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Automates crypto trading across exchanges, manages portfolios, and exploits arbitrage opportunities for optimized profits.
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Bitsgap is a handy  cryptocurrency trading platform  that's easy to use for both beginners and seasoned traders. It offers tools like automated bots, effective portfolio management, and arbitrage options to enhance your trading experience. The platform simplifies complex trading strategies into easier steps, making it possible to trade 24/7. With features such as demo trading and real-time signals, you can try out and perfect your trading strategies safely, without any risk. Bitsgap prioritizes security by using read-only API keys, which means that users' funds remain in their own accounts. This platform is especially great for making trading straightforward and optimizing opportunities in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Use cases

  • Crypto arbitrage: Bitsgap is really good at finding differences in prices across different exchanges. This means users can buy cryptocurrencies where they're cheaper and sell them where they're more expensive. Using automation, Bitsgap makes this process quicker and more effective than doing it by hand;

  • Automated trading strategies: Bitsgap offers several automated bots, like the Grid Bot, DCA Bot, and Combo Bot, that help users trade continuously. These bots can do things like buying regularly to reduce the overall cost or handling more complex tasks in futures trading. This automation helps make trading strategies run smoothly without constant user intervention;

  • Portfolio management: the platform offers comprehensive tools to manage and track investments across different exchanges, providing a unified view of asset distribution and performance. This helps streamline decisions and maintain better control over one's crypto holdings​;

  • Risk management: by using automated tools, Bitsgap minimizes the emotional aspect of trading, applying consistent strategies and protective measures like stop-loss orders to safeguard investments;

  • Demo mode for practice: users can leverage Bitsgap's demo account to practice trading without  financial  risk. This feature uses simulated money, allowing traders to refine strategies and adapt to market conditions safely before engaging with real funds;

  • Security assurance: Bitsgap prioritizes security with features like two-factor authentication and encrypted API keys, ensuring that users have robust protection against unauthorized access.


Bitsgap features a cross-exchange portfolio management system that updates in real time and offers performance analytics.

Bitsgap has bots and special programs that handle your trades, keep track of your digital currency, and look for price differences between exchanges to potentially make a profit.

With Bitsgap, you get tools like trading bots, tools to manage your digital money, a system to find pricing differences, practice accounts, and updates on market trends.

Yes, Bitsgap is very focused on keeping your information and money safe. They use encryption for security and also have extra steps like two-factor authentication.

Bitsgap uses encrypted API keys and offers 2FA for additional security, ensuring that users' funds remain in their exchange accounts without direct withdrawal access.

Yes, Bitsgap offers a 7-day free PRO trial without requiring a credit card.

Yes, Bitsgap provides various educational resources and tools, including a demo account for practice and learning without risk.

Pricing & Discounts

Bitsgap offers a variety of subscription plans tailored to meet different trading needs, each with a 7-day free trial of the PRO plan to get started. Here's how the plans compare:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price (20% Savings)Features
Basic$29$23/month2 Active GRID Bots, 10 Active DCA Bots, Unlimited Smart Orders
Advanced$69$55/month5 Active GRID Bots, 50 Active DCA Bots, Unlimited Smart Orders, Futures Bots, Trailing Up & Down for Bots
PRO$149$119/month25 Active GRID Bots, 250 Active DCA Bots, Unlimited Smart Orders, Futures Bots, Trailing Up & Down, Take Profit for Bots

All plans include access to 15+ supported exchanges, a demo practice mode, a fully automatic portfolio, a multi-exchange trading terminal, smart algorithmic orders, pre-made trading bot strategies, over 175 TradingView indicators, cloud trading available 24/7, and support via email and live chat. There are also desktop and mobile versions available for each plan.

UX/UI review

Starting with Bitsgap involves setting up a new trading bot, with straightforward options tailored to different levels of trading expertise. For those new to the game or with some experience under their belt, the spot trading bot is a perfect fit.

Start new bot. Spot

It offers a balanced mix of user-friendliness and powerful trading tools. More seasoned traders might gravitate towards the futures trading bot, designed for those familiar with higher-risk environments.

Start new bot. Futures

Besides automated trading, the platform features a direct trading function in the Trading section, allowing for hands-on market engagements.


Additionally, the Portfolio section provides a complete overview of your assets, while My Exchanges lets you manage and review all linked exchange profiles, making it easy to keep track of your trading ecosystem.


My exchanges


The Bitsgap team is led by experts who have a lot of experience. The CEO, Max Kalmykov, has been leading the company since March 2017. He has been key in shaping Bitsgap’s goal to offer a single trading platform that connects to the biggest cryptocurrency markets. With his guidance, Bitsgap has expanded to include sophisticated trading tools and technologies for managing assets, which have greatly improved the experience for users all over the world.

Marina Trofimova, serving as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), joined the team in November 2023. With extensive experience in digital and crypto marketing since 2017, Marina has significantly influenced over 30 web3 enterprises. Her skills in building marketing strategies and managing international teams have been pivotal in expanding Bitsgap’s reach and effectiveness in various global markets including Europe and Southeast Asia.

Anatoli Girenko, the CFO, has been with Bitsgap since January 2018. His financial expertise supports Bitsgap’s strategic planning and operations, ensuring the company’s financial health and compliance across its service platforms.


Max Kalmykov



Marina Trofimova

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Anatoli Girenko




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