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Effortlessly generate multilingual content for blogs, social media, and marketing with AI. Save time, enhance SEO, and boost engagement.
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AI Writer by is an innovative tool designed to streamline the content creation process through the power of artificial intelligence. This tool is part of a broader platform offered by, which includes a suite of tools aimed at supporting content creators and businesses in the ideation, creation, and transformation of their content. By leveraging AI Writer, users can focus more on the creative and strategic aspects of their work, leaving the routine tasks to be handled by AI.

The AI Writer tool is powered by Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology, enabling real-time content generation in multiple languages. It offers a user-friendly approach to content creation, where the AI generates a list of subheadings based on a short instruction provided in natural language. Users can then refine these subheadings and edit the generated paragraphs, making the tool an interactive teammate in the content creation process. The final output can consist of pieces ranging from 500 to 800 words, structured into up to 7 paragraphs of about 80 words each.

A key feature of AI Writer is its repository of templates, which supports the generation of various types of content, including SEO blog articles, advertising copy, e-commerce product descriptions, social media captions, and welcome emails. The platform supports content creation in over 25 languages, with premium support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to native datasets used for training the AI models.

AI Writer is not just about text generation; it also offers solutions for generating social media posts, SEO articles, product descriptions, marketing emails, and more, all designed to be SEO-optimized and tailored to the user's needs. This makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of content creation needs.'s AI Writer thus stands out as a powerful ally for content creators, enabling them to produce high-quality, original, and SEO-optimized content effortlessly. With its focus on easing the content creation workload, AI Writer is a testament to's commitment to innovating and providing value in the global technology landscape.

Use cases

The AI Writer by can be leveraged in a variety of ways to enhance content creation and marketing efforts. This tool is designed to automate and streamline the content production process, allowing users to generate high-quality content efficiently. Here are some use cases for AI Writer:

1. Generating SEO-Optimized Articles

AI Writer can be used to create SEO-optimized articles quickly. By inputting desired keywords, the tool can produce content that aligns with SEO best practices, helping to improve a website's search engine ranking and visibility.

2. Creating Compelling Social Media Posts

The tool includes templates for generating engaging social media content. This feature allows brands to maintain an active and appealing presence on various social media platforms, engaging their audience effectively.

3. Producing Product Descriptions

E-commerce sites can use AI Writer to generate SEO-optimized product descriptions. This helps in presenting products attractively to potential customers, potentially increasing sales and conversion rates.

4. Drafting Marketing Emails

AI Writer supports the creation of various types of marketing emails, including welcome emails, follow-up emails, and cold emails. This can save time for marketing teams and improve the effectiveness of email campaigns.

5. Content Repurposing

The summarizer and rephraser tools allow users to give new life to existing content. This feature can be particularly useful for repurposing content across different digital channels, maximizing its reach and effectiveness.

6. Support for Multiple Languages

With support for over 25 languages, including premium languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese, AI Writer can help businesses reach a broader, international audience by generating content in various languages.

7. Content Ideation

By generating a list of subheadings based on a short input in natural language, AI Writer assists in the ideation process, providing a structured framework that can be refined and expanded into a full piece of content.

8. Personalized Content Creation

AI Writer's template repository supports the creation of almost any type of content, allowing users to customize the output according to their specific needs and goals.

9. Educational and Training Material

For educators and trainers, AI Writer can be used to create informative and educational content, including tutorials, guides, and training materials, tailored to the needs of their audience.

10. Newsletters and Blog Posts

Content creators can use AI Writer to produce newsletters and blog posts that keep their audience informed and engaged, supporting content marketing strategies and community building efforts.

AI Writer by, with its versatile capabilities, offers a powerful tool for businesses, marketers, e-commerce platforms, and content creators, facilitating a wide range of content creation tasks with efficiency and ease.


AI Writer by is an advanced tool designed to automate content creation, leveraging artificial intelligence to generate high-quality, multilingual content for businesses and individuals. It simplifies the content production process, offering a range of templates for different content needs, including blog posts, social media updates, product descriptions, and more.

AI Writer uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand your content requirements and generate text based on the input provided. Users can select from various templates or input custom prompts, keywords, or instructions, and the AI generates relevant content within seconds.

AI Writer is suitable for marketers, content creators, e-commerce site owners, bloggers, and businesses looking to scale up their content production without compromising on quality. It's designed to cater to a broad spectrum of industries and content types.

AI Writer can produce a wide range of content, including but not limited to SEO articles, blog posts, product descriptions, email marketing content, social media posts, and more. It also features tools for summarizing and rephrasing existing content.

Yes, the content generated by AI Writer is designed to be unique. The AI algorithms are trained to produce original content based on the inputs provided, helping to ensure that the text is not only relevant but also passes plagiarism checks.

While AI Writer provides a strong starting point for content creation, users are encouraged to review and customize the generated text as needed. This can include adjusting the tone, style, or specific details to better align with their brand voice and content goals.

AI Writer supports content generation in multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for global content strategies. While the exact list of supported languages can vary, it typically includes major languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, and others.

AI Writer by may offer several pricing plans to accommodate different needs and budgets, from basic plans with a set number of AI credits per month to more advanced plans with unlimited credits and additional features. Pricing details would be available on the website, offering options for individuals, small teams, and enterprises.

To start using AI Writer, you would typically need to sign up for an account on, choose your preferred subscription plan, and then access the AI Writer tool from your dashboard. From there, you can begin creating content by selecting a template or entering custom prompts.

Pricing & Discounts offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different needs, from individuals just starting to explore AI's creative possibilities to large teams or businesses looking for advanced content strategy tools. Here's a comparison of the available subscription plans:

PlanMonthly Price (Billed Annually)Yearly PriceIncludesTarget Users
Basic$9$84- 2000 AI Credits/Month - 1 User Seat - 1 Brand Voice - AI Writer - AI Art - AI Chat - MoreIndividuals sampling AI's creative power
Intermediate$39$324- Unlimited AI Credits - 1 User Seat (+ up to 3 more) - 3 Brand Voices - Additional features (e.g., WordPress and Shopify connectors)Individuals enhancing content production
Advanced$99$828- Unlimited AI Credits - 5 User Seats (+ buy unlimited more) - 6 Brand Voices - Advanced features (e.g., API, Bulk Upload)Teams refining content strategy
PersonalizedContact for PricingContact for Pricing- Custom features tailored to complex needs (e.g., Robo-Journalism, Transcripts) - Specialized enterprise solutionsBusinesses with diverse, complex content needs

The Basic plan is suited for individuals keen on experiencing the wide array of AI-driven content creation tools without a significant investment. It offers access to foundational tools like AI Writer and AI Art, among others, with a cap on AI credits.

Moving up, the Intermediate plan removes the cap on AI credits and allows for additional user seats and brand voices, catering to individuals or small teams looking to expand their content production capabilities significantly. It also includes connectors for WordPress and Shopify, enhancing the tool's utility for e-commerce and blogging.

The Advanced plan is tagged as the best-seller, presumably because it balances a comprehensive suite of features with the needs of professional teams. It provides everything in the Intermediate plan plus the ability to add an unlimited number of user seats, more brand voices, and access to advanced features like Text to Animation, Bulk Upload, and API access for integration into custom workflows.

For enterprises with specific and complex content creation needs, the Personalized plan offers a tailored approach. This plan is designed to meet the unique requirements of large businesses or specialized content strategies, including advanced AI solutions like Robo-Journalism and customized API integrations.

Each plan is structured to cater to different stages of content strategy development, from individual creative exploration to comprehensive, large-scale content production and strategy refinement.


The team at is led by a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of expertise in technology, content creation, and business strategy, highlighting their collective experience and leadership within the innovative landscape of AI-driven content generation.

  • Salvatore Guddemi serves as the CFO/COO, bringing significant experience in financial controlling, economic and financial analysis, ERP & CRM software consultancy, and business risk management. His expertise is crucial in steering through its financial operations and strategic initiatives, particularly as the company navigates through various stages of funding and expansion.

  • Massimiliano Squillace, the CEO and Founder of, is an entrepreneur with a vision for leveraging artificial intelligence in content creation. His leadership has guided through its establishment as a key player in the AI content generation sector, marked by successful funding rounds and strategic acquisitions. Squillace's role encompasses not just operational leadership but also shaping the company's strategic direction, innovation, and market expansion.

  • Valentina Russo, the Chief Marketing Officer, focuses on driving the global growth of the company and positioning its GenAI platform in the market. With almost two decades of experience in B2B marketing within the IT software industry, her expertise contributes significantly to the development of marketing strategies and collaborations that enhance's visibility and engagement with its target audience.

  • Mario Marzullo, Partner and Chief Delivery Officer, brings a wealth of experience in content marketing and sales within the media industry. His role is pivotal in managing the market dynamics and leading teams towards successful content delivery and strategic planning. Marzullo's leadership is instrumental in ensuring that's digital strategies are effectively executed to achieve concrete results.

This core team's collective experience and strategic vision have positioned as a leader in AI-driven content generation, catering to the needs of businesses seeking innovative and efficient content solutions. Their backgrounds reflect a blend of expertise in technology, finance, marketing, and strategic planning, essential for driving the company's growth and innovation in the competitive landscape of digital content creation.


Salvatore Guddemi



Valentina Russo



Mario Marzullo



Massimiliano Squillace

CEO and Founder

Funding has successfully secured a total of $26 million in funding through six rounds. Their financing journey began with a Pre Seed round in March 2017, raising €200K to kickstart their operations. Following this initial round, continued to attract investment through various stages, including two Seed rounds in May 2019, an Equity Crowdfunding round the same year, a Series A in March 2021, and culminating in a Series B round on January 8, 2024. The Series B round was particularly significant, with raising $18 million, led by Synergo Capital, highlighting the growing confidence in their business model and potential for growth.

Synergo Capital played a pivotal role as the lead investor in both the Series A and Series B rounds, demonstrating a strong partnership and belief in's vision and direction. Alongside Synergo Capital, has attracted a diverse group of investors, totaling seven, including Invictus Capital and Azimut Digitech Fund, among others. This mix of investors reflects a broad base of support for's approach to leveraging technology for content creation and management.

In addition to funding, has also expanded through acquisitions, with three organizations joining their portfolio. The most recent acquisition was Scribox Agency on May 29, 2023, which followed the acquisition of Scribeur in April 2023 and an earlier acquisition in June 2020. These strategic acquisitions indicate's ambition to broaden its services and enhance its offerings in the content creation and management space.

This financial and strategic expansion underscores's commitment to scaling its operations and enhancing its platform's capabilities to meet the evolving needs of content creators and businesses worldwide.



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