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Superpower Daily is an innovative AI tool designed to keep users at the forefront of artificial intelligence advancements. Founded by Saeed Ezzati, a former software engineer, Superpower Daily began as an extension for ChatGPT in July 2023. It has since evolved into a comprehensive AI newsletter, offering the latest news, tools, and exclusive technological insights.

This tool is distinguished by its focus on delivering daily AI news and a curated list of AI tools, aiming to inform and empower its audience with the most recent and impactful developments in the AI space. Superpower Daily has quickly garnered attention and readership, indicating its relevance and utility in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The service's commitment to providing valuable content is evidenced by its wide readership, which includes professionals from leading tech companies such as Meta, Google, Benchmark, Accel, and Microsoft. This broad audience reflects Superpower Daily's ability to cater to both industry experts and enthusiasts looking to stay updated on AI trends and tools.

Superpower Daily's success is also highlighted by its significant revenue generation, achieving $150,000 in annual revenue within just five months of operation. This financial achievement underscores the demand for specialized AI news and analysis, as well as the platform's effectiveness in meeting that demand.

In summary, Superpower Daily stands out as a key resource for anyone interested in artificial intelligence, offering daily updates, insights, and access to a handpicked selection of AI tools. Its rapid growth and acceptance within the tech community speak to its quality and the value it provides to its readers.

Use cases

Superpower Daily AI, while primarily a platform for AI news and tools, indirectly supports a variety of use cases through the information and resources it provides. Although specific use cases related to the platform itself are not directly outlined, we can infer its utility in several areas:

  1. Education and Learning: By offering the latest news and tools in AI, Superpower Daily AI serves as an educational resource for students, researchers, and anyone interested in learning about AI advancements. It keeps its audience informed about new technologies, research findings, and educational resources, facilitating continuous learning in the AI field.

  2. Professional Development: For professionals working in the tech industry or areas related to artificial intelligence, staying updated with the latest AI trends and tools is crucial. Superpower Daily AI helps these professionals maintain a competitive edge by providing them with the latest information, which can be applied to their work or research.

  3. Innovation and Research: Innovators and researchers can find inspiration and resources through Superpower Daily AI. By highlighting new tools and technological breakthroughs, it can spark ideas for new projects, collaborations, and research initiatives.

  4. Market Analysis: For analysts and businesses looking to understand the AI landscape, Superpower Daily AI provides insights into emerging trends, successful startups, and significant investments in the AI sector. This information can aid in strategic planning and decision-making.

  5. Networking and Collaboration: By drawing a diverse audience from top tech companies and the wider AI community, Superpower Daily directly facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities among professionals interested in artificial intelligence.

While Superpower Daily AI itself is a platform for AI news and insights, the information it disseminates can be leveraged in various ways to support learning, professional development, innovation, market analysis, and networking within the AI community.


Superpower Daily AI is a platform providing a daily newsletter and a ChatGPT extension designed to keep users updated with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. It offers news, tools, and insights into AI technology.

Saeed Ezzati founded Superpower Daily AI. He is also the CEO, driving the platform's vision and development.

Yes, most features of Superpower Daily AI are available for free. There is a Pro version with additional features that require a subscription.

No, the extension is designed to work with both free and Plus versions of ChatGPT, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Yes, the source code is publicly available on GitHub, allowing developers and tech enthusiasts to explore and contribute to its development.

The extension is available for download on both the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons page. It is compatible with any Chromium-based browser, including MS Edge and Brave.

Yes, there is a Discord community for users to report bugs, request new features, and stay updated on the latest changes to the extension and ChatGPT itself.

Joining the Superpower ChatGPT Discord Server is the best way to report bugs or request new features. There, you can directly communicate with the development team and other users.

Key features include Auto-Sync for chats, custom prompt management, Auto Delete for old chats, folders for organizing chats, and various customization options like adjusting the conversation width.

Auto Sync is a feature that downloads a copy of all your chats to your personal computer, enabling offline access and ensuring that you don't lose your chats even if there are issues with ChatGPT's servers.

Pricing & Discounts

Superpower Daily AI, primarily known for its ChatGPT extension, offers a tiered subscription model to cater to the diverse needs of its users. The subscription plans are designed to enhance the user experience with additional features beyond the base functionalities, which are available for free. Here's a simplified comparison of the subscription plans including pricing and features included:

Subscription Plans Comparison

FeatureFree VersionPro Version
Access to Basic FeaturesYesYes
Auto-Sync FeatureYesYes
Import/Export Settings & FoldersYesYes
Custom Prompts & Prompt ChainsYesYes
Access to All BrowsersYesYes
Source Code AccessYesYes
Pro Features  
Disable Superpower Daily Tab on UpdateNoYes
Priority SupportNoYes (Including Private Discord Channel)
Auto Delete Old ChatsNoYes
Advanced Prompt ManagementComing SoonYes
Team Collaboration FeaturesComing SoonYes


  • Free Version: $0, offering a comprehensive set of features suitable for general use.
  • Pro Version: The exact pricing for the Pro version is not detailed.

Key Takeaways

  • The Free Version provides substantial functionality for everyday users, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their ChatGPT experience without additional costs.
  • The Pro Version is tailored for users seeking advanced capabilities, such as the ability to disable the automatic opening of the Superpower Daily tab upon extension updates, priority support, and the upcoming features for advanced prompt management and team collaboration.
  • Pro features are continually being expanded, indicating an ongoing effort to enhance the value provided to subscribers.


Superpower Daily AI, founded by Saeed Ezzati, has rapidly positioned itself as a pivotal resource in the AI community. The organization, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, operates remotely, embracing the modern work-from-home ethos to tap into a global talent pool. Superpower Daily AI is renowned for two primary offerings: a daily AI newsletter and a highly popular ChatGPT extension.


Saeed Ezzati

Founder & CEO


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