WunderTrading AI Crypto Trading Bot

WunderTrading AI Crypto Trading Bot

Streamline Your Trades with Smart AI Automation

Automates trading via TradingView scripts, enhances strategy with copy trading, and manages risk with DCA.
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WunderTrading AI Crypto Trading Bot simplifies crypto trading with automated strategies directly from TradingView, enabling even novice traders to leverage expert tactics. It supports automated trading, copy trading, and dollar-cost averaging to reduce market volatility impact, suitable for diverse trading styles. Integrated with major crypto exchanges, it allows seamless management across multiple accounts. Offering a flexible pricing structure, from free basic access to advanced options, WunderTrading is designed for ease of use, aiming to enhance trading efficiency and profitability for users of all experience levels​. For those keen on exploring further  AI tools for crypto trading , checking out a dedicated search page on this topic could be incredibly beneficial. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to enhance their trading strategies effectively.

Use cases

  • Automating trading strategies: The WunderTrading AI Crypto Trading Bot makes it easier to handle trading in the cryptocurrency market by automating strategies. You can import these strategies from a platform called TradingView. This setup is great because it lets traders execute complex trades without needing to watch the market all the time. Essentially, it helps you trade smarter, not harder!

  • Copy trading: For beginners, the copy trading feature is a standout. Users can mirror the actions of successful traders, effectively leveraging the expertise of more experienced market participants. This not only helps in learning from the best but also in diversifying trading strategies without extensive personal market research;

  • Risk management with DCA: The bot uses a strategy called Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), which is really handy when the market is unpredictable. Instead of buying all at once, it spreads out the purchase of assets over time. This approach helps smooth out the risks that come with sudden drops in the market, allowing you to manage your investments more steadily;

  • Multi-account management: This feature lets you handle several trading accounts from different exchanges all in one spot. It makes the trading process much simpler and boosts your ability to manage more operations effectively. This is especially great for traders who have multiple portfolios to look after.

These use cases demonstrate how WunderTrading’s AI capabilities can significantly enhance trading efficiency and effectiveness in the dynamic cryptocurrency market. For those looking to explore more tools in this field, the  Finance  category page offers a comprehensive list of resources. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone eager to enhance their trading capabilities.


To start using WunderTrading, sign up, connect to your exchange via API, and select your trading strategy or bot.

This information was not covered in the provided data; please check the official WunderTrading website for the latest updates on mobile app availability.

WunderTrading was founded by Jevgeņijs Latiševs and Kirill Osaulenko, who also serve as CEO and Co-Founder, respectively.

WunderTrading supports major exchanges including Binance, Kraken, Bybit, and several others, allowing users to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies across different platforms.

WunderTrading helps manage risk with a strategy called Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA). This approach spreads out investment purchases, reducing the risk caused by market volatility.

Yes, WunderTrading can automate virtually any trading strategy by converting TradingView scripts into executable trades across supported exchanges.

The bot automates trading using algorithms that analyze market data to identify trading opportunities based on statistical techniques like regression and cointegration.

Pricing & Discounts

Here's a straightforward look at the WunderTrading AI Crypto Trading Bot's pricing model which allows users to test the platform with a 7-day free trial, after which the subscription is quite affordable at only $4.95 per month. This pricing strategy offers a cost-effective way for individuals to explore and utilize advanced trading features.

Subscription PlanPrice Per MonthFeatures Included
Free TrialFreeFull access to all trading bot features for 7 days
Basic$4.95Access to automated trading strategies, copy trading, and DCA; manage multiple accounts; integration with major exchanges

This pricing structure is designed to make it easy for both new and experienced traders to access powerful trading tools without a significant upfront investment.

UX/UI review

Signing up with WunderTrading is simple! The first thing you do is connect your current exchange account. This connection is crucial because it sets up everything you’ll do on the platform.

Connecting exchange account

Once connected, you get access to all the cool features of WunderTrading. You can use the AI trading bot, which lets you automate trading strategies from TradingView, or try the copy trading feature, where you can follow the moves of experienced traders.

Start making profits with one of tools

These tools are designed to help you trade smarter and more effectively, so you can start confidently and get going quickly.


The WunderTrading team is led by two key figures: Kirill Osaulenko, the Co-Founder, and Jevgeņijs Latiševs, the Founder & CEO. Kirill Osaulenko plays a key role in shaping the company’s strategy and pushing forward innovations in the cryptocurrency trading bot market. As CEO, Jevgeņijs Latiševs manages the day-to-day operations, making sure that WunderTrading stays ahead in technology and keeps providing effective trading tools to its users. Together, they guide a dedicated team focused on improving the crypto trading experience with advanced, easy-to-use technologies.


Kirill Osaulenko



Jevgeņijs Latiševs

Co-founder & CEO



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