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Hello History

Dialogue with the Past: GAIning Wisdom from Historical Voices

Chat with historical icons. Broaden your knowledge, ignite creativity, and bring history to life.
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Hello History is a cutting-edge AI tool that animates historical figures, enabling users to have dynamic conversations with the past's most intriguing personalities. Leveraging the latest AI advancements, this platform brings a personal touch to learning history, allowing for deep dives into subjects, exploratory questions, or even lively debates with iconic figures.

Each chat is a unique adventure, transforming history from a static study into an engaging, interactive experience. Hello History covers a broad spectrum of fields like art, music, literature, philosophy, and science, providing a rich, multifaceted educational tool. It invites users to explore history through the eyes of those who made it, offering fresh insights and perspectives from some of history's greatest minds.

Use cases

Hello History opens up a myriad of opportunities for engaging with the past in innovative ways:

  • Interactive Learning: It brings historical figures right into the classroom, providing students and teachers with an interactive tool that makes learning history feel personal and lively.

  • Personal Education: History buffs can dive deep into conversations with figures from the past, enriching their understanding of specific events, periods, or viewpoints with a level of detail that books alone can't offer.

  • Cultural Exploration: Users get a unique window into different cultures and eras, gaining insights into the cultural fabric and societal norms of times gone by through direct dialogue with those who lived them.

  • Creative Inspiration: Artists and writers can find a wealth of inspiration in the diverse perspectives and ideas offered by historical figures, fueling their creative processes with authentic insights from other times.

  • Debate Practice: Engaging in debates with figures from history can sharpen debating skills, offering a challenging yet enriching way to test arguments against the wisdom of the ages.

  • Language Learning: For those looking to brush up on foreign language skills, conversing with historical personalities from various regions offers a uniquely immersive practice environment.

  • Entertainment: Beyond its educational value, Hello History provides an entertaining experience, allowing anyone with an interest in the past to interact with history in a fun and engaging way.

Hello History not only educates but also inspires, entertains, and connects users with history in a personal and dynamic manner.


An AI tool that brings historical figures to life through interactive chats, making learning history immersive and personalized.

It enables users to have realistic conversations with a broad spectrum of historical figures, providing a unique way to explore different times and cultures.

  • Weekly: $3.99, up to 10,000 messages
  • Monthly: $5.99, up to 10,000 messages
  • Yearly: $34.99, up to 10,000 messages per month

Yes, a free trial offering 20 messages lets users experience the app before subscribing.

Yes, subscriptions renew automatically, but users can disable auto-renewal at any time to cancel.

Pricing & Discounts

PlanPriceDurationMessages Per MonthAdditional Info
Weekly Plan$3.991 weekUp to 10,000Suitable for short-term access
Monthly Plan$5.991 monthUp to 10,000Designed for regular users
Yearly Plan$34.991 yearUp to 10,000Best value for long-term enthusiasts

Trial & Subscription Details:

  • Free Trial: 20 messages for new users
  • Subscription Renewal: Automatic, with the option to cancel auto-renewal at any time


The leadership of Hello History is in the capable hands of Martin Balodis, the CEO & Co-founder, renowned for also co-founding Humy, and Stas Shakirov, the CTO & Co-founder. Together, they bring a wealth of experience in technology and visionary leadership to the table. Their collaborative efforts are dedicated to transforming historical education, pushing the boundaries to turn learning into a vibrant, interactive journey. Through their guidance, Hello History is poised to change the narrative of how history is taught and experienced, making it more engaging and accessible for all.


Martin Balodis

CEO & Co-founder

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