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Meet Conversly, a super engaging app for learning languages that's available on both iOS and Android. It's like having a chat buddy powered by some seriously smart AI, thanks to ChatGPT technology. This app is a game-changer for anyone eager to get better at speaking and understanding different languages. It offers a fun and interactive way to practice, making learning feel less like homework and more like a fun challenge.

Here's why Conversly is cool:

  • Smart AI Chats: The AI, powered by ChatGPT, talks with you in deep and meaningful ways. It's like practicing with a friend who never gets tired, helping you to speak better and listen more effectively.
  • Different Ways to Chat: Whether you love a straightforward Q&A or something more structured, there are four unique modes to explore. It's perfect for mixing things up and keeping learning exciting.
  • Story Creation Mode: This is where you can get creative! You and the AI take turns building a story, which isn't just fun but also a clever way to learn new words and phrases. Plus, you can spot and fix mistakes as you go.
  • Rave Reviews: Lots of users have seen their language skills skyrocket quickly. It's not just about learning; it's about getting confidently better at chatting in a new language.

So, if you're looking to boost your conversational skills in a fun, engaging way, Conversly might just be your new favorite language-learning tool!

Use cases

Here's the magic of

  • Dynamic Chat Practice: Jump into AI-driven conversations to enhance both how you talk and listen. It’s a fantastic way to prepare for real-life chats.
  • Explore Different Chat Styles: Whether you're into formal discussions, relaxed talks, or crafting tales, there's a mode for you. It’s great for focusing on particular learning goals, from expanding your vocabulary to mastering grammar.
  • Creative Storytelling: Get creative by making stories with the AI. This isn’t just entertaining; it’s a smart way to work on your language creativity, learn new words, and get comfy with sentence structures.
  • Quick Language Gains: Users are loving how fast their language skills grow with The fun, immersive practice sessions motivate you to keep at it, turning language learning from a chore into a joy.

So, if you're eager to up your language game in an innovative and engaging way, is waiting to help you chat your way to fluency!


Conversly is a super cool app that helps you get better at chatting in different languages by talking with a smart AI. It's all about making you a pro at speaking and listening, and guess what? It's loads of fun too! Plus, it works on both iOS and Android phones.

Absolutely! Conversly is 100% free. It's all about giving everyone a chance to boost their language skills without spending a penny.

Conversly gets you chatting with an AI in different ways, even letting you co-create stories. It's designed to make you better at both listening and speaking. Users say they've gotten way better at their new languages thanks to this app.

The details aren't specific, but since Conversly uses ChatGPT tech, it likely supports lots of languages. So, chances are you can practice the language you're keen on learning.

Yes, if you've got an iPhone or an Android, you're all set. Conversly is ready to roll on both platforms, so just download it and start your language learning journey.

Pricing & Discounts shines as a unique language-learning app, mainly because it mixes up how we get better at chatting in new languages and does it all for free. This approach means that anyone, no matter their budget, can jump in and start learning. There's no price tag to worry about, making it super inclusive for folks from all over the world. By chatting with a clever AI, learners get a fun, interactive way to boost their language skills without spending a dime.

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