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Empower your mind, enhance your life.

Transform thoughts into action with AI-powered journaling for mental fitness and personal growth.
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Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview
Use cases
Pricing & Discounts
UX/UI review
Founder Interview


Mindsera is described as a revolutionary AI-powered journaling and coaching application designed to enhance users' mindset, cognitive skills, mental health, and fitness. It stands out as the first of its kind, aiming to provide a holistic journaling experience with personalized mentorship and feedback. With over 1.5 million words journaled, Mindsera's platform supports users in achieving their personal goals by offering a suite of features including AI-generated artworks, mindset analysis, automatic summaries, mental models, frameworks, and an AI mentor.

The platform is crafted to assist users in navigating their thoughts more clearly, making decisions more effectively, and solving problems more efficiently. It incorporates advanced AI technologies to deliver a unique service that includes generating automatic summaries of journal entries, providing analysis of users’ mindsets, and creating AI-generated artwork to inspire users. The AI mentor feature offers guidance, encouragement, and support throughout the journaling process, making Mindsera not just a tool but a companion in personal growth and mental fitness.

Mindsera's mission is to empower individuals to improve their mental health and cognitive abilities through the practice of journaling, enhanced by the power of artificial intelligence. This innovative approach to journaling helps users to reflect on their thoughts, emotions, and actions, providing them with valuable insights and strategies to approach challenges from different angles, fostering a more versatile and effective thinking process.

In summary, Mindsera leverages the capabilities of AI to offer a comprehensive and personalized journaling experience, aiming to improve mental health, cognitive skills, and overall personal well-being. Its blend of AI-powered features makes it a unique tool in the realm of mental health and personal development.

Use cases

Mindsera offers a variety of use cases aimed at enhancing personal development, mental health, and cognitive abilities. Here's a summary of how it can be utilized:

  1. Personal Journaling for Mental Health: Mindsera's features support mental health by enabling users to track their emotions and thoughts. It provides automatic summaries and mindset analysis, helping individuals understand their patterns and triggers better.

  2. Skill Development: The tool is equipped with over 50 mental model frameworks, assisting users in developing new skills and overcoming personal challenges. These frameworks offer structured approaches to thinking and problem-solving.

  3. Mindset Mastery: Users can improve self-awareness, achieve personal success, and bolster their mental and emotional well-being through insightful mindset analysis provided by Mindsera. This feature helps in identifying areas for improvement and tracking progress over time.

  4. AI-Inspired Creativity: Mindsera transforms thoughts into coherent text and unlocks the world of AI-generated artworks. These artworks are crafted based on the user's journal entries, offering a unique way to visualize thoughts and emotions.

  5. Executive Decision-Making: For executives and professionals with critical decision-making responsibilities, Mindsera offers tools to track progress, make meaningful changes, and gain insights into personal and professional challenges. It aids in becoming more focused and insightful, which is crucial for leadership roles.

  6. Mental Health Professionals: Therapists and counselors can use Mindsera to provide additional support to their clients, offering a platform for them to express themselves outside of sessions and monitor their mental health more closely.

  7. Self-Improvement and Personal Growth: Individuals on a journey of personal growth can use Mindsera to gain clarity, develop better habits, and understand their thought processes. This can lead to significant improvements in mental fitness and overall well-being.

Mindsera's use cases highlight its versatility as a tool for enhancing mental health, fostering personal development, and supporting professional decision-making. Its AI-powered features provide a personalized experience, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their mental health, cognitive abilities, or simply seeking a deeper understanding of their thoughts and emotions.


Mindsera offers both text and voice journaling to cater to different preferences.

The platform enables detailed analysis of your journal entries and thoughts, helping you understand patterns and emotions.

You can interact with AI mentors for guidance and support in your journaling journey.

Mindsera provides various frameworks and prompts to structure your journaling effectively.

You can easily update your name, password, and timezone through the account settings menu.

To change your email address, you need to contact Mindsera directly at

If you decide to delete your account, be aware that this action is final and results in the loss of all data​​.

Mindsera uses Stripe for secure billing. You can manage your subscription, view invoices, update billing information, and change or cancel your plan through the Stripe customer portal, accessible via the account settings​​.

Mindsera has a referral program where you can earn free months by referring friends who become paid subscribers.

Pricing & Discounts

Compare the subscription plans offered by Mindsera and what each includes, making it easier to understand the value provided at different pricing levels.

FeatureCurious (Free)Genius ($14.99/month)Genius ($149/year)
Dark ModeIncludedIncludedIncluded
Habit TrackerIncludedIncludedIncluded
Smart HighlightsIncludedIncludedIncluded
AI Generated PromptsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Voice JournalingNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Thought AnalysisNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Journal AnalysisNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Weekly AnalysisNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Mindset and Emotional State AnalysisNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Automatic SummariesNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Personality AssessmentNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Artwork GenerationNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Personalized Feedback and SuggestionsNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
AI Mentor/Teacher/ResearcherNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
50 Mental Models and FrameworksNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
50 Structured Writing TemplatesNot AvailableIncludedIncluded
Special Offer  Try it for $1 (2 MONTHS FREE)

Summary of Pricing and Offers:

  • Curious Plan: This is the free version of Mindsera, offering basic features like journaling, dark mode, habit tracking, smart highlights, and AI-generated prompts. It's designed for individuals who want to try out the platform and are interested in basic journaling capabilities.

  • Genius Monthly Plan: Priced at $14.99 per month, this plan includes everything from the Curious plan plus advanced features such as voice journaling, thought and journal analysis, weekly analysis, and more. It also includes unique tools like personality assessment, artwork generation, and access to an AI mentor. This plan is suitable for users looking for a deeper analysis of their mental and emotional states and personalized feedback for growth.

  • Genius Annual Plan: At $149 per year, this plan offers the same comprehensive features as the monthly Genius plan but at a discounted rate, effectively giving users two months free compared to the monthly subscription. This option is best for committed users seeking long-term personal development and mental health tracking with Mindsera.

Each plan is tailored to different user needs, from those just getting started with journaling to individuals seeking in-depth analysis and personalized feedback for personal growth.


The team behind Mindsera is led by Chris (Kevin) Reinberg, who is the founder of this innovative AI-powered journal and coaching app. Chris positions himself as a Mixed Mental Artist and describes himself as a mind reader on weekends, which highlights his deep interest and expertise in cognitive psychology and mental health. He founded Mindsera with a vision to create a comprehensive platform that combines cognitive psychology, mental models, and AI technology to serve as a copilot for the mind.

Under Chris’s leadership, the Mindsera team is dedicated to addressing some of the most pressing issues in mental health today. According to the information shared by Chris, mental health has become a primary health concern worldwide, surpassing other significant challenges such as cancer. The Mindsera team aims to tackle this by providing a platform that not only supports individuals in improving their mental health but also enhances cognitive skills, offering personalized mentorship and feedback.

Chris emphasizes the importance of founder involvement in customer support, surveys, and calls, indicating a hands-on approach to understanding and meeting user needs. This approach likely contributes to the app’s high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81 out of 100, based on feedback from approximately 10% of paying users. This score reflects the positive reception and strong recommendation likelihood from its users.

Chris encourages connections and interactions outside of LinkedIn, particularly through Twitter, where he shares insights into his thought processes and the development of Mindsera. This openness and direct engagement with the community reflect the team's commitment to transparency and user-centered development.

Mindsera team, under Chris Reinberg's leadership, is focused on leveraging AI to make significant strides in mental health and cognitive enhancement, providing users with a unique and impactful tool for personal development.


Chris (Kevin) Reinberg


Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

Published by: Nazarii Bezkorovainyi

12 September 2023, 12:00AM



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