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Avian GPT is a breakthrough tool that marries ChatGPT's conversational AI with critical business analytics, offering users a seamless way to query and delve into data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and beyond. Trusted by giants such as Bank of America and Google, it delivers instant insights directly, all while prioritizing user privacy by not retaining data. Its straightforward setup, natural language processing capabilities, and access to real-time performance metrics make Avian GPT a secure choice for over 35,000 users. Dive into data analytics' future effortlessly with Avian GPT's encrypted, user-friendly platform.

Use cases

  • Marketers: Avian GPT allows marketing professionals to assess the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns across various platforms, empowering them to refine their strategies based on concrete, data-driven insights.

  • Businesses: It offers businesses a window into website traffic and user behavior, providing the necessary insights to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates through real-time analysis.

  • Customer Support Teams: With Avian GPT, support personnel can leverage conversational AI for handling inquiries, ensuring that responses are both swift and precise, thereby improving the customer service experience.

  • Researchers: The tool is invaluable for researchers dealing with extensive datasets, enabling them to distill crucial information and generate meaningful insights across diverse sectors, including healthcare and finance.

  • Educational Institutions: Avian GPT transforms education by facilitating interactive learning environments, providing personalized tutoring and support that cater to individual student needs.


Avian GPT is an advanced AI tool that integrates ChatGPT with business data, enabling users to perform interactive queries and gain insights across various platforms.

It supports data analysis from platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

Avian GPT ensures user privacy by providing live insights directly without retaining any stored data.

Avian GPT offers a range of plans including Business, Pro+, Agency, and Enterprise to meet diverse business needs.

Kyle Dayne is the Founder & CEO, steering the company towards its innovative vision and objectives.

The tool is trusted by over 35,000 users, delivering a secure, encrypted service without hassle.

Priority support is available with Agency and Enterprise plans, offering users expedited assistance.

Yes, the Enterprise plan allows for custom pricing and features, tailored to suit specific business needs.

Pricing & Discounts

Avian GPT offers various subscription plans tailored to different user needs, from individual businesses to large enterprises. Below is a comparison of the pricing tiers and what each plan includes:

Plan Price/month Data Sources Accounts/Source Users Whitelabel Analysts Onboarding
Business $79 5 10 3 3 Self Onboard
Pro+ $159 20 50 10 5 Assisted Onboarding
Agency $499 100 500 50 100 Priority Support
Enterprise Custom Custom Custom Custom Custom Enterprise-Grade Security


At the forefront of Avian GPT's innovation and strategic initiatives is Kyle Dayne, the visionary Founder and CEO. Under his leadership, Avian GPT charts its course in the competitive landscape of AI and business data analytics. Kyle's guidance steers the company towards achieving its goals and setting new benchmarks in the industry.


Kyle Dayne

Founder & CEO

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