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SidekicAI is an innovative Chrome extension designed to streamline the job application process by enabling users to quickly generate personalized cover letters. It leverages AI technology to tailor each cover letter based on the specific job description, significantly reducing the time and effort typically involved in customizing applications for different roles. Here are some key features and benefits of using SidekicAI:

  • AI-Enhanced Cover Letters: SidekicAI allows users to input their existing cover letter and specific skills, then generates modified cover letters tailored to each job application, helping to align with the job's requirements more effectively.
  • Tailored for Success: The tool focuses on addressing the unique requirements of each job by customizing cover letters to match the specific job description, increasing the chances of grabbing recruiters' attention.
  • Continuous Improvement: SidekicAI is committed to enhancing its capabilities regularly, ensuring it stays at the forefront of cover letter generation technology.
  • Privacy-First Approach: All data is stored locally, emphasizing the protection of users' personal information without selling data to third parties​  ​.

SidekicAI operates on a freemium model, offering a free plan that includes cover letter generation and feedback. A premium plan, available for $10/month, adds features such as tracking job applications and providing personalized job recommendations​  ​.

This tool is particularly useful for job seekers looking to save time and improve the quality of their cover letters, recruiters aiming to screen applications more efficiently, and hiring managers seeking to make better-informed hiring decisions​  ​.

For those interested in exploring SidekicAI further, it offers a straightforward way to enhance job application efforts, making it a valuable addition to the job search toolkit.

Use cases

SidekicAI serves as an invaluable tool in the job application process, designed to assist users in creating tailored and effective cover letters with ease. This AI-powered Chrome extension simplifies the customization of cover letters for different job applications, a task that is often time-consuming and daunting for many job seekers. Here are some practical use cases that illustrate the versatility and utility of SidekicAI:

  1. Personalized Cover Letter Generation: For job seekers who need to apply to multiple positions, SidekicAI can quickly generate cover letters that are customized for each job description. This ensures that the applicant's cover letter highlights the skills and experiences most relevant to the job, increasing the chances of standing out to recruiters.

  2. Efficiency in Job Applications: By automating the process of modifying cover letters for each application, SidekicAI saves applicants significant amounts of time. This efficiency allows job seekers to apply to more positions in less time, broadening their job search and improving their chances of finding employment.

  3. Feedback and Improvements: SidekicAI not only generates cover letters but also provides feedback on them. This feature is beneficial for users looking to improve the quality of their cover letters over time. The tool's suggestions for improvement can help refine and strengthen the presentation of an applicant's qualifications and experiences.

  4. Application Tracking: For users who opt for the premium version, SidekicAI offers additional features such as tracking job applications and receiving personalized job recommendations. This can be particularly useful for managing multiple applications and focusing on opportunities that best match the applicant's profile and career aspirations.

  5. Recruiter and Hiring Manager Assistance: Beyond aiding job seekers, SidekicAI can also be useful for recruiters and hiring managers. By efficiently screening job applications, the tool helps identify candidates whose skills and experiences align closely with the job requirements, streamlining the recruitment process.

The adaptability and innovative features of SidekicAI make it a powerful ally in the job search and recruitment processes. Its focus on privacy, with a commitment to storing data locally and not selling user information, further enhances its appeal to users concerned about data security. Whether you're a job seeker looking to optimize your application process or a hiring professional aiming to improve recruitment efficiency, SidekicAI offers tailored solutions to meet a variety of needs


SidekicAI is a Chrome extension designed to help job seekers streamline their application process. It uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized cover letters tailored to specific job descriptions, saving users time and improving their chances of success.

Users input their existing cover letter and specific skills into SidekicAI. The AI then modifies this cover letter to better align with each job application's requirements, ensuring a more personalized and targeted approach to job seeking.

Yes, SidekicAI operates on a freemium model. It offers a free plan that includes cover letter generation and feedback. For additional features like tracking job applications and personalized job recommendations, a premium plan is available at $10/month.

AI-Enhanced Cover Letters: Generates tailored cover letters for each job application.

Feedback on Cover Letters: Provides suggestions for improving cover letters.

Job Application Tracking: Available in the premium plan, it helps users manage their job applications.

Personalized Job Recommendations: Also part of the premium plan, offering tailored job opportunities to users.

SidekicAI is beneficial for job seekers who apply to multiple positions by generating customized cover letters quickly, offering feedback for improvement, and saving time. The premium features further assist in managing applications and focusing on suitable job opportunities.

SidekicAI prioritizes user privacy with a privacy-first approach. All data is stored locally on the user's device, and personal information is not sold to third parties.

While SidekicAI can significantly enhance the quality of your cover letters and make your applications more relevant to job descriptions, the final hiring decision depends on various factors. However, using SidekicAI can increase your chances of standing out to recruiters and hiring managers.

To start using SidekicAI, visit the Chrome Web Store, search for the extension, and add it to your browser. Follow the setup instructions to begin generating personalized cover letters for your job applications.

Yes, SidekicAI is designed to assist job seekers across various industries and career levels. Whether you're entering the job market, looking to switch careers, or seeking a new opportunity in your field, SidekicAI can tailor your cover letters to match your application needs.

SidekicAI stands out due to its AI-powered customization of cover letters, privacy-first approach, continuous improvement commitment, and the balance between free and premium features, making it a versatile and user-friendly tool for job seekers.

Pricing & Discounts

SidekicAI offers two main subscription plans designed to cater to the needs of job seekers by providing tools for creating and managing cover letters efficiently. Below is a comparison of what's included in each plan along with their pricing:

FeatureFree PlanPremium Plan
Generate cover lettersYesYes
Feedback on cover lettersYesYes
Track job applicationsNot availableYes
Personalized job recommendationsNot availableYes

The Free Plan is a great starting point for users looking to enhance their job application process with AI-generated cover letters. It includes the core functionality of generating cover letters and receiving feedback on them, which can significantly improve the quality of applications without any cost.

The Premium Plan, priced at $10 per month, builds upon the Free Plan by adding features such as the ability to track job applications and receive personalized job recommendations. These additional features are designed to provide a more comprehensive toolset for job seekers, enabling them to manage their job search more effectively and increase their chances of landing a job.

This pricing structure makes SidekicAI accessible to users at different stages of their job search, whether they're just looking for a bit of assistance with their cover letters or need a full suite of tools to manage their job applications



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