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Automate Your Crypto Trades Effortlessly

Streamlines cryptocurrency trading with automated bots, strategy testing, and multi-exchange access for all trader levels.
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Price: Free + Paid

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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview
Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


CryptoHero is an intuitive  automated crypto trading platform  ideal for both novices and experienced traders. This tool simplifies trading with pre-set strategies and a user-friendly interface, making it accessible without needing coding knowledge. Users can either develop their own bots or rent proven ones from the Bots Marketplace, enhancing entry for new traders with tested tactics. Available on web and mobile platforms, CryptoHero ensures you can manage your trades anytime, anywhere, making it a practical choice for optimizing trading efforts efficiently.

Use cases

  • Beginner-friendly trading: CryptoHero is ideal for newcomers to crypto trading, offering user-friendly interfaces and simple templates that allow for easy setup and operation without prior coding knowledge. This makes it less intimidating for those new to trading to start automating their crypto transactions;

  • Strategy testing and deployment: users can engage in paper trading to test strategies without  financial  risk, using CryptoHero’s platform. This feature is particularly beneficial for trying out different trading parameters and approaches before committing real funds;

  • Advanced strategy tools for seasoned traders: for those who have been trading for a while, CryptoHero offers some complex tools that can really help. It provides detailed indicators and an automated system for testing strategies using past data. This means traders can fine-tune their methods to potentially get better results;

  • Trading across multiple exchanges: CryptoHero makes it easier to handle trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges all from one place. This simplifies managing several trading accounts and improves your chances to make the most out of the price differences between exchanges.


CryptoHero offers advanced backtesting tools, multiple indicator triggers, and a strategy designer to optimize trading strategies for better outcomes.

Yes, there is a current promotion that upgrades new users from the Premium to the Professional plan forever when they pay with a credit card.

CryptoHero offers advanced strategy options, multiple technical indicators, and a Bots Marketplace for experienced traders to optimize their trading strategies.

CryptoHero was founded by Christopher Low, an experienced entrepreneur who has established several successful companies.

There are three price plans for CryptoHero:

  • Basic: Free;
  • Premium: $13.99 per month;
  • Professional: $29.99 per month.

CryptoHero is backed by the Novum Group, a significant blockchain technology company.

Yes, CryptoHero is suitable for beginners, providing user-friendly interfaces, simple templates, and paper trading to practice strategies without financial risk.

Pricing & Discounts

CryptoHero offers a flexible pricing model designed to suit various trading needs and preferences, featuring three main plans: Basic, Premium, and Professional. Each plan is tailored with specific features to cater to different levels of trading expertise and requirements. Here’s a comparison of what each subscription plan includes:

FeatureBasic (Free)Premium ($13.99/month)Professional ($29.99/month)
Active Bots11530
No. of PositionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Bots Marketplace
Long Strategy
Short Strategy
Bot TypesSimple+ Arbitrage, Advanced, DCA+ Grid
Trading FrequencyUp to 15mUp to 15mUp to 5m
Multiple Indicator Triggers

Strategy Backtesting

Advanced Strategy Backtesting

Strategy Designer

Technical Indicators (like Bollinger Bands, EMA, RSI, etc.)LimitedMore availableMost available
Trading Terminal

Spot and Margin Trading
Futures Trading

Trading LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Bots Processing PriorityAverageHighHigh
API ConnectionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Simulated Paper Trading
Supported MarketsSpot, MarginSpot, MarginSpot, Margin, Futures
Exchange Support (like Binance,, Coinbase, etc.)LimitedMore exchangesMost exchanges

CryptoHero's current promotion offers an upgrade from the Premium Annual Plan to the Professional Annual plan "FOREVER" for those who pay with a credit card, providing an excellent opportunity for users to access enhanced features at a reduced cost. This tiered pricing strategy ensures that both new and experienced traders can find a plan that fits their trading style and needs.

UX/UI review

When you first log into CryptoHero, the platform prompts you through a straightforward setup divided into four clear stages.

Welcome to CryptoHero!

Once set up, you land on the Dashboard, a central hub where all your active trades are neatly displayed.


Moving on, the "Bots" section lets you delve into the details of your active bots, giving you a hands-on feel for your automated strategies.


For a record of your past financial maneuvers, the "Deals" section catalogs all transaction history.


The "Portfolio" area allows for meticulous management of your investments, while the "Marketplace" offers a rich selection of trading bots developed by other users.



Lastly, the "Terminal" serves as your command center for live trading, putting market operations right at your fingertips.



CryptoHero is developed and managed by the Novum Group, a prominent entity in the blockchain technology sector. The platform was founded by Christopher Low, a seasoned entrepreneur known for launching several successful companies throughout his career. The team at CryptoHero has a strong foundation, having worked together since 2018. This longstanding collaboration among the team members contributes to the robustness and reliability of the CryptoHero platform, reflecting their deep-rooted experience and expertise in the field of cryptocurrency trading solutions.


Mr Christopher Low


Markus Ivakha

Published by: Markus Ivakha

11 June 2024, 07:57PM

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