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Revolutionize cooking with AI: Streamlined recipe saving, meal planning, and instant culinary advice at your fingertips.
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ClipDish is an AI-enhanced tool designed to transform the cooking experience. It offers a unique combination of a clutter-free recipe saving feature and an AI-powered culinary assistant called Ask Chef. This tool is particularly useful for effortlessly saving and organizing recipes from various websites. It simplifies meal planning by sending shopping lists directly to Apple Reminders and ensures a consistent cooking experience across devices like iPhones and iPads. Ask Chef helps answer culinary queries, suggesting ingredient substitutes and innovative recipes. ClipDish encourages culinary creativity and exploration, making it an ideal companion for both seasoned cooks and beginners.

Use cases

ClipDish is designed to enhance the cooking and meal planning experience with several key use cases:

  1. Culinary Queries: Ask Chef, the AI assistant, provides instant answers to various cooking questions, including ingredient substitutes and recipe suggestions.
  2. Streamlined Recipe Saving: Allows users to save recipes from the web without unnecessary clutter, focusing only on essential information.
  3. Effortless Meal Planning: The tool helps in organizing meal plans and automatically creates shopping lists that integrate with Apple Reminders.
  4. Multi-Device Access: Users can save recipes on one device, like an iPhone, and access them on another, such as an iPad, ensuring consistency.
  5. Culinary Creativity and Exploration: Ask Chef assists users in discovering new flavors and cooking techniques, encouraging culinary experimentation.


ClipDish is an AI-enhanced tool designed to revolutionize the cooking experience, focusing on recipe management and culinary assistance.

It simplifies meal planning by organizing recipes and automatically creating shopping lists that integrate with Apple Reminders.

Yes, its AI feature, Ask Chef, provides instant answers to various cooking-related queries, including recipe suggestions and ingredient substitutes.

Yes, ClipDish allows users to save recipes on one device and access them seamlessly on another, ensuring a consistent cooking experience.

Absolutely, Ask Chef encourages users to explore new flavors, cooking techniques, and culinary experimentation.

Pricing & Discounts

ClipDish offers three subscription plans:

  1. Monthly Access: Priced at $2.99, this plan allows users to use ClipDish for a month.
  2. Quarterly Access: For $7.99, users can access ClipDish for three months.
  3. Annual Access: At $19.99, this plan provides a year's access to ClipDish.


The ClipDish team is led by Joe Cotellese, the founder, and Matt Smollinger, the Co-Founder and CTO. Joe's role likely involves strategic oversight and overall vision for ClipDish, focusing on its growth and user engagement. Matt Smollinger, as CTO, probably handles the technical aspects, ensuring the app's functionality aligns with its mission to simplify cooking experiences through AI technology. Together, they form a team aiming to innovate in the culinary tech space.


Joe Cotellese



Matt Smollinger

Co-Founder, CTO



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