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AIBot: Unleash AI on chat platforms for instant, smart assistance.
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AIBot is a versatile tool designed to create various AI bots for platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, SMS, and Telegram with ease. It offers a no-code start for rapid deployment and the flexibility of low-code customization for more complex use cases. The tool leverages powerful AI models like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E for image generation, and OpenAI's Whisper for voice-to-text functionality. AIBot is built on the BuildShip platform, providing scalable backends and extensible templates suitable for everything from simple tasks to enterprise-level operations, all on Google Cloud for robust data security.

Use cases

AIBot's use cases are as diverse as the platforms it supports:

  • Customer Support: Handling inquiries and providing support on messaging apps.
  • Content Creation: Generating images and texts through AI models.
  • Voice Transcription: Converting voice messages to text for accessibility.
  • Automated Messaging: Sending out notifications or information blasts on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram.


An AI tool that creates chatbots for various platforms.

Yes, it's designed for WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

It offers no-code and low-code options for users.

Image generation, voice-to-text, and more.

Yes, it allows for low-code customizations.

On messaging platforms like Telegram and SMS.

It runs on Google Cloud for secure data management.

Pricing & Discounts

AIBot offers a free-to-start model that allows you to scale up based on your usage. The core offering includes:

  • BuildShip: Free for one project with cloneable templates and unlimited workflow nodes.
  • APIs: Usage-based billing for OpenAI, Twilio, or other integrations in your workflows.
  • Google Cloud: Connection to your Google Cloud project with potential charges based on high usage, though there's a generous free tier.


The team at Rowy, responsible for creating AIBot, has successfully raised $3 million in seed funding. Led by Worklife VC's Brianne Kimmel, the investment features prominent names from the tech industry, underscoring deep expertise in developer tools. The team is praised for its selection in highly competitive programs, indicating a strong start and promising future. Their collective ambition is to reshape backend development, a vision supported by investors who are key figures in technology and innovation.


Harini Janakiraman

Founder, CEO


Shams Mosowi  



Rowy, the company behind AIBot, has secured $3 million in a seed funding round with contributions from ten investors, including Worklife Ventures, which led the investment. The capital raised is set to enhance Rowy's platform, which is known for making backend development more accessible through a low-code approach using spreadsheets. This funding underscores the investor confidence in Rowy's vision and the potential of AIBot to streamline processes for data professionals.



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