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Revolutionizing healthcare with AI-assisted diagnostics and clinical plans, improving accuracy and clinician efficiency
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Glass Health has developed a cutting-edge tool called Glass AI, designed to significantly enhance the medical field, particularly for doctors and healthcare professionals. This technology is aimed at streamlining the management of medical knowledge through advanced AI capabilities. Glass AI seeks to transform the way healthcare professionals learn, organize, and share medical information, making it a pivotal tool in clinical decision support.

The inception of Glass Health was motivated by the belief in fully utilizing technology to optimize medical practice and improve patient care. The company's mission is to equip clinicians with the most effective AI tools for clinical decision-making, thus facilitating a more efficient and accurate diagnosis process.

Glass tegrates a large language model with evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines to assist clinicians in developing differential diagnoses and drafting clinical plans. This integration allows for the generation of probable diagnoses and treatment options based on physicians' inputs regarding patient cases, thereby enhancing the accuracy and reliability of medical care.

By leveraging AI, Glass Health aims to address several critical challenges in the healthcare sector, including diagnostic accuracy, the implementation of evidence-based medicine, health equity, clinician burnout, and overall patient outcomes. Glass Health's innovative approach signifies a significant step forward in the use of technology to support and enhance the healthcare industry's capabilities.

Use cases

Glass Health's AI tool offers a range of use cases designed to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of healthcare delivery. Here are several key applications:

  1. Assisting with Complex Diagnoses: It provides support for healthcare professionals by offering additional perspectives on difficult diagnostic challenges, potentially uncovering options that might not have been initially considered.

  2. Clinical Decision Support: The tool aids in making more accurate clinical decisions by generating differential diagnoses and suggesting clinical plans based on patient data. This support helps clinicians narrow down the possible conditions and formulate effective treatment strategies.

  3. Enhancing Learning and Knowledge Sharing Among Clinicians: By integrating evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines and knowledge, Glass Health facilitates continuous learning and knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals. This aspect is crucial for keeping clinicians updated with the latest medical standards and practices.

  4. Improving Patient Outcomes: Through accurate and timely diagnoses, as well as personalized treatment plans, the AI tool aims to improve the overall outcomes for patients. By leveraging advanced AI analysis, clinicians can make informed decisions that lead to better health outcomes.

  5. Reducing Clinician Burnout: By automating and streamlining the diagnostic process, Glass Health's AI tool helps reduce the workload and stress levels of healthcare professionals, addressing a significant challenge in the healthcare sector.

  6. Drafting Clinical Plans: The tool can generate comprehensive clinical plans from patient summaries, aiding clinicians in planning and documenting patient care. This feature saves time and ensures consistency in patient management.

  7. Educational Tool for Medical Training: It can be used as an educational resource for medical students and residents by providing real-world case studies and diagnostic challenges, enhancing their learning experience and diagnostic skills.

These use cases demonstrate Glass Health's commitment to leveraging AI technology to enhance healthcare delivery, improve patient care, and support medical professionals in their day-to-day tasks.


Glass Health has developed an AI platform to assist clinicians in generating differential diagnoses and drafting clinical plans. This tool combines a large language model with evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical guidelines created and maintained by a team of physicians. Its primary aim is to support healthcare providers in making more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions​​.

The AI tool works by analyzing patient summaries provided by clinicians. It then suggests possible diagnoses to consider and investigate further. For clinical plans, the AI drafts assessments and plans based on the patient summary in seconds, suggesting evidence-based diagnostic and treatment steps for clinicians to review. This process involves the use of retrieval augmented generation, connecting a large language model to a database of clinical guidelines​​.

Glass Health was founded with the goal of leveraging technology to optimize the practice of medicine and improve patient care. The company is deeply committed to safety, ethics, and alignment, aiming to increase diagnostic accuracy, improve the implementation of evidence-based treatment, enhance medical education, eliminate burnout, accelerate health equity, and improve patient outcomes worldwide​​.

Glass Health's AI is designed to be doctor-facing rather than patient-facing. This allows clinicians to closely supervise and review the AI's outputs before applying them, ensuring that the tool complements rather than replaces clinician judgment. The AI system is continually updated by physicians to keep the recommendations current and reflective of the latest management practices. It is also designed with a focus on health equity, filtering out social identifiers that should not influence clinical reasoning​​.

Glass Health is engaged in efforts to integrate its AI with electronic medical records and health system-specific guidelines. The company is actively developing new features to deliver value to clinicians around the world, aiming to expand the frontiers of generative healthcare​​.

Pricing & Discounts

Glass Health offers a subscription model for its AI-powered tool, designed to assist healthcare professionals with differential diagnoses and clinical planning. Here's a simple comparison of the available subscription plans and their features:

Feature/PlanFree VersionGlass Pro
Price$0$12 per month
Differential DiagnosesLimited (5)Unlimited
Clinical PlansLimited (5)Unlimited
Billing CycleNot ApplicableMonthly
SubtotalNot Applicable$12.00
Promo Code OptionNot MentionedAvailable

This table outlines the key differences between the Free version and the Glass Pro subscription. The Glass Pro plan offers unlimited access to generating differential diagnoses and clinical plans, a significant upgrade for professionals requiring extensive use of the tool. The subscription is billed monthly at a rate of $12.00, with taxes already included in the price, resulting in a straightforward and transparent pricing structure. Users also have the option to apply promo codes, potentially offering additional savings on the subscription cost.


Glass Health is spearheaded by a dynamic team committed to revolutionizing healthcare through advanced technology. The company was co-founded by Graham Ramsey and Dereck Paul, MD, who have brought their diverse backgrounds and expertise to lead Glass Health towards its mission of empowering doctors with AI-assisted diagnostic and clinical decision-making tools.

Graham Ramsey serves as the Co-Founder and Head of Product at Glass Health. Before founding Glass, Ramsey was instrumental in designing the first telemedicine-specific Electronic Health Record (EHR) system at PlushCare and contributed to building a leading fertility dashboard and ovulation tracking app at Modern Fertility. His experiences have equipped him with a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and healthcare, driving innovation at Glass Health.

Dereck Paul, MD, the Co-Founder and CEO, brings a rich background in medicine to the team. His medical expertise and insights into healthcare challenges are foundational to Glass Health's development of AI tools designed to support clinicians in diagnosis and treatment planning. Dr. Paul's vision for the company is deeply influenced by his commitment to improving patient outcomes and clinician experiences through technology.

Together, Ramsey and Dr. Paul have cultivated a team passionate about leveraging large language models (LLMs) and clinical knowledge databases to create tools that assist clinicians. The team's efforts are focused on enhancing diagnostic accuracy, facilitating evidence-based treatment plans, and ultimately improving the healthcare system's efficiency and effectiveness.


Graham Ramsey

Co-Founder & Head of Product


Dereck Paul, MD

Co-Founder & CEO


Glass Health has successfully raised a total of $7 million in funding over three rounds. The latest funding, secured on September 11, 2023, was a seed round that brought in $5 million. This round of funding was led by Initialized Capital, a significant show of support and confidence in Glass Health's mission and technology. The company is also backed by a total of 8 investors, with Y Combinator and Heather Hasson being among the most recent ones to invest.

The funds raised are earmarked for accelerating Glass Health's mission to empower clinicians with generative AI tools. These tools aim to alleviate clinician burnout and improve patient outcomes globally. Glass Health's focus on developing an AI-powered clinical decision support platform showcases its commitment to leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery and outcomes.

This financial backing underscores the potential impact and value of Glass Health's AI technology in the medical field, indicating strong investor confidence in its vision and the growing importance of healthcare.



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