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Enhance AI art creation with Geniea, the prompt perfection tool.
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Geniea appears to be an AI tool focused on optimizing prompts for AI art generation, particularly for the platform Midjourney. It offers users the ability to refine their prompts to get better results when generating images using AI. The tool seems to have a chat-based interface where users can input their requirements, and Geniea assists in crafting more effective prompts for creating AI art.

Use cases

Geniea, as an AI tool, provides users with several practical use cases, especially for those interested in AI-generated art:

  1. Prompt Optimization: Geniea helps users craft effective prompts to produce better AI-generated images, particularly useful for artists and designers exploring AI art.

  2. Creative Exploration: Artists can experiment with different styles and concepts by refining their prompts with Geniea's assistance, encouraging creative expression.

  3. Educational Tool: For educators and students, Geniea can be an educational resource for understanding the nuances of prompt engineering in AI art generation.


Geniea is an AI tool designed to help improve prompt creation for AI-generated art.

Artists, designers, and anyone interested in AI art generation can use Geniea to refine their prompts.

Geniea assists users in crafting effective prompts that are more likely to produce desired results in AI art.

Geniea is intended to be user-friendly, with a chat-based interface for prompt optimization.

Pricing & Discounts

Geniea offers two subscription plans:

  • Freemium Plan:

    • Price: Free
    • Features: Allows up to 5 free prompts daily
    • Payment: No charge
  • Premium Plan:

    • Price: $2.99 per month
    • Features: Provides unlimited access to prompt optimizers
    • Payment: Monthly billing
    • Cancellation: Can be canceled at any time

The Freemium Plan is suited for casual users who need a limited number of prompts, while the Premium Plan caters to users who require more extensive use of the service.


The Geniea team is led by Andrew Morgan, the founder. The team is likely comprised of individuals with expertise in AI, software development, user experience design, and other areas critical to building and maintaining an AI-powered tool like Geniea. They work together to provide users with a platform that simplifies the process of creating effective prompts for AI-generated art, emphasizing ease of use and accessibility for a wide range of users.


Andrew Morgan


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