goals.


Sam Jasik is identified as the founder of He is a full-stack software developer and SaaS enthusiast. Besides founding, Sam Jasik is also known for establishing, indicating his active involvement in the tech and software development sphere.

There isn't a wealth of detailed public information available about Sam Jasik's background or his other professional endeavors beyond these projects. However, his role as a founder of a tool like suggests a strong inclination towards innovative digital solutions, particularly in the domain of software as a service (SaaS) and AI-driven tools.


Sam Jasik


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