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Intellecs AI is an advanced tool designed to revolutionize the way we handle information, particularly from PDF documents. It's aimed at enhancing productivity by simplifying the process of retrieving information and taking notes. The tool is particularly beneficial for students, researchers, and professionals who frequently interact with dense documents and require a more efficient way to access and organize information.

Key features of Intellecs clude:

  • Centralized Knowledge Base: It allows users to upload and organize research materials, documents, and videos in one place, facilitating easy access and reference.
  • AI-Powered Features: With Q&A capabilities, the tool provides instant answers from various sources, helping users find information quickly.
  • Enhanced Note-Taking: Intellecs AI offers powerful building blocks for structuring content, making note-taking easier and more organized.
  • Collaborative Editing: Although marked as coming soon, this feature will enable users to collaborate in real-time, sharing and co-creating notes for a more productive experience.

The platform is celebrated for its ability to draw comprehensive answers from a broad knowledge base, thereby aiding in research and simplifying note-taking tasks. It's designed to be a one-stop solution for managing knowledge, enhancing productivity by allowing users to centralize their insights and information in a single app.

Pricing for Intellecs AI is structured on a freemium model, making it accessible for anyone to start with basic features. Advanced features are available through subscription plans, catering to different user needs, including a higher context limit for teractions. The tool is currently available on desktop and laptop devices, with a context limit imposed to ensure efficient operation and delivery of coherent, contextually relevant responses.

Intellecs AI stands out for its application in various scenarios, from academic research to professional documentation, offering a streamlined approach to information extraction and management. It's trusted by a wide array of users across the globe, including students from top universities, showcasing its reliability and effectiveness in enhancing academic and professional productivity​  ​​  ​.

Use cases

Intellecs AI, as a versatile tool, has a broad spectrum of applications across different fields and industries. Its primary function is to streamline the process of information retrieval, particularly from dense documents like PDFs, and to enhance productivity in various tasks related to information management and note-taking. Below are several use cases highlighting how Intellecs AI can be effectively utilized:

  1. Academic Research: Researchers and scholars can leverage Intellecs AI to sift through academic papers and research articles efficiently. The tool's ability to analyze documents and provide concise answers to specific queries makes it invaluable for speeding up literature review processes and enhancing the quality of research outputs.

  2. Student Learning: Students can utilize Intellecs AI to quickly find answers and insights from textbooks, study guides, and educational materials. It simplifies the study process by allowing students to focus on learning rather than spending excessive time searching for information.

  3. Professional Documentation: Professionals across various industries, including technical fields, can use Intellecs AI to extract specific information from manuals, reports, and documents. This capability is particularly useful for those needing to reference or analyze technical documentation and industry reports efficiently.

  4. Information Management: Individuals who need to organize and manage large volumes of information can use Intellecs AI as a centralized knowledge base. By uploading documents, videos, and other research materials, users can create a single, searchable repository of information, making it easier to find and reference materials when needed.

  5. Productivity Enhancement: For anyone looking to streamline their reading and note-taking processes, Intellecs AI offers tools that make it easier to structure content, take notes, and retrieve information. This is especially useful for professionals and students alike who are looking to maximize their productivity and efficiency.

  6. Collaborative Work: With features (planned for future release) that enable collaborative editing, Intellecs AI will allow teams to work together in real-time, sharing and co-creating documents. This can enhance teamwork and productivity in academic and professional settings, where collaboration is key.

These use cases demonstrate the flexibility and utility of Intellecs AI across different scenarios. Whether it's for academic purposes, professional development, or personal productivity, Intellecs AI provides a powerful set of features to help users manage information more effectively and efficiently​  ​​  ​.


Intellecs AI is a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance productivity through efficient note-taking, research, and organization of information. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide instant, comprehensive responses from various sources, making it an all-in-one platform for academic and professional use.

Intellecs AI offers a block-based structure for note-taking, allowing users to customize their workflow and organize notes effectively. It simplifies the process by integrating AI-powered Q&A features, enabling users to get instant answers and insights directly within their notes.

Yes, Intellecs AI is capable of extracting detailed insights from both videos and PDFs. Users can upload documents or paste YouTube links to receive comprehensive answers and references, facilitating deeper understanding and efficient study or research sessions.

Absolutely. Intellecs AI is designed to benefit a wide range of users, including students, researchers, and professionals. Its capabilities in streamlining information retrieval, note-taking, and research make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to boost productivity and manage information more effectively.

Intellecs AI offers several subscription plans, including a free plan with basic features and premium plans with advanced capabilities such as unlimited AI queries, priority support, and early access to new features. Plans cater to different needs and budgets, ensuring there's an option for every user.

Getting started with Intellecs AI is straightforward. Users can sign up for an account on the Intellecs AI website and choose from the available subscription plans. The platform is user-friendly, and signing up takes less than a minute, allowing users to immediately begin enhancing their productivity.

As of the latest information available, Intellecs AI is primarily accessible via desktop or laptop devices. The focus has been on creating a robust web platform to ensure a comprehensive and efficient user experience for managing knowledge and enhancing productivity.

Intellecs AI was founded by Neil Ruaro, a software engineer with a passion for app development, machine learning, and blockchain, and co-founded by Khie Sydney Udag, a strategic marketing visionary. Together, they have built Intellecs AI to address the challenges of information overload and enhance productivity for users worldwide.

Pricing & Discounts

Intellecs AI offers a variety of subscription plans to accommodate the needs of different users, from individuals just starting out to professionals seeking advanced features. Here's a comparison of their subscription plans based on the information available:

Free Plan

  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Includes block-based notes, AI features, a centralized knowledge base, and collaboration (coming soon). It also offers Q&A from PDFs, a broad AI knowledge base (coming soon), and an AI queries limit of 5 per day.

Chat with PDFs Plan

  • Cost: Approximately $10.00/month
  • Features: This plan focuses on providing unlimited AI queries and includes AI features, Q&A from PDFs, and priority support.

Pro Plan

  • Cost: Approximately $15.00/month
  • Features: Includes everything in the Free plan plus Q&A from web articles (coming soon), an ultracapable writing assistant (coming soon), unlimited AI queries, priority support, and first access to new features.

Premium Plan

  • Cost: Approximately $18.00/month
  • Features: Offers all the Pro plan features plus Q&A from videos, indicating it's the most comprehensive option for users seeking the fullest range of capabilities.

Each plan is designed to cater to different user needs, from basic assistance with PDFs to more advanced support for a variety of content types, including videos and web articles. The inclusion of priority support and early access to new features in the higher-tier plans underscores their value for users who rely heavily on the tool for their work or studies​  ​​  ​​  ​.


The team behind Intellecs AI is led by passionate individuals with a strong background in technology and innovation. Neil Ruaro, a software engineer with experience in app development and machine learning, founded Intellecs AI. He is known for his driven personality and his ability to voice the concerns of the majority, making him well-regarded among his colleagues. Neil's interests span across app development, machine learning, and blockchain development, showcasing his broad expertise in the tech industry. Outside of his professional work, Neil actively engages in learning opportunities to further hone his skills in software engineering and computer science. He also contributes to the tech community through projects on GitHub, particularly in mobile app development using Flutter and machine learning projects. Khie Sydney Udag, co-founder of Intellecs AI, brings a strategic marketing vision to the team. With a strong foundation in digital and search engine marketing (SEM), Khie plays a crucial role in positioning Intellecs AI as a leading intelligent productivity companion. Both founders share a connection with the University of the Philippines, indicating a solid academic background supporting their entrepreneurial journey.

Intellecs AI, described as an all-in-one platform for efficient note-taking, research, and more, reflects the founders' vision of enhancing productivity through technology. The tool offers smart AI-powered Q&A, an integrated study hub, customizable note-taking, and insights from both videos and PDFs. Neil and Khie's collaboration signifies a blend of technical prowess and strategic marketing, aiming to address the challenges of information overload and workflow management.

The team's dedication to creating a centralized knowledge base demonstrates their commitment to leveraging AI for educational and professional advancement. By integrating various sources of information and providing instant, comprehensive responses, Intellecs AI aims to redefine the way individuals work and learn, making it a reflection of its founders' innovative spirit and expertise.


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