OctoBot AI trading bot

OctoBot AI trading bot

Trade Crypto Smarter, Not Harder

Automates crypto trading with AI, enabling round-the-clock strategy execution and market analysis.
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OctoBot is a versatile, open-source  AI trading bot  designed for cryptocurrency markets. It enables users to automate their trading strategies without constant manual intervention. Key features include integration with major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, support for technical and AI indicators, and the ability to test strategies through paper trading. OctoBot's community-driven development ensures it is continuously updated and improved. Users appreciate its cost-effectiveness as it's free to use, though operating costs depend on the hosting solution. Its GUI facilitates easy setup, although initial installation may require some technical know-how. Security-wise, it employs API keys to execute trades safely on your behalf without accessing your funds directly. While it lacks conventional customer support, a proactive community provides guidance and support. OctoBot's effectiveness in trading largely depends on the chosen strategies and market conditions, allowing users to potentially increase profitability through smart trading decisions.

Use cases

OctoBot is an adaptable  AI Finance  trading tool suitable for various cryptocurrency trading strategies, catering to diverse user needs. Here are some practical use cases:

  • 24/7 market operation: it automates trading activities around the clock, handling the continuous nature of the crypto markets, which is a significant advantage for those who cannot monitor the markets all the time;
  • Strategy customization: users can tailor OctoBot using a variety of prebuilt strategies or create their own with its scripting capabilities. This is ideal for traders who like to experiment with different trading tactics;
  • Dollar cost averaging (DCA): OctoBot supports smart DCA strategies, which help in spreading the purchase of assets over time, potentially reducing the investment's volatility and impact of slumps in asset prices;
  • Grid trading: this strategy is useful in sideways or stable markets, as it allows the bot to place orders at progressively increasing and decreasing prices to profit from normal market fluctuations;
  • Paper trading: before going live, users can test their trading strategies in a simulated environment, which is crucial for refining tactics without risking actual funds;
  • Integration with major exchanges: OctoBot works with many popular exchanges, which simplifies the trading process as users can manage their trades across various platforms from a single interface.

These features make OctoBot a robust tool for both novice and experienced traders who are looking for an efficient way to manage their cryptocurrency investments​.


OctoBot uses API keys to execute trades securely on your behalf without withdrawing funds, ensuring your assets are protected.

Yes, OctoBot has a proactive community that provides support and updates, available through forums and social media platforms.

Yes, OctoBot allows users to customize existing strategies or create new ones using its scripting capabilities.

Yes, OctoBot can automate trading strategies around the clock without manual intervention.

Yes, users can customize existing strategies or create their own with OctoBot’s scripting capabilities.

OctoBot was developed by Herklos and Guillaume Minette de Saint Martin, starting in 2018.

OctoBot is completely free to download and use.

Pricing & Discounts

OctoBot is completely free, thanks to its open-source nature. This means you can download, install, and use the bot without spending anything. Since it's open-source, anyone can contribute to keeping OctoBot current, avoiding the need for subscription fees or one-time purchases. However, if you decide not to run it on your own computer, you might need to think about the costs of using a server or cloud platform to operate it.

UX/UI review

Starting your journey with this trading platform is straightforward and customizable. First, you'll set a clear trading goal to steer the bot's operations.

What is your goal?

Choose a crypto exchange that suits your trading preferences and geographical location for optimal performance.

Choose your exchange

Next, select a trading strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance and investment style—whether it's conservative, balanced, or aggressive.

Choose your strategy

You also have the choice between a virtual account for risk-free simulation or a real account to engage the market directly.

Create an account type

Decide on the initial capital you're comfortable with to manage your exposure effectively.

Create a virtual account

Once these settings are configured, give the system a moment to establish your personalized trading bot.

Intro. Start trading

You're then all set to manage your investments, tweak strategies, and potentially grow your assets through informed, automated decisions.



The OctoBot trading platform was developed by a team of two enthusiasts, Herklos and Guillaume Minette de Saint Martin, who started the project in 2018. With backgrounds in software development, they have managed to build OctoBot without external funding, relying instead on their expertise and strong community feedback to refine and enhance the platform. Their commitment has produced a robust code base tailored to user needs, making OctoBot a practical and user-friendly tool for crypto investment. Guillaume, in particular, has embraced a digital nomad lifestyle, which has allowed him to focus fully on developing OctoBot while exploring various global locales. His approach underscores a commitment to making crypto investing straightforward and accessible to a broader audience.


Guillaume Minette de Saint Martin  






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