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Uncody is a website builder designed to simplify the creation of professional-looking landing pages quickly and efficiently. Its key features include:

  • Pre-built Components: Uncody offers a wide range of pre-built UI blocks that allow users to create landing pages effortlessly, ensuring they look professional without requiring extensive design knowledge.
  • AI Content and Design Generation: The platform uses artificial intelligence to generate stunning designs and content in a matter of seconds, making it possible for users to produce high-quality pages that align with their brand's identity without needing design or copywriting skills.
  • One-Click Publish: Uncody provides a seamless publishing process, enabling users to make their page live with just a single click, eliminating the need for manual hosting.
  • SEO Optimization: Landing pages created with Uncody are SEO optimized, offering customization options to improve search engine visibility.
  • Lead Generation Forms: The tool includes features to capture and convert leads effortlessly, integrating with services like Mailchimp for efficient lead management.
  • Analytics: Uncody allows tracking of key website metrics, supporting users in monitoring their site's performance effectively.

Use cases

Uncody, as an AI-powered website builder, is tailored for a variety of use cases, making it an excellent tool for different groups of users looking to create professional-quality landing pages effortlessly. Here's an overview of specific use cases for Uncody:

  1. Non-Designers and Beginners: Uncody is a boon for anyone lacking a design background. With its intuitive building features and pre-built UI components, it allows individuals to craft professional-looking landing pages without needing technical expertise, making web design accessible to everyone.

  2. Small Business Owners: For small business owners aiming to establish or enhance their online presence, Uncody offers a cost-effective solution. The tool's AI content and design generation capabilities enable these owners to generate leads and drive traffic to their websites without the hefty investment typically associated with custom web design.

  3. Digital Marketers: Digital marketers can leverage Uncody for rapid A/B testing, thanks to its quick and iterative landing page creation process. This capability allows for efficient hypothesis testing, enabling marketers to refine their strategies with real-world data.

  4. Content Creators: Content creators who wish to focus on their content rather than on the technical aspects of website design will find Uncody’s AI-driven design tools particularly useful. The platform ensures that the content is presented in an engaging and visually appealing manner, optimizing web experiences for their audience.


Uncody is an AI-powered website builder that enables users to create stunning, professional-looking landing pages quickly and effortlessly. It is designed for individuals and businesses wanting to enhance their online presence without needing extensive design or coding skills​​​​​​.

Uncody utilizes AI to simplify the web design process. It offers intuitive interfaces, pre-built UI blocks, and an AI-powered feature that generates high-quality, SEO-optimized website designs and content. Users can select from a variety of UI blocks, customize their pages, and publish them instantly with a single click​​​​​​.

Uncody is suitable for anyone looking to create a professional online presence. This includes non-designers, beginners, small business owners, digital marketers, and content creators. Its user-friendly tools and AI-powered capabilities make it accessible to users with varying levels of expertise​​​​.

Yes, Uncody offers a free plan with limited features, including a free SSL certificate and CDN. There are also premium plans available for users requiring more advanced features and support​​.

Premium plans offer additional features such as custom domains, faster page loads, support, priority gold support, and an increased number of landing pages. The specific features depend on the subscription tier selected​​.

Absolutely. Uncody is designed to be used without any coding or programming skills. Its AI-powered tools generate designs and content, enabling users to create professional-quality websites and landing pages effortlessly​​​​​​.

Uncody's websites are SEO-optimized to ensure better visibility on search engines. For lead generation, it offers features like lead generation forms and integration with Mailchimp, allowing users to capture and convert leads efficiently​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Uncody offers three subscription plans:

  1. Starter (Free): Includes a free SSL certificate and CDN.
  2. Pro ($14 per month): Adds a custom domain, CDN, faster page loads, and support to the Starter features.
  3. Pro+ ($25 per month): Includes everything in Starter, plus priority gold support and allows for 14 landing pages.



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