AMA - Medical Assistant

AMA - Medical Assistant

Empowering health decisions with sight

Ask AMA about health, nutrition, and fitness. Get evidence-based advice to navigate your wellness journey with confidence.
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AMA is an AI-powered Medical Assistant designed to provide users with accurate and reliable information on health, fitness, nutrition, and diet-related questions. The tool's primary aim is to assist individuals in understanding their health better and making informed decisions to enhance their well-being. AMA operates under strict medical protocols to ensure that the answers provided are evidence-based, offering a more precise, faster, and personalized response compared to traditional web searches​  ​​  ​.

It's important to note that while AMA offers valuable medical knowledge and guidance, it does not replace professional healthcare advice. Users are encouraged to consult with qualified healthcare professionals if they have concerns about their health. AMA's AI technology engages users in relevant questioning to assist in identifying potential causes behind their health concerns, delivering precise medical information that empowers users in their health and well-being journey​  ​.

AMA is an independent project that allows a wide user base access to health assistance for free, up to a certain usage limit per month. Beyond this limit, a valid API key is required. This model supports the goal of making health assistance accessible to as many people as possible​  ​.

Use cases

AMA, the AI-powered Medical Assistant, serves various use cases designed to enhance individuals' health literacy and support them in managing their health-related queries more effectively. Below are some key use cases for AMA as an AI tool:

  1. Health Queries and Concerns: AMA is built to be the first point of contact for users with health-related questions. Whether it's a query about symptoms, a need for nutritional advice, or general wellness information, AMA leverages its extensive medical knowledge base to provide insightful guidance.

  2. Health Self-Diagnosis Aid: While AMA does not replace professional medical diagnosis, it can assist users in understanding potential causes of their symptoms. This feature is particularly useful for individuals seeking preliminary information before consulting healthcare professionals.

  3. Nutrition and Diet Advice: AMA can offer personalized nutrition and diet information based on user queries. This includes recommendations for dietary changes to support specific health conditions or goals, such as weight loss, managing diabetes, or improving heart health.

  4. Fitness and Wellness Guidance: Beyond medical advice, AMA provides users with fitness and wellness tips. This might include exercise recommendations, mental health strategies, or ways to improve sleep quality, all tailored to the user's health goals and concerns.

  5. Medication and Treatment Information: Users can inquire about specific medications or treatment options to gain a better understanding of their uses, benefits, and potential side effects. AMA's evidence-based responses aim to educate users, helping them to make informed decisions about their treatment plans.

  6. Emergency Situations: In cases where users are unsure about the severity of health issues, AMA can provide guidance on whether to seek immediate medical attention. However, it's important to note that AMA should not be the sole source of action in true emergencies.

AMA's design to address these use cases reflects an emphasis on promoting health literacy, empowering users with accurate and accessible health information, and supporting informed decision-making regarding health and wellness. However, users are always reminded to consult healthcare professionals for diagnoses, treatments, and medical advice, as AMA supplements but does not replace professional medical consultation​  ​​  ​.


AMA is an innovative tool designed to assist medical professionals by providing quick access to a wide range of medical information and resources to improve patient care.

It offers support by streamlining the information retrieval process, enabling medical professionals to access medical guidelines, research, drug information, and more efficiently.

It's primarily aimed at doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers who require fast access to medical information.

Yes, AMA is designed to be accessible across various devices, ensuring medical professionals can obtain information regardless of their location or device.

AMA sources its information from reputable medical databases and resources, ensuring that users receive reliable and up-to-date medical data.

While AMA provides quick access to medical information, it's designed to support and not replace professional medical advice or emergency services.

For specific details on subscription fees or any free trial options, users should refer to the AMA website or contact their support.

Visit the AMA website for instructions on how to register and start using the tool to aid your medical practice.

Pricing & Discounts

The AMA - Medical Assistant, as an AI tool, operates under a unique pricing model that emphasizes accessibility, making its core services available for free to a broad user base. This approach aligns with the project's mission to provide health assistance to as many people as possible without the barrier of cost. Here's a simplified overview of AMA's pricing and what's included, based on the information provided:

Subscription PlanPriceIncluded Features
BasicFree- Access to health, fitness, nutrition, and diet-related answers - Up to 60,000,000 words per month

AMA's free access model supports users with a generous word limit, utilizing the GPT-3.5 Turbo model. This allows users to ask health-related questions and receive evidence-based answers that can help them understand their health better and make informed decisions about their well-being. The free model is designed to cater to the entire AMA user base, providing significant access without immediately requiring an API key for usage.

Beyond the free usage limit, users are required to enter a valid API key, which suggests a transition to a paid or subscription model for higher usage demands. However, specific details about the pricing for usage beyond the free limit, including any additional subscription plans, costs, or tiers, were not provided in the initial overview.

This model ensures that AMA remains accessible to individuals seeking health assistance while also accommodating the needs of users who may require more extensive use of the service. For the most current information on AMA's pricing and subscription options, visiting the official AMA project page or contacting their support for detailed inquiries would be recommended​  ​.



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