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Guide to Google Search AI: How to Turn On and Use Google Search AI Tools

8 mins

Marko Georgiev

Published by: Marko Georgiev

18 June 2024, 07:20PM

In Brief

Google Search AI is in experimental mode under Search Labs.

Available only on Google Chrome and in select countries.

Enables features like AI Overviews and AI Tools While Browsing.

Enhances search results, aids coding, and improves content navigation.

Free to use, but can be accessed via VPN if not available in your country.

Guide to Google Search AI: How to Turn On and Use Google Search AI Tools

Artificial intelligence is a popular topic nowadays and is considered the next giant technological leap.

Many big tech giants have incorporated AI into their products, and Google is no exception.

With discoveries every day and top-of-the-line models being released and tested more regularly, people can lose themselves in the sea of LLMs.

AI has slowly entered Google’s search engine, and many people have trouble accessing it.

In this guide to Google Search AI, I will teach you how to turn on this experimental feature and get better results from it.

Without wasting any time, let’s look into it!

What is Google Search AI?

Google needs no introduction.

It’s a household name, and its search engine has been the most popular in the last twenty years or so.

With the recent craze about AI, Google was the first to jump on the hype train with its Google Bard and Gemini models.

What a few people know is that Google has implemented an AI model as an experimental feature in its browser and search engine under the Search Labs name.

Google Search AI is a quick and easy way to get better results from your Google searches. With a constant feed of new data, it can become a milestone in how we use the internet.

How to Turn on Google Search AI?

Before we embark on how to enable it, keep note that Search Lab and Google Search AI are only available in select countries.

If your country is not on the list, the only way to access it is with a VPN.

Please check the list of countries  here  or download a VPN of your choice before you continue with this article.

1. Downloading Google Chrome

Google Search AI is only available on the Google Chrome browser.

If you use Google Chrome as your browser of choice, feel free to skip this step, if not, follow along as I show you how to download it.

First, you’ll have to go to the Google Chrome  website  and click the download button.

Google Chrome

When your download and installation are finished, open the browser and use your Google Account to sign in.

After successfully connecting your account, you should be on the home page, which looks something like this.

Google Chrome

2. Enabling the Search AI

Their Search AI is an experimental feature, and if you want to use it, you’ll have to enable it through Search Labs.

Search Lab

To reach it, you need to type ‘Search Labs’ in the text box and click the first link.

Search Labs

The site should look something like this: You’ll be presented with two options, both of which can be turned on and used simultaneously. 

AI Overviews

When using Google search, AI overviews will search the web for relevant answers to your questions and give you a brief explanation of them.

It’s pretty simple to use. All you need to do is use Google as you always have.

Here’s an example of AI Overviews in action.

AI overview

This feature is helpful for people in a hurry or people who want quick and correct answers and can’t be bothered to look for them for minutes.

It can be used for almost anything, and if you’re unsatisfied with the results or it just bothers you, you can always turn it off.

AI Tools While Browsing

A more powerful tool, in my opinion, as it integrates AI into your browser and gives much more information about topics than a simple overview.

It can do tons of things, such as:

  • Coding Assistance
  • AI Key Points
  • Quick Definition
  • Circle to Search

To use it, enable it on Search Labs, and then press the ‘G’ icon on your toolbar. A menu will appear on the right, allowing me to find relevant information.

Here’s an example of me using it to generate key points on a blog I was reading:

Search Labs

To turn off this feature, you can go back to Search Labs, turn off AI Tools while Browsing, and continue to use Google Chrome without it.

Advantages and Use Cases

After learning how to enable and use Google AI, you may ask yourself if you even need it.

Well, here’s a list of things that it can do so that you’ll consider using it:

Enhanced Search

An advanced search bar is something you’ve never thought you needed until it was introduced.

Having the option to filter links and even multi-search is a new and innovative way to shorten the amount of time it takes to receive an answer.

In the menu bar, there is even a section for relevant searches to guide you in the right direction if the thing that you’re looking for isn’t present,

This feature is excellent for people who don’t have the time to look around, as it helps make their search experience more intuitive and relaxing.

Better Content Navigation

With AI Overview, it’s apparent that having an advanced AI model generates an answer before clicking on a link helps you stay organized.

When you open a dozen tabs, it’s pretty easy to get lost in all of them and lose track of the goal in mind.

Luckily, Google has thought of everything. With generative AI, it’ll help you stay focused and provide you with relevant searches and data.

Programming Assitance and Code-Generation

Coding for hours and hours is not an easy task.

Even the slightest error can put any programmer out of the zone, but that’s where Google AI comes in.

With code generation being an industry standard, a coding copilot at your disposal can make any project a walk in the park.

Moreover, debugging has never been easier, as you can multi-search solutions and get a solution to your bug quicker than ever.

With Google being such a powerhouse, it is only natural that they have dipped their feet in the AI world.

Gemina and Google Bard have been huge successes, and now, with their AI Search Tools, they have revolutionized how people surf the web.

However, it’s still early in development, and no one knows what the future will bring.

This guide is aimed at people who want to determine whether they want to be part of this new AI-ruled world and learn how to use AI, which will be a valuable skill to master in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of  Google’s AI tools are free for Google Chrome users.

Note that you’ll need to live in a supported country to use their search tools. You can bypass this restriction using a simple free or paid VPN.

Google Search Labs is a division of Google that specializes in creating experimental features for its products and testing them in real-life situations.

Their AI models are their newest projects, and they implement AI in different products under Google.

Feel free to check them out on their website.

If you’re unsatisfied or don’t want AI embedded in everything you own, you can opt out and turn off any feature you wish.

Many people share that fear regarding AI, but as it evolves, it becomes safer for companies to create and for people to use.

If Search Labs or Google Labs is unavailable for your account, you’re probably not in a country with access to their AI tools.

Check their list of supported countries or use a VPN.

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