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Your AI companion for heartfelt conversations

Engage in meaningful chats with diverse AI personas, fostering connection and enjoyment.
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Talkie is a cutting-edge  AI for Entertainment  app designed for creating emotional connections through real-time interactions with AI-generated characters. It offers users the ability to engage in meaningful conversations with diverse AI personas, fostering a sense of companionship and providing entertainment. Users can earn and trade virtual rewards based on their interactions, enhancing the gamified experience. Talkie stands out for its intuitive interface, privacy safeguards, and the unique blend of chat, role-playing, and collectible card elements. This makes it an appealing tool for both casual users and creators looking to develop personalized AI companions.

Use cases

  1. Companionship at Your Fingertips: Imagine a friend who’s always there, ready to share a laugh or lend an ear. Talkie’s AI companions are designed to bring a spark of joy and comfort into your day-to-day life.

  2. Step Into Your Own Story: Unleash your inner storyteller! With Talkie, you can plunge into adventures and role-play in settings that stretch from the eerie depths of space to enchanted fairy-tale kingdoms. It's your narrative playground.

  3. Play as You Go: As you interact with these AI personalities, you'll collect virtual rewards that make the experience even more engaging. It’s like a treasure hunt, where your conversations earn you new surprises!

  4. Craft the Perfect Companion: Ever wanted to create a buddy who’s just right for you? Talkie lets you customize your AI friends, from their appearance to their voice, crafting the ideal sidekick for your adventures.

  5. Meet and Mingle: Dive into Talkie’s community spaces where you can connect with others, swap stories about your AI pals, and find your tribe among fellow enthusiasts.


Talkie AI is an app that creates emotional connections through real-time interactions with AI-generated characters. It allows users to have meaningful conversations, role-play, and earn virtual rewards based on their interactions.

Yes, you can personalize your AI companion’s appearance, voice, and personality traits, making each character unique to your preferences​.

Talkie AI features include engaging conversations with AI characters, role-playing scenarios, customizable AI companions, and a gamified reward system. It is designed for entertainment and emotional connection.

Talkie AI has safeguards in place to ensure a positive and safe experience, but users should avoid discussing topics prohibited by local laws. It's designed to be family-friendly and engaging for a broad audience​.

Yes, there is a free version available for mobile users with basic features. The desktop version is also fully free and includes all features.

Pricing & Discounts

PlanPriceIncluded FeaturesPlatform
Talkie FreeFreeAccess to basic AI interactions and features.Mobile
Talkie+$9.99/monthIncludes daily Gems, enhanced AI interactions, and exclusive perks.Mobile
Talkie DesktopFreeFull access to all features with no charge.Desktop

While the mobile version of Talkie offers both free and premium subscription plans, the desktop version of Talkie is entirely free and includes full access to all features without any charge. This setup is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from those who are just exploring the capabilities of AI companionship to those who require more intensive, feature-rich interactions.

UX/UI review

When you enter the Talkie AI website, you're greeted with a variety of recommended chatbots. You can chat with famous personalities like Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish, or have fun with quirky bots like a couch chatbot.


Talkie AI's main page

The chat interface is clean and straightforward, focusing solely on the conversation. There's nothing to distract you—just a simple chat window displaying your messages and the bot's responses.


The chat interface

This minimalist design makes it easy to dive into engaging and entertaining conversations with diverse AI characters, whether you're seeking a virtual chat with a celebrity or a playful interaction with an unusual bot. This simplicity and variety make Talkie AI both fun and easy to use.

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