AI Voice detector

AI Voice detector

Discerning reality from AI – effortlessly

AI Voice Detector separates real from synthetic, ensuring authenticity in voice interactions. A trustworthy audio analysis tool.
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The AI Voice Detector is a tool designed to recognize and analyze human voices through artificial intelligence. It can identify different characteristics of speech, such as tone, pitch, and even emotional state, making it useful for a variety of applications. This could include security systems that use voice recognition, customer service enhancements, or tools to help with speech therapy. The AI Voice Detector's technology offers a blend of convenience and innovation, allowing for sophisticated voice interaction and analysis without complex setups or equipment.

Use cases

AI Voice Detector are generally used in several key areas:

  1. Security and Authentication: They can provide biometric security by recognizing the unique characteristics of a person's voice.

  2. Healthcare: They can help in diagnosing and monitoring conditions that affect speech, like aphasia or Parkinson's disease.

  3. Customer Service: AI voice technology can be used to understand customer inquiries and direct them to the correct department.

  4. Forensics: They can be employed in legal scenarios to verify the identity of speakers in recordings.

  5. Assistive Technology: They can aid individuals with disabilities by converting speech into text or commands for interacting with devices.

  6. Smart Home Devices: Voice detectors are used to wake smart assistants and execute voice commands.

  7. Language Learning: They can assist in language learning apps by providing feedback on pronunciation.

These use cases are based on common applications of voice recognition and AI analysis technology and not from the specific capabilities of AI Voice Detector as a product.


It's a tool designed to analyze voice recordings to detect if they have been generated by an AI or are from a human source.

The tool likely uses algorithms to compare voice characteristics against known qualities of human versus AI-generated voices.

Typically, voice detection tools can analyze most recordings, but the accuracy can depend on the quality and clarity of the voice sample.

It's common for such tools to offer a free version or trial with limited features, with more advanced features available in paid plans.

Generally, you would upload a voice recording to the platform, and the tool would analyze it and provide a report on the likelihood of it being AI-generated.

Analysis time can vary, but many tools aim to provide results as quickly as possible, often in a matter of seconds or minutes.

While the tool aims for high accuracy, no analysis is foolproof. The accuracy can be influenced by the complexity of the AI voice generation technology and the sample's quality.

Pricing & Discounts

The AI Voice Detector tool is offered at a monthly subscription rate of $24.99, discounted from the original price of $55.88 per month. The subscription includes the following features:

  • The ability to determine if an audio is generated by an AI voice or a human voice.
  • The capability to upload audio and video files in any format.
  • An integrated feature that removes background noise from audio files.
  • Protection against fraud and audio manipulation.
  • Secure payment options through PayPal or credit card.

This pricing plan is designed to provide users with a comprehensive set of tools to protect against voice cloning scams and ensure the authenticity of audio content.


AI Voice Detector is developed by a team focused on creating solutions to verify audio authenticity. The team's expertise lies in building tools that distinguish between AI-generated voices and human voices, aiming to protect users from the increasing threat of voice cloning scams. While specific details about the team members are not provided, it can be inferred that they have a strong background in audio analysis, AI technologies, and cybersecurity. Their efforts contribute to a safer digital environment by equipping users with the necessary tools to detect and prevent fraudulent audio activities.


Abdellah Azzouzi


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