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Bubble is an innovative platform designed to simplify app development, particularly for those without extensive coding skills. It's a no-code tool, meaning it allows users to create complex web applications, including those powered by AI, without the need to write code. This makes it particularly appealing to a wide range of users, from individuals and startups to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and even large corporations.

One of the key features of Bubble is its integration with OpenAI's API platform. This allows users to harness the power of advanced AI models like ChatGPT, GPT-3, DALL-E 2, and Whisper directly within their Bubble apps. The platform provides an API Connector feature, enabling users to define their own calls to OpenAI or any API, making the integration of AI-generated text, images, speech, and more into apps straightforward.

Bubble is also known for its user-friendly design. It offers features like pixel-perfect designs, a robust and scalable infrastructure to handle app deployment and hosting, and a component library with a range of pre-built components to speed up development. It supports version control and has a strong community backing, providing a marketplace for templates and plugins.

Use cases

  1. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Entrepreneurs can use Bubble to quickly build and test new app ideas or business models without needing extensive programming skills. This can range from e-commerce platforms to service-oriented apps.
  2. Custom Business Solutions: Businesses can develop custom applications tailored to their unique processes and needs, such as inventory management systems, customer relationship management tools, or internal communication platforms.

  3. Educational and Training Tools: Educational institutions or trainers can create interactive learning platforms, quizzes, and educational apps to enhance the learning experience.

  4. Prototype Development: Startups and innovators can use Bubble to create prototypes of their software solutions, enabling them to demonstrate their ideas and gather feedback without a significant upfront investment in software development.

  5. E-commerce Solutions: Users can build online stores, integrate payment processing, and manage product inventories, leveraging the platform's ease of use to quickly adapt to market needs.

  6. Interactive Websites and Portals: Organizations can create interactive websites, customer portals, or community forums with custom features and integrations.

  7. Data Management Applications: Bubble can be used to create applications that collect, process, and visualize data, useful for businesses needing custom analytics tools.

  8. Event Management and Booking Systems: The tool can be used to develop applications for event planning, ticketing, and booking systems for various services.

  9. Healthcare Applications: Healthcare providers can create appointment scheduling systems, patient management tools, or platforms for telemedicine services.

  10. Real Estate Platforms: Real estate agents and companies can develop property listing platforms, virtual tour applications, or customer relationship tools tailored to the real estate industry.


Bubble is a no-code platform that allows individuals to create web applications without programming knowledge.

Bubble offers several plans, including a free tier, with paid plans starting at $29 per month, providing different features and capabilities.

Yes, Bubble apps scale automatically and can handle significant traffic, with dedicated cluster options for very large-scale applications.

Yes, Bubble has raised significant funding, including a $100 million Series A round led by Insight Partners.

Bubble allows the creation of a wide range of web applications, from simple projects to complex business solutions.

Bubble offers a 30% discount for students, educators, and non-profits.

Bubble does not offer refunds for any paid months.

Bubble's team includes diverse professionals in engineering, product development, marketing, and more, contributing to the platform's innovation.

Yes, Bubble is designed for both non-technical and technical users, enabling the creation of web applications without coding.

Pricing & Discounts

Bubble offers different subscription plans for its users, catering to various needs and stages of app development. The available plans are as follows:

  1. Free Plan: This plan is available without any cost and includes limited features. It's suitable for those just starting out or experimenting with Bubble's capabilities.

  2. Starter Plan: Priced at $29 per month, this plan offers more features than the Free Plan and is suitable for individuals or small projects that are ready to go live.

  3. Growth Plan: At $119 per month, the Growth Plan provides advanced features and capabilities, catering to growing businesses and projects that need more resources.

  4. Team Plan: This is the most advanced plan offered by Bubble, priced at $349 per month. It's designed for teams and businesses requiring extensive collaboration tools and high-end features.


The company's funding journey includes a notable $100 million Series A round led by Insight Partners, which was a major milestone in Bubble's development. This round was announced in July 2021 and included participation from a variety of investors, including prominent figures and firms in the tech industry.

Prior to this, Bubble had raised a $6.25 million round in June 2019, which was led by SignalFire. This round marked Bubble's first significant influx of external funding and was instrumental in accelerating the company's growth trajectory. The funding has been utilized to enhance the platform's capabilities, ensuring it remains a powerful tool for both non-technical and technical users.

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