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Transform job descriptions into custom interview questions with instant feedback to sharpen your answers and boost confidence.
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Overview is a tool designed to assist individuals in preparing for job interviews by using advanced technology to simulate the interview experience. Here's a simplified overview of how it works and what it offers:

  1. Personalized Interview Questions: The platform allows users to input a job description, from which it then generates realistic interview questions tailored to the role. This feature aims to provide practice questions that closely match what candidates might encounter in actual interviews.

  2. Practice Through Recording: Candidates can record their answers to these questions, simulating a real interview experience. This practice helps in refining the way one articulates responses under pressure.

  3. Instant Feedback and Improvement Suggestions: After submitting their answers, users receive instant feedback along with improved sample responses. This feature is intended to guide users on how to enhance their answers for better performance in actual interviews.

  4. Accessibility and User Experience: offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it easy for job seekers across various fields to practice and improve their interview skills. Whether you're applying for a role in tech, marketing, sales, or any other industry, the platform can generate relevant questions for you to practice with.

  5. Plans and Pricing: The service provides both free and paid plans. The free plan offers a limited number of questions per month, while the paid plan, available for a monthly fee, offers unlimited questions and additional features aimed at providing a more comprehensive preparation experience.

  6. Privacy and Data Security: emphasizes the privacy of its users. Audio recordings are deleted after transcription, and personal data is handled with care, ensuring users' information is protected.

  7. Community Endorsement: The tool has garnered positive feedback from users who have successfully used it to prepare for interviews, indicating its effectiveness in helping job seekers boost their confidence and performance in interviews.

Use cases serves as a versatile tool for individuals preparing for job interviews across various industries. Its use cases extend beyond simple practice sessions, catering to a wide range of needs and scenarios. Here's how it can be utilized effectively:

  1. Customized Interview Preparation: For job seekers aiming to enter specific fields or apply for particular roles, can generate tailored questions based on the job description provided. This means candidates can practice answering questions that closely align with what they might face in their actual interviews, making their preparation more targeted and effective.

  2. Feedback and Improvement: One of the key benefits is the instant feedback feature. Users can record their answers and receive AI-generated feedback along with suggestions for improvement. This immediate response helps users to quickly identify their strengths and areas for improvement, refining their answers and delivery for better performance.

  3. Boosting Confidence: The practice and preparation facilitated by help in significantly boosting a candidate's confidence. Knowing that you've prepared with questions tailored to your specific job application and received constructive feedback makes you more self-assured during the actual interview.

  4. Accessibility for Diverse Job Roles: Whether someone is applying for a technical role, a marketing position, or any other field,'s versatility allows it to serve a wide array of industries. This makes it an invaluable tool for a broad spectrum of job seekers.

  5. Convenience and Ease of Use: The platform's user-friendly interface and accessibility make it easy for users to start practicing anytime, anywhere. This convenience ensures that even those with busy schedules can find time to prepare and improve their interview skills.

  6. Language Support and Global Accessibility: While primarily supporting English, the platform's design to accommodate recordings in almost any language (which are then translated to English for feedback) extends its reach to a global audience. This feature is particularly beneficial for non-native English speakers looking to apply for roles in English-speaking countries or international companies.

  7. Preparation for Early-Career Individuals: For those just starting their careers or students looking for internships, offers a safe and supportive environment to develop their interview skills. This early exposure to a simulated interview process can be crucial in building the foundation for successful job applications in the future.

  8. Transitioning Careers or Roles: Individuals looking to transition into new roles or industries can use to familiarize themselves with the kind of questions and scenarios they may not have encountered in their previous experiences. This can significantly ease the transition process by preparing them for what lies ahead.

  9. Data Privacy and Security: For users concerned about privacy,'s commitment to deleting audio recordings post-transcription and handling personal data securely makes it a trustworthy tool for sensitive preparation work.


It's an AI tool designed to help job seekers prepare for interviews by generating realistic questions based on job descriptions, providing a simulated interview experience through audio recording, and offering instant feedback with improvement suggestions.

The platform generates questions using AI, tailored to the specific job description you provide, ensuring relevance to the role you're applying for.

Yes, there is a free plan that offers limited questions per month. For unlimited access and additional features, a Pro plan is available for a monthly fee.

Absolutely, it's designed for a wide range of job roles, making it a versatile tool for job seekers in various industries. offers a more specialized experience for interview preparation, with expertly crafted prompts, a streamlined user interface, and additional features like audio input and a review dashboard.

Currently, it supports English, but it allows recordings in almost any language, which are then translated to English for feedback.

Audio files are deleted after transcription, and while it tracks some user interactions for improvement purposes, personal data is handled securely, especially for logged-in users.

Pricing & Discounts offers two subscription plans. The free plan allows users 3 questions per month, perfect for occasional practice. For more intensive preparation, the Pro plan is available at $9 per month, offering unlimited questions along with additional features that are currently in development. Users can cancel their Pro plan anytime, providing flexibility and ensuring value for committed job seekers.


The team behind includes Jake Rosenthal and Chloe Pappas, who played key roles in creating and developing the platform. Their efforts have focused on leveraging advanced AI technologies to provide realistic interview preparation tools for job seekers.


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