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Llama2 - Meta AI

Llama2 - Meta AI

Llama2: unleash infinite AI possibilities

Revolutionize text tasks with Llama2: from chatbots to language translation, it's AI reimagined
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


Llama2, developed by Meta AI, is a series of advanced large language models that have been making waves in the world of natural language processing (NLP). These models come in different sizes, including 7 billion, 13 billion, and 70 billion parameters, each offering varying levels of capability and performance. Notably, the Llama2 models are open source and available for commercial use, which is a departure from the approach of some other major AI companies.

A standout feature of Llama2 is its pre-training process, which utilized an expansive corpus of 2 trillion tokens, significantly more than its predecessor, Llama1. This extensive training has enhanced the models' understanding and generation of language. The context length of Llama2 has been increased to 4,096 tokens, allowing it to handle more complex inputs and applications.

Llama2 has shown impressive performance in benchmark tests, rivaling or even surpassing other prominent models in certain aspects. For example, in reasoning tasks, Llama2 models have demonstrated notable improvements over previous models. The 13 billion parameter version, in particular, has shown strong logical reasoning skills, scoring significantly higher than other models on specific benchmarks.

Meta AI has also introduced fine-tuned versions of Llama2, such as Llama Chat and Code Llama. Llama Chat has been fine-tuned using a large dataset, including over 1 million human annotations, making it adept in conversational applications. On the other hand, Code Llama, a code generation model, has been trained on a vast corpus of programming languages, making it capable of understanding and generating code in languages like Python, C++, and Java.

In developing Llama2, Meta AI has emphasized safety and responsible AI practices. They have made efforts to filter out potentially harmful data during pre-training and have used rigorous fine-tuning techniques to reduce unsafe or offensive outputs. This approach reflects Meta AI's commitment to responsible AI development.

The availability of Llama2 via platforms like Hugging Face makes it accessible for a wide range of users, from researchers to businesses. This accessibility, combined with its impressive capabilities, opens up numerous possibilities for innovation in language-based applications, including chatbots, information retrieval, and more.

Overall, the release of Llama2 marks a significant step in the evolution of language models, offering a blend of performance, transparency, and safety that is set to drive advancements in AI applications.

Use cases

Llama2, developed by Meta AI, is designed for various applications, primarily focusing on English language tasks. Here are some of the key use cases for Llama2:

  1. Text Generation: Llama2 is capable of generating a wide range of text types, including blog posts, articles, stories, poems, creative writings, novels, and even scripts for YouTube or social media posts. It can generate new and unique text based on a few words or sentences provided as input.
  2. Summarization: This model is effective in summarizing English texts without losing critical information. It can quickly summarize large texts, making it useful for distilling essential points from detailed documents.
  3. Text Extension: Llama2 can enhance the quality of existing sentences or paragraphs and add more context or detail. It uses natural language processing technology, similar to models like ChatGPT, to expand upon existing text.
  4. Chatbot Development: Companies have successfully incorporated Llama2 into AI frameworks and platforms for chatbot development, providing more natural and engaging interactions for users.
  5. Generative AI Models: Beyond chatbots, Llama2 can be utilized for developing generative AI models that excel in tasks such as text completion, summarization, and creative writing. Researchers and developers can fine-tune Llama2 for specific use cases.
  6. Language Translation: Llama2 is suitable for language translation tasks, demonstrating its versatility in handling different language-related applications.
  7. Assistant-like Chat: Particularly in its fine-tuned versions, Llama2 is optimized for dialogue use cases, making it suitable for building virtual assistants and conversational agents.

These use cases reflect Llama2's capabilities in handling a range of language processing tasks, from generating creative content to providing assistant-like interactions. The model's ability to be fine-tuned allows for customization according to specific requirements, making it a flexible tool for both researchers and commercial users.


Llama2 is a series of advanced large language models developed by Meta AI, designed for various natural language processing tasks.

Yes, Llama2 is available for free for both research and commercial purposes.

Llama2 models vary in size and capabilities, offering text generation, summarization, language translation, and chatbot development.

Llama2 is comparable to other large language models but is unique in its open-source nature and range of model sizes.

Yes, it's available for both research and commercial applications.

Code Llama supports languages like Python, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript (Typescript), C#, and Bash.

Meta AI emphasizes safety and responsible AI practices in the development of Llama2.

Pricing & Discounts

Llama2 by Meta AI, including its variants like Llama Chat and Code Llama, is available free of charge for both research and commercial use. This approach by Meta AI represents a significant move towards open-source AI development, offering accessibility to a wide range of users including businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and researchers. By making these models openly available, Meta AI enables users to build and innovate with these tools without the constraints of cost.

Meta AI's Llama2 is part of a broader initiative to democratize access to advanced AI models, encouraging experimentation and innovation across various sectors. The model's availability without a price tag facilitates its integration into various applications and services, potentially leading to new advancements in AI and its applications. This open-source approach also aligns with Meta AI's focus on collaborative and responsible AI development.

As for the specific features of Llama2, including its training data, use cases, and performance benchmarks, they are detailed in Meta AI's documentation and resources. Users interested in leveraging Llama2 for their projects can access the model along with its weights and starting code directly from Meta AI's platform. Additionally, the model is supported by partnerships with major cloud providers and is available through platforms like Azure AI and Amazon Web Services, enhancing its accessibility and ease of integration into different environments.

In conclusion, the free availability of Llama2 marks a significant step in the AI field, offering advanced language modeling capabilities to a broad audience and paving the way for diverse AI-powered innovations.


Meta, the company behind the development of Llama2, has a significant team and leadership structure. The company boasts 1,754 current employee profiles, with key figures including Founder, Chairman, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In addition to its employees, Meta has a board comprising 25 members and advisors, one of whom is Peter Thiel. This extensive team, with its diverse range of roles and expertise, plays a crucial role in driving Meta's various projects, including advanced itiatives like Llama2.


Mark Zuckerberg

Founder, Chairman, and CEO


Peter Thiel



Meta, previously known as Facebook, has a significant funding history that has contributed to its development and expansion, including projects like Llama2. According to information from Crunchbase, Meta has raised a total of $24.6 billion in funding over 14 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on August 4, 2022, from a Post-IPO Debt round.

Some key points about Meta's funding are:

  • Total Funding Amount: $24.6 billion over 14 rounds.
  • Latest Funding Type: Post-IPO Debt round.
  • Notable Investors: Meta is supported by 25 investors, with PayPal and All Blue Capital being the most recent.
  • Investment Activities: Meta has made 54 investments, with their most recent one in Tyndall National Institute, which raised €5M on June 22, 2023.
  • Diversity Investments: Meta has made 6 diversity investments, including a recent one in Wisecut, which raised $50K on April 6, 2023.
  • Acquisitions: Meta has acquired 101 organizations, with the most recent being Gary Sharp Innovations on January 12, 2023.
  • Stock Information: Meta is registered under the ticker NASDAQ:META. Their stock opened at $38.00 in their May 18, 2012, IPO.

This funding history reflects Meta's robust financial backing and its active role in investment and acquisition within the tech industry. These financial resources have enabled Meta to pursue ambitious projects like Llama2 and to continue innovating in the field of artificial intelligence and beyond.

Alina  Chernomorets

Published by: Alina Chernomorets

12 September 2023, 12:00AM

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