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Enhances ad and SEO content creation, optimizes email marketing, and streamlines content repurposing efforts.
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Overview is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the content creation process, particularly beneficial for marketing, SEO, and email campaigns. It allows users to generate targeted ads, enhance SEO through optimized meta descriptions, and create effective email content. The platform improves as you use it, learning to produce more refined content over time. Additionally, it provides multiple text options, which users can customize further to fit their brand's voice​​.

The tool is crafted to assist in various content generation tasks such as transforming documents into FAQs, summarizing webinars, and creating diverse ad copies from given URLs. It's particularly noted for its ability to repurpose existing content across multiple channels, ensuring consistency and coherence in branding and messaging​. stands out by offering an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface that encourages efficiency and productivity without the need for extensive technical knowledge, making it a practical choice for professionals aiming to scale their content creation efforts quickly and effectively.

Use cases

  • Ad Campaigns: efficiently crafts targeted advertising content for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google, enabling users to quickly launch customized ad campaigns.

  • SEO Content Creation: The tool generates search engine optimized titles, meta descriptions, and content that help enhance web visibility and rankings, crucial for content marketers looking to increase site traffic.

  • Email Marketing: aids in writing compelling email subject lines and body content, designed to increase open rates and conversions in email marketing initiatives.

  • Content Repurposing: It allows for the transformation of single content pieces into multiple formats, such as turning blog posts into social media content, increasing the utility and reach of original material.

  • Interactive Webinar Engagement: The platform can summarize webinars and create tailored follow-up emails for both attendees and those who missed the event, improving engagement and communication efficiency.

Each use case demonstrates's versatility in automating and refining content creation across different digital marketing channels, making it an essential tool for marketers and content creators.

FAQ is a tool that helps create and optimize content for ads, SEO, and emails using AI technology.

It generates SEO-friendly titles, meta descriptions, and content to enhance search engine rankings.

Yes, it can generate targeted content for platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Yes, it provides solutions for crafting effective email subject lines and content.

Fisrt 500 words are free to operate. The platform offers various plans​.

The AI learns and improves over time to provide more refined and effective content​​.

Marketers, advertisers, content creators, and businesses looking to streamline their content creation process.

Ads, SEO content, email marketing materials, and repurposed content across different formats.

Pricing & Discounts

Copyo offers several subscription plans tailored to different user needs, from personal use to advanced business requirements.

PlanPrice (R$)Words/MonthTemplatesContents at a TimeSupportAdditional Features
Personal4920,00020+Up to 3Active
Pro8950,000AllUp to 5PriorityAI adapts, Quality check, Create your own templates, Request a model type
Advanced249250,000AllUp to 5PriorityAI adapts, Quality check, Create your own templates, Request a model type

UX/UI review

First, you select where you want your content to appear, such as on social media platforms or websites, ensuring that your content fits the channel's specific requirements.

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Next, you describe what your content will be about, which allows the tool to tailor the content precisely to your needs.

Content description

Finally, provides a generated response, offering you a polished piece of content ready for use.

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