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Overview acts like your personal AI knowledge buddy, making it a breeze to sift through and organize info from various apps like Notion, Gmail, and Slack. With just a simple shortcut, ask any question and get concise, synthesized answers straight from your digital toolbox. This slashes the time and hassle usually spent on finding and sorting through information.

The cool part about Gems? It dishes out answers—called "Gems"—in neat, sourced responses ready for you to use or dive deeper into. This tool is all about cutting down on that mental clutter by bringing all your knowledge to one spot and keeping you in the loop about where each piece of information came from. is designed for ease: it's a snap to set up, fits smoothly with the tools you're already using, and turns your vast knowledge landscape into a neatly navigable map, all with just a few clicks.

Use cases shines as an AI-powered assistant, boosting efficiency and information handling in both work and personal settings. Check out how versatile it can be:

  • Consolidating Information Across Platforms: By linking with your go-to platforms like Notion, Gmail, and Slack, pulls and synthesizes information from these sources, ideal for those managing data across various tools.

  • Quick Access to Organized Knowledge: Pose any question in natural language and get immediate, organized answers. This feature streamlines finding notes, emails, and documents without the hassle of manual searches.

  • Boosting Knowledge Worker Productivity: cuts down the significant chunk of time traditionally spent on searching for information, freeing up more time for actual work and increasing overall productivity.

  • Versatile Support for Professional Fields: From consulting and banking to research, offers quick, synthesized answers for a broad range of queries, enhancing efficiency in numerous professions.

  • Facilitating Knowledge Sharing: It simplifies sharing knowledge within teams, enabling the quick distribution of 'Gems' or synthesized answers, fostering a culture of collaboration and efficiency.

FAQ is an innovative AI assistant designed to streamline how you access information, integrating with digital tools like Notion, Gmail, and Slack. It lets users query in natural language to receive organized, synthesized responses from their connected data sources.

With a simple keyboard shortcut, you can prompt, ask anything in your own words, and it delivers a full, synthesized answer by tapping into the info from all your linked apps, plus providing sources for further reading.

Yes, is currently free, allowing broad access for anyone interested in boosting their productivity and organizing their digital knowledge more efficiently. tackles the challenge of managing and retrieving digital information that's spread out over several platforms. It aims to reduce the time and effort required to search for data, making knowledge access smooth and effective.

A wide range of users, from consultants and bankers to researchers, can find invaluable. It's also great for anyone aiming to better manage personal or team knowledge, enhance productivity, or support their learning and development endeavors.

Pricing & Discounts, your go-to AI knowledge assistant for simplifying how you access and organize information across different platforms, is available at no cost. That’s right, this powerful tool is completely free! With features that allow you to consolidate data from various sources, quickly access organized knowledge, and efficiently share insights with your team, is all about boosting your productivity without hitting your wallet.


The driving force behind Gems is a dynamic duo of co-founders, Felix Schaper and Cain Rothe. These visionary leaders blend deep knowledge with entrepreneurial zest, propelling the company's mission to break new ground and excel. Together, they play a pivotal role in steering toward innovation and success, melding their distinctive vision with the fast-paced world of technology. Their collaboration and guidance are key to shaping's trajectory and achieving its goals in the tech arena.


Felix Schaper



Cain Rothe



Tyles, the pioneering company behind Gems, has impressively secured €1.4 million across two funding rounds, reflecting robust investor confidence and a bright future for the firm. Their latest financial infusion was received during a Pre-Seed round on September 21, 2022. This capital injection not only signifies the strong belief investors have in Gems but also equips the company with the essential means to chase its ambitions and widen its market footprint.

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