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Unleash Efficiency with Lindy's Personalized AI Powerhouse.

Lindy streamlines tasks, from email management to document generation, with personalized AI assistance, saving time and boosting productivity.
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


Lindy serves as a versatile and efficient virtual assistant, adept at tackling repetitive tasks with remarkable speed and accuracy. Unlike other AI tools, Lindy doesn't require coding expertise, offering users the ability to tailor its functionalities to their specific needs.

One of Lindy's standout qualities is its unwavering reliability. It consistently produces high-quality results, ensuring tasks are completed correctly each time. Furthermore, Lindy operates tirelessly, available 24/7 to handle tasks whenever they arise.

Another advantage of Lindy is its adaptability. Users can customize Lindy to adhere to their unique preferences and adapt to changing circumstances seamlessly, ensuring its effectiveness in various situations.

Whether it's managing calendars, drafting emails, or handling contracts, Lindy excels in streamlining workflows and freeing up valuable time for users. Its ability to personalize emails using the user's voice adds a personalized touch, setting it apart as a top choice for optimizing productivity.

In summary, Lindy offers busy professionals a powerful solution for automating tasks and enhancing efficiency. With its customizable features and unique capabilities, Lindy proves to be an invaluable asset for those seeking to streamline their workload and focus on their most important priorities.

Use cases

  1. Email Management: Lindy can help professionals manage their inbox efficiently by sorting and prioritizing emails based on predefined criteria. It can also draft responses or schedule follow-up emails, saving time and ensuring important messages are addressed promptly.
  2. Calendar Coordination: Lindy can assist with scheduling appointments and meetings by analyzing availability across multiple calendars and suggesting optimal meeting times. It can also send out meeting invites and reminders, helping to keep everyone on track.
  3. Document Generation: Lindy can generate documents such as contracts, reports, or presentations based on templates and user input. This streamlines the document creation process and ensures consistency and accuracy across documents.
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Lindy can update CRM systems by extracting relevant information from emails or meeting notes and entering it into the database. This helps to keep customer records up-to-date and enables better tracking of interactions and relationships.
  5. Research Assistance: Lindy can conduct online research on behalf of users, gathering information and compiling summaries or reports. This can be particularly useful for tasks such as market research, competitive analysis, or gathering background information for presentations.
  6. Meeting Support: Lindy can join virtual meetings as a note-taker, capturing important points, action items, and decisions made during the discussion. It can also assist with setting agendas and distributing meeting materials beforehand.
  7. Personalized Communication: Lindy can personalize communication by incorporating the user's voice or writing style into emails, messages, or other correspondence. This adds a personal touch and helps to strengthen relationships with clients, colleagues, or stakeholders.
  8. Task Automation: Lindy can automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, file organization, or report generation, freeing up time for users to focus on more strategic or high-value activities.

Lindy serves as a versatile tool for automating various administrative tasks, enhancing productivity, and improving communication and collaboration workflows.


Lindy is an AI assistant that helps automate tasks such as email management, calendar coordination, document generation, and more.

Lindy uses advanced AI technology to analyze and process information, allowing it to perform tasks quickly and efficiently without human intervention.

Lindy can assist with a variety of tasks, including managing emails, scheduling appointments, generating documents, updating CRM systems, conducting research, and more.

Yes, Lindy can be tailored to follow specific rules and adapt to changing circumstances, making it flexible and adaptable to different needs.

Lindy offers four subscription plans: Free, Starter, Standard, and Pro. Each plan offers different levels of credits and access to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4T queries.

Lindy is led by Flo Crivello, who serves as the Founder and CEO of the company. The Lindy team also includes other talented individuals dedicated to developing and improving the platform.

Lindy has received funding from various investors, including Yes VC, Abstract Ventures, Coatue Management, GTMFund, and Plug and Play Tech Center. In 2021, Lindy raised $3.9 million in a Seed Round and $10.7 million in Early Stage VC funding (Series A2).

Yes, Lindy offers a free plan that includes a limited number of credits and queries, allowing users to try out the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

Pricing & Discounts

Free Plan ($0/month)

  • 2,000 Credits
  • Up to 1,000 GPT-3.5 Queries
  • Up to 100 GPT-4T Queries

Starter Plan ($29/month)

  • 3,000 Credits
  • Up to 1,500 GPT-3.5 Queries
  • Up to 150 GPT-4T Queries

Standard Plan ($49/month)

  • 5,500 Credits
  • Up to 2,750 GPT-3.5 Queries
  • Up to 275 GPT-4T Queries

Pro Plan ($99/month)

  • 11,000 Credits
  • Up to 5,500 GPT-3.5 Queries
  • Up to 550 GPT-4T Queries


The Lindy team is led by Flo Crivello, who serves as the Founder and CEO of the company. As the head of Lindy, Flo Crivello plays a crucial role in guiding the direction of the company and overseeing its operations. Alongside Flo Crivello, the Lindy team consists of talented individuals dedicated to developing and improving the Lindy platform. Together, they work collaboratively to ensure that Lindy continues to provide innovative solutions and exceptional service to its customers. With Flo Crivello's leadership and the collective expertise of the Lindy team, the company is poised for success in the AI-driven assistance market.


Flo Crivello

Founder & CEO


Lindy has received significant funding from various investors to support its growth and development. Among its investors are well-known names such as Yes VC, Abstract Ventures, Coatue Management, GTMFund, and Plug and Play Tech Center.

In 2021, Lindy successfully raised $3.9 million in a Seed Round, followed by an additional $10.7 million in Early Stage VC funding (Series A2). This funding has provided Lindy with the financial resources needed to expand its team, enhance its technology, and further establish its presence in the market.

With the support of its investors, Lindy is well-positioned to continue innovating and delivering valuable AI-driven solutions to its customers.

Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

Published by: Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

16 February 2024, 12:00AM



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