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AI for Bike: Enhancing Virtual Reality Cycling Experiences

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Elizabeth Conrad

Published by: Elizabeth Conrad

23 May 2024, 03:18PM

In Brief

AI enhances virtual cycling apps with realistic outdoor biking experiences.

Platforms like Virtupro, Zwift, Rouvy, and Bkool offer varied features and benefits.

Features include real-time weather effects, drafting, and interactive training.

AI-driven plans and post-ride analysis help optimize training and performance.

Subscription options vary, with free trials and different pricing models available.

AI for Bike: Enhancing Virtual Reality Cycling Experiences

As we transition from the analogue era to the digital age, virtual reality bike riding has significantly evolved. Initially, these rides were basic simulators for training exercises. Today, advancements in  AI for Fitness  offer interactive experiences that closely resemble real-world mountain biking and conditions. The integration of AI into virtual reality cycling apps brings a new dimension to indoor training, making the experience feel more realistic with vivid and amazing details. Though most cyclists prefer riding outdoors, imagine a scenario where you could bring all the elements of outdoor biking - such as the feel of the bike, route planning, and race strategies - indoors during the “off-season.”

Integrating AI into Virtual Cycling

The use of  AI in cycling apps  transforms virtual rides by enhancing the realism and interactivity of training apps. Cyclists can now experience the challenges of outdoor biking, including varying terrains, weather conditions, and even drafting effects, all from the comfort of their homes. This shift is not only making indoor cycling more engaging but also providing significant training benefits, such as improved performance tracking and personalized workout plans.

Leading AI-Enhanced Virtual Cycling Platforms


Virtupro integrates AI into virtual reality bike rides, bringing a wide range of experiences right to your home. You can join over 2000+ km long rides of famous stages from the World Tour, Grand Tours, and Classics.

Features of Virtupro:

  • Wind and Cobblestone Effect: Experience weather condition elements like crosswinds and cobbles that will challenge you and bring you closer to reality.
  • Real Physical Draft: Experience the lifelike effect of a physical draft, reducing resistance in-game.
  • Steering and Collision: Steering your avatar makes sense with a 360˚ collision system that allows you to interact with, defend against, and attack other riders.
  • Team Communication: Direct your teammates with commands like "High Pace," "Protect," or "Attack" to craft the ideal race strategy.

Benefits of Virtupro:

  • The Virtupro Platform: Continuous and seamless integration with the Virtupro platform keeps your ride and race data always up to date.
  • Analyse Your Data: Thoroughly examine all your activities, monitor progress, and use up-to-date information to plan your next ride.
  • Leaderboards and Rankings: After each ride or race, review your performance using the leaderboard and rankings list.
  • FTP and Weight Tracking: Effortlessly track the progression and historical values of your FTP, weight and resistance level.
  • Profile View: Access your profile to overview your total distance, elevation gains, and hours spent riding with Virtupro.

Virtupro provides users with a great experience that stays with them even after they leave the game. Currently, the free version of Virtupro is free during its beta stage, making it an excellent time to explore its features and then you'll need to pay for premium version.


Zwift is a fun tool where you can work out anytime, ride with friends, and discover training plans for everyone. It’s a perfect playground for fitness enthusiasts.

How to Get Started:

  1. Create a Zwift Account: Select either an annual or monthly membership.
  2. Download the App: Available on your computer, iOS or Android mobile device, or Apple TV.
  3. Get the Gear: Grab a bike and trainer (or a smart bike!). Zwift works with most speed sensors and power meters.

Benefits of Zwift:

  • Explore: Ride with friends and fellow cyclists across 12 different maps and over 100 routes.
  • Train: On-demand workouts and structured plans fit into any schedule.
  • Compete: Races available around the clock for all skill levels and distances.

Zwift offers an annual membership at $199.99/year, which includes several additional features and a 30-day money-back guarantee for new subscribers, or a monthly membership at $19/month, which includes a 14-day free trial.


Rouvy is a realistic indoor cycling coach that lets you ride, race, and train on the world’s most scenic routes. It’s a global indoor virtual reality cycling platform where everyone can compete, ride on bike paths with friends, and exercise.

How to Get Started on Rouvy:

  1. Create an Account: Sign up and download the app.
  2. Connect Your Trainer: It will automatically connect when you first open the app.
  3. Start Riding: Begin by riding in a place you’ve always wanted to explore.

Benefits of Rouvy:

  • V02 Max Activator: Enhance your workouts with a focus on increasing your V02 max.
  • Stress Relief: Enjoy the mental benefits of cycling, including stress relief.
  • Endurance Training: Stretch your endurance levels.
  • Comprehensive Training Plans: Build your FTP with fun and effective training plans.

Rouvy offers six subscription plans: monthly and annual options for solo users, you and a friend, or a group of up to five members.


Bkool is one of the most complete virtual bike cycling simulators on the market today. With Bkool, you can take an AI bike whenever and however you want, bringing spontaneity to your daily routine.

Notable Features:

  • Training: Train individually or in a group, connecting with friends or challenging them.
  • Accessible Multi-Platform: Available on major platforms and operating systems.
  • Participation & Performance: Create professional competitions and events.

Benefits of Bkool:

  • Routes: Enjoy over 10 million routes from the comfort of your home.
  • Training: Focus on your goals and create plans.
  • Directed Classes: Access top-notch indoor cycling classes created by professionals.
  • Track Cycling: Train at home with access to major velodromes.

Bkool offers a 7-day free trial, followed by a monthly subscription at €11 per month, an annual subscription at €110 per year, or a family plan at €129 per year.

Enhancing the Cycling Experience with AI

AI technology in cycling apps is revolutionising how cyclists train, compete, and connect. Here’s how AI enhances the best cycling apps and experiences:

  1. Route Planning and Realism: AI algorithms can create realistic routes that mimic real-world terrains and conditions, enhancing the training experience.
  2. Training Load Management: AI can adjust your training load based on your performance and recovery data, ensuring optimal training effectiveness.
  3. Post-Ride Analysis: Detailed ride data analysis helps cyclists understand their performance and areas for improvement.
  4. Personalized Training Plans: AI-driven apps offer personalized training plans that adapt to your fitness level and goals.
  5. Live Tracking and Feedback: Real-time feedback and live tracking features keep you engaged and motivated.

Practical Applications and Benefits

For Cyclists:

  • Training: AI helps in creating effective training plans and tracking fitness progress.
  • Riding Indoors: Smart bikes and turbo trainers offer realistic indoor riding experiences.
  • Performance Tracking: Apps like Garmin Connect provide detailed performance data and progress tracking.

For Fitness Clubs and Bike Shops:

  • Client Engagement: Enhanced client engagement through personalized plans and real-time feedback.
  • Business Growth: Using AI tools to offer better services can attract more clients and boost business growth.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Improved customer satisfaction with tailored training experiences and effective progress tracking.

The integration of AI in virtual bike rides has revolutionized the way we train, compete, and connect with others. It brings the world’s most scenic routes to your home, offers personalized training plans, and creates a vibrant community of cyclists. Whether you’re riding solo, challenging friends, or joining global events, AI technology makes every ride engaging and rewarding. Embrace the future of cycling and elevate your experience with the power of AI.

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