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Enhancing Road Safety and Race Preparation with AI Cycling Apps

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Daniil Bazylenko

Published by: Daniil Bazylenko

16 May 2024, 03:16PM

In Brief

Velo.AI enhances safety with Copilot, an AI bike light and camera.

TrainerRoad offers adaptive training for personalized workouts.

MyWhoosh provides virtual cycling and running with global routes.

Cycling apps integrate AI for safety and race training needs.

Community features in apps boost motivation and engagement.

Enhancing Road Safety and Race Preparation with AI Cycling Apps

With the rise of cycling's popularity for both commuting and sport, the need for  AI for bike  apps for bicycle safety and race preparation has become increasingly important. Cyclists face numerous challenges, from navigating busy city traffic to preparing for competitive races. Here, we explore how an AI training app for bikes can address these issues using advanced technology.

The number of people who rode a bike at least once in 2022 in the United States was around 47 million, indicating widespread engagement with cycling across various demographics.

Exploring the Best Cycling Apps

Finding the right cycling apps can transform how you engage with cycling, whether indoors or on the open road. The market is teeming with options, each promising to enhance your cycling experience through innovative features and comprehensive support. AI integration in these apps can optimize route planning, manage training load, track, and provide detailed post-ride analysis, making them indispensable tools for modern cyclists.

What to Consider

When selecting the best cycling app for yourself, consider what aligns best with your cycling goals and technological setup. Key factors to look at include:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the app works seamlessly with your existing devices and sensors, such as a smartphone, Garmin Connect, or smart bikes.
  • Features: Depending on your focus—be it route planning, indoor training, or fitness tracking—choose an app that best suits your needs. Look for features like turn-by-turn navigation, training load management, and post-ride analysis.
  • Cost: While many apps offer a free version, premium features often come at a cost but bring substantial added value, such as live tracking and integration with emergency services.

Apps that Improve Road Safety

The first concern for any cyclist is safety. Innovative bike apps leverage GPS and AI to offer features like route planning, collision avoidance, and real-time traffic updates. For instance, GPS ride tracking can significantly enhance safety by providing riders with real-time updates and alerts.


Velo.AI has launched Copilot, an innovative AI tool aimed at enhancing road safety for cyclists. This AI-powered mobile device combines a bike light and camera to monitor road conditions, specifically detecting vehicles from behind. It analyzes traffic behaviour and provides visual and audible alerts to help avoid potential hazards. Initiated as a passion project during the pandemic in August 2020 by founder Clark Haynes, Copilot seeks to make cycling safer amidst rising popularity. The device requires a clear line of sight and constant power but offers critical safety features and ride documentation, positioning itself as a vital tool for urban and rural cyclists alike.

AI-driven navigation and safety features in cycling apps can reduce the risk of accidents by up to 50%, significantly enhancing the safety of urban cyclists​.

Apps for Race Preparation

Preparing for a race requires more than just physical readiness; strategic planning and performance tracking are crucial. Here's how specialized cycling app solutions help.


TrainerRoad is an AI-powered cycling app that customizes workouts to match your fitness goals and levels using adaptive training technology. This feature dynamically adjusts your exercises based on performance data to optimize each session's challenge, whether indoor or outdoor. The app supports various cycling events, from road racing to triathlons, and caters to those preferring lower-intensity workouts.

With compatibility across devices and integration with platforms like Strava and Garmin, TrainerRoad centralizes your cycling data. It also promotes community engagement through group workouts, enhancing motivation with peer support. Overall, TrainerRoad provides a tailored and community-oriented training experience for cyclists aiming for peak performance.


MyWhoosh is a dynamic cycling app that enhances indoor cycling and running experiences with its rich features and virtual environments. Known for offering global routes from Arabia to Belgium, the app provides over 700 structured workouts designed for all fitness levels. Users can enjoy real-time races, join daily group rides, and customize their avatars.

Additionally, MyWhoosh supports treadmill workouts and is compatible with most smart trainers and heart rate monitors via Bluetooth or ANT+. It offers a comprehensive and cost-effective training solution, making it a standout in the virtual cycling community.

Community and Motivation

A standout feature of many biking apps is their ability to connect you with a global community. This can be a game-changer in staying motivated, as you're not just training alone; you're part of a vibrant network of cyclists. Apps like Strava highlight this feature, enabling users to share their own progress and achievements, compete with friends, and even explore popular routes.

AI-Powered Features in Cycling

The integration of AI into cycling apps provides advanced functionalities that enhance the overall cycling experience. These features range from personalized training plans and route optimization to real-time safety alerts and performance analysis.

Route Planning and Optimization

AI algorithms in cycling apps analyze various factors such as distance, terrain, traffic conditions, and weather data to provide optimized routes. This ensures a safer and more efficient ride. For example, apps like Google Maps and Waze use AI to optimize routes by considering traffic and road conditions, making cycling safer and more efficient.

Training Load and Performance Tracking

AI-powered training apps like TrainerRoad and MyWhoosh use data analytics to create and customize training plans based on your performance metrics. This helps manage training load effectively and ensures that each session is optimized for maximum benefit.

Post-Ride Analysis

Detailed post-ride analysis is crucial for understanding your performance and identifying areas for improvement. Apps like Garmin Connect and Strava offer you access to comprehensive post-ride analysis, including metrics like power output, heart rate, and speed. This data helps cyclists fine-tune their training and improve their performance over time.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is a paramount concern for cyclists, and AI plays a significant role in enhancing it. AI-powered devices like Velo.AI's Copilot provide real-time alerts and collision avoidance features, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, smart helmets and wearables equipped with sensors and AI capabilities offer the benefits of advanced safety features like automatic brake lights, turn signals, and collision detection.

Enhanced User Experience

The integration of AI in cycling apps and devices significantly enhances the user experience. From personalized coaching to immersive virtual riding environments, AI makes cycling more engaging and enjoyable. Apps like Zwift offer virtual cycling experiences that allow cyclists to train and compete with others from around the world in a simulated environment.

Innovative Cycling Products

Several AI-related products are revolutionizing the cycling industry. These include smart helmets, bike paths, cycling computers, and power meters that use AI to enhance performance and safety. Products like the Wahoo Elemnt Roam, Sigma Rox 12.0, and Garmin Varia RTL515 offer advanced features like turn-by-turn navigation, real-time performance analysis, and vehicle detection, significantly enhancing the cycling experience.

In conclusion, as cycling continues to grow in popularity, the role of technology in shaping this evolution cannot be overstated. The best cycling app goes beyond basic functionalities; it becomes a vital tool that ensures safety and optimizes performance. Whether it’s through best cycle app contenders like Velo.AI or race-ready platforms like TrainerRoad, these apps are setting the pace for a new era of cycling.

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