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Transform complex documents into clear insights with AI. Ideal for legal, academic, and business analysis.
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Humata AI is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in document analysis and comprehension. Developed by Tilda Technologies, this tool stands out for its ability to process and understand complex documents, such as legal papers, technical reports, and research publications.

Here's a simplified overview of what Humata AI offers:

  1. Document Processing Capabilities: Humata AI can process various file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, and it's especially adept at handling long and complex documents. It uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to interpret and summarize content, making it easier to digest large volumes of information.
  2. Features and Functions: The tool offers a range of features such as automatic content generation, semantic search using vector embeddings, multiple document search, automatic language detection, and customizable extraction. This allows users to perform detailed document analysis, efficiently extract information, and even expand sections of text automatically.
  3. Security and Accessibility: Humata AI emphasizes data security, using encryption and role-based security measures to protect sensitive information. It's designed to be accessible and user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that simplifies complex tasks.
  4. Applications: The tool is useful across various domains, including legal, academic, and technical fields. It's capable of extracting key information from legal documents, simplifying research papers, aiding in technical document analysis, and more. Users can ask questions directly to the AI about the document's content and receive detailed answers.
  5. Pricing and Plans: Humata AI offers a tiered pricing structure, catering to different user needs, from free plans for basic usage to more comprehensive options for teams and enterprises.
  6. Limitations: While offering a broad range of functionalities, Humata AI currently has some limitations, such as primarily supporting PDF documents and occasionally struggling with highly technical or complex text.
  7. Comparative Advantage: Compared to other document analysis tools like ChatPDF, iLovePDF, and PDFGPT.IO, Humata AI is particularly strong in handling complex, long documents and providing in-depth analysis, backed up by advanced AI models.
  8. Practical Usage: It’s ideal for students, legal professionals, business executives, consultants, marketers, and anyone who needs to process and understand complex documents efficiently.

In conclusion, Humata AI represents a significant advancement in the field of document analysis, offering a powerful combination of AI-driven capabilities that can transform the way individuals and organizations interact with complex data. It's a tool that enhances productivity and understanding, making document analysis more accessible and efficient.

Use cases

  • Legal Document Analysis: Lawyers can sift through contracts swiftly, pinpointing crucial clauses and simplifying legalese, thus speeding up the review process.

  • Academic Research: Scholars can digest vast arrays of academic writings, turning dense material into concise summaries, facilitating quicker comprehension and insight discovery.

  • Business Intelligence: Leaders can decode complex business reports and market analyses, identifying trends and making informed decisions with ease.

  • Technical Document Comprehension: For those entangled in technicalities, Humata AI demystifies engineering or scientific documents, making data extraction and jargon translation a breeze.

  • Content Creation and Summarization: Creatives can transform existing documents into engaging summaries or fresh content, ideal for crafting presentations or marketing materials.

  • Consultancy and Advisory Services: Consultants can process client materials swiftly, offering sharper, more timely advice, crucial in fast-paced industries.

  • Customer Data Analysis: Marketers can delve into customer feedback or surveys, gaining insights to refine strategies and understand audience needs better.

  • Efficient Collaboration: Teams can ensure everyone's on the same page, streamline discussions, and track document changes more effectively, boosting collective productivity.


Humata AI is an advanced AI tool that assists in analyzing and summarizing complex documents. It can handle various types of documents, including academic, legal, and technical papers.

Humata AI offers a free plan that allows users to try out basic functionalities. Users can sign up on the Humata AI website and start using the free version.

Humata AI offers both a free version and paid plans. The free version provides basic features, while the paid plans offer more advanced capabilities.

The information about mobile availability is not explicitly mentioned, but users can access Humata AI through its website, which may be accessible via a mobile browser.

To log in to Humata AI, visit their website and either log in to an existing account or create a new account to get started.

Pricing & Discounts

Free PlanFreeBasic features, 60 pages/month
Student Plan$1.99/monthFor verified @edu email, 200 pages/month, extra pages at $0.02 each
Expert Plan$9.99/monthFor small teams (up to 3 members), 500 pages/month, additional pages at $0.02 each
Team Plan$99/user/monthFor larger teams (up to 10 members), 5,000 pages/month, extra pages at $0.01 each, enterprise-level support, advanced permissions
Enterprise PlanCustom PricingCustomized for large teams, personalized service, enhanced security, customizable page/user quota, and pricing for additional pages


The Humata AI team is led by two experienced entrepreneurs. Cyrus Khajvandi, the Founder and CEO, has previously co-founded companies such as Dnovo, Passfolio, and Mobius Networks, bringing a wealth of startup experience to the table. Dan Rasmuson, the Founder and CTO, is also a seasoned professional, having co-founded Labelbox and being recognized on the Forbes “30 under 30” list. Both founders bring a deep understanding of enterprise AI and have a track record of creating impactful experiences for customers.


Cyrus Khajvandi

Founder and CEO


Dan Rasmuson

Founder and CTO


Humata AI, an emerging leader in AI-powered knowledge discovery, has secured a $3.5 million investment to propel its mission forward, making complex information easily accessible and actionable. Spearheaded by Google's Gradient Ventures, with notable backing from Cathie Wood's ARK Invest and M13, this funding underlines the significant promise in Humata AI's innovative approach.

The platform is ingeniously crafted to simplify the extraction of insights from dense data sets, like PDFs and academic research, through AI-enhanced queries that deliver instant, relevant answers. This breakthrough is invaluable across various fields, including scientific research, business analytics, and education, streamlining knowledge discovery and aiding in swift decision-making processes.

With this substantial financial boost, Humata AI is poised to refine its technology, broaden its team, and solidify its market stance. This advancement signifies a pivotal moment for Humata AI, spotlighting its capability to redefine efficiency and intelligence in data processing and knowledge utilization, powered by AI.

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