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Turns voice messages into text on WhatsApp, making chatting smooth, accessible, and full of insights. Catch every single word!
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DialogAi, powered by the ChatGPT framework, is your go-to WhatsApp chatbot for quick and smart responses to a vast array of questions. Whether you're texting or speaking, it effortlessly converts voice messages to text for a smooth chat experience, perfect for the busy user or those who prefer speaking. It's smart enough to remember what you talked about for up to 10 minutes, making conversations flow naturally without having you repeat yourself. Plus, with top-notch data security measures like short-term message storage and servers in London, your information stays safe.

Need advice, a recipe, or curious about something new? DialogAi has you covered. It's designed to dig into a variety of topics, from financial tips to sleep improvement strategies, all through the convenience of WhatsApp. Just shoot a message or voice note, and let DialogAi do the rest, from transcribing audio to fetching the info you need, making it an indispensable chat companion for daily life.

Use cases

DialogAi is a super versatile AI chatbot that blends seamlessly into your WhatsApp, making it a handy helper for all sorts of needs. Here's a glimpse into what it can do for you:

For Your Personal Life:

  • Organize Your Day: Set up reminders for appointments or tasks and keep your schedule on track effortlessly.
  • Quick Answers: Need to know something fast? DialogAi is like having a mini search engine in your chat, ready to give you the info you need.
  • Travel Buddy: Get directions, check the weather, or find the best travel tips without skipping a beat.

For Learning and Growing:

  • Homework Helper: Stuck on a tough question? DialogAi can break it down for you.
  • Language Practice: Learning a new language? Get translations and practice conversations on the go.
  • New Skills: Whether it’s cooking or coding, DialogAi can guide you through learning something new.

For Work:

  • Smarter Emails: Drafting professional emails or documents is a breeze with DialogAi’s help.
  • Market Insights: Dive into market trends or customer behavior insights with a quick chat.
  • Project Management: Keep your projects in check with tips and tools for better organization.

For Customer Service:

  • Instant Answers: Use DialogAi to handle common customer questions quickly and efficiently.
  • Gather Feedback: Easily collect customer opinions or conduct surveys to improve your service.

For Health and Wellness:

  • Health Tips: Get advice on staying healthy or find home remedies for common issues.
  • Mindfulness: DialogAi can share motivational quotes or mindfulness exercises to help support your mental wellness.

Just for Fun:

  • Recipes and Recommendations: Looking for recipe ideas or movie suggestions? DialogAi’s got you covered based on your tastes and preferences.

DialogAi truly showcases how AI can simplify life, boost productivity, and offer support across different areas, making it a valuable asset for both individuals and businesses.


Just send a message to DialogAi's contact number on WhatsApp. It's as simple as messaging a friend!

DialogAi offers a free trial that lets you send up to 20 messages or transcribe two minutes of voice messages. After that, you can choose to subscribe for unlimited messaging starting at $9/month.

DialogAi uses advanced AI technology to convert your voice messages into text, allowing you to get text responses to your spoken questions.

Yes, DialogAi can condense long voice messages into their essential points, making it easy for you to catch up without listening to everything.

You can ask DialogAi a wide range of questions, similar to how you might use a search engine like Google. DialogAi is equipped to provide answers using AI technology, covering various topics.

DialogAi keeps the context of your conversation for about 10 minutes, so you can ask follow-up questions without having to repeat any background info.

While specific details about data storage and security weren't provided, AI chat services like DialogAi typically ensure your data is treated with the utmost privacy and security.

If you hit the limit on the free trial, you can easily switch to the paid plan to continue enjoying unlimited access to DialogAi's features without interruption.

Pricing & Discounts

DialogAi has a clear and flexible pricing structure that suits a range of user requirements, from newcomers just exploring the service to power users looking for comprehensive support. Below is an overview of the subscription options DialogAi provides.

PlanPriceMessages/Voice Transcription LimitWord Limit Per ReplyAdditional Features
Free TrialFreeUp to 20 messages or 2 minutes of voice messagesApproximately 250 words- Access to all basic features - Utilizes ChatGPT for answering questions - Transcription of voice messages - Context saved for 10 minutes
Paid Plan$9/monthUnlimited messagesApproximately 250 words- All features from the Free Trial - Unlimited messages - No mention of further limits or additional features, implying a more unrestricted use compared to the free version


DialogAi, linked to tech enthusiast Norman Dilthey, showcases his commitment to improving communication with AI, turning WhatsApp voice messages into text. Beyond DialogAi, Norman's diverse tech ventures span chatbot services and a sports news platform, illustrating his broader engagement with innovative solutions across various fields. This reflects a dynamic approach to leveraging AI, aiming to enhance everyday tech experiences.


Norman Dilthey


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